List 1 of your BEST CRUISE TIPs

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Bring a power strip to plug in extra get more plugs from it.

Bring really BRIGHT duct tape and mark your suitcases with it in big X's so you can spot your luggage quickly amongst tons of luggage. We did this on our last cruise and found our bags right away! We used bright yellow duct tape. You can get it in Walmart in the tools area.


So many good tips.

Trish1c said everything that I had planned to say so I think we must think alike.

I put in a small flashlight so I can find my way to the bathroom when the room is so very dark.

If you turn on the shower and hang some of your wrinkled clothes on the hook on the inside of bathroom door most wrinkles will loosen in no time.

Wear a smile and be ready to greet anyone who looks your way. Most people enjoy the camaraderie of meeting new people via a cruise. We have always returned home with memories of fine new friends and we have kept in touch by emails, letters and phone calls. Just remember, your face represents your attitude.

You are certainly in for a treat. I love cruising!!


Glo, yes I got mine onboard the ship, but if you have cords from a casino or plan on visiting the casino's in NO before you board, you can ask the cashiers to give you 2 stretchy cords; and also to punch a hold in your s&s card. Have a ball dear....we did


The casinos in NO? Where is that? I live in California, and the ship pulls out of California, so I guess I'll beg from the casino on board. I like the idea of using those... Thanks.

Richard Powers


Because we have young children going with us we are taking small walkee-talkee
for them to communicate with us.


I studiously and politely avoid passengers who think the cruise line is out to gouge them in some way, who huff and puff over every seeming "problem," and who line up (grumbling all the while) whether lining up is necessary or not. Instead I focus on the serenity of the sea and try always to pack that serenity in my bags, no matter how full they may be!