Liz is in hospital


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Hi this is Alf her other half. Liz was taken to hospital on Wed. night. She fell and when paramedics came to get her up they found she had high blood pressure and a fever and she had no strength in her legs. She broke out in a painful rash on her bad leg and back. Doc says its cellulitus. Waiting for blood test cultures


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Oh my gosh! Could the rash be....measles???

Give Liz my love and tell her that I'm praying for her speedy recovery!!


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Thank you so much for letting us know. Let her know that all of her Cruise Addicts pals are thinking about her & wishing for a speedy recovery.


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Liz, hurry and get better! You REALLY don't want to stay there, but I know, you do what you have to do. Janice (jk) can tell you all about that cellulitis! Alf, many thanks for letting us know about our dear friend.


My very best to Liz-hope everything will be better as soon as it canx. Celulitus is not fun. Just do as Dr. says. Liz wish I had a way to get some good books to you. Rest take meds. Hope you are home soon. Hugs!!!


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I just got back from hospital. Liz is doing better her numbers are getting back to normal but her rashes are quite fiery and sore her chest is starting to clear up, so I guess she is on the mend


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I am keeping positive thoughts for a speedy recovery. Please give Liz our very best wishes and hope to see her posting on the board again soon.