Live from Splendour It's Saturday Night!



A quick hello from the Splendour! I'm trying to remember some of the questions I have heard over the last little while so I will quickly try to mention a few. As for the Splendour, not a bad ship an older one in the fleet but overall nice. Unfortunately the port of Galveston is horrible, but they are working onthat and hopefully by this time next year it will be better. It is now doing an 11 and 12 day cruise to the canal. If you have never done the canal before be forewarned you will not see it all on this cruise. The ship just goes up the first set of locks then anchors about 1/2 mile away in the lake to tender people on tours only to the shore. It stays there for a few hours and is then usually first or second in line to head back down the locks. It then arrives at Cristobal around 3pm (sometimes 6pm, depending on canal traffic) and docks for a few hours to pick up the people that went on tours. People who stayed on can get off at that time to shop at the pier but it is not reccomended to go into town. This is the type of cruise where you need to be prepared to spend alot of money on excursions. Most of these central american ports are just meant for that, kinda boring otherwise. I read one questoin about fridges. Ali was right only on the new ships. This route can also be a rocky one at times, if you are prone to motion sickness you will experiance it on this run, it may calm down in the spring though. That is all I have time for at the moment, maybe next Saturday I will add more. Happy Cruising!