Liz update


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Liz is holding her own for now waiting to be taken to Rayal Columbian hospital for her angiogram. This is and hour plus trip by ambulance. She just wants it to ASAP Alf

Donna - dsw

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Hang in there and stay on top of it - don't let her slip through the cracks - ask to talk to the doctor! Hugs and prayers still on your way!

connie seabee

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Fingers crossed and prayers, that Liz won't have to wait long before they transport her to the other hospital.

Thanks for the update.


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Ambulances.....UGH!!!!! It reminds me of my 150 mile ride from Laramie to Cheyenne, Wyoming last year. It's one of those things that MUST be done, but we certainly would rather be in the recliner at home. More prayers are headed your way. Alf, take care of yourself, too!


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The doctor got her blood cultures back last night and she has a blood infection from the cellulitus and so angiogram has been postponed. She has been moved out of heart ward because they have stopped the monitoring. Alf


My thoughts nd prayers are with her Alf. None of this healing can be hurried but does seem like it takes forever. You get some rest Alf won't help her if you get sick too. Hugs to you both.