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London Heathrow to Southampton; NCL Jade

Discussion in 'Europe' started by avinha, Apr 11, 2008.

  1. avinha

    avinha Guest

    Never blogged before..never cruised before either. We are a party of 8 from just outside Boston, MA: four 40 something adults and four children. We will be on the Norwegian Jade, Mediteranian cruise from July 26 through August 9.
    Question: What is the best way to get from London Heathrow Airport to Southampton??
  2. Jersey_Vic

    Jersey_Vic Guest

  3. Jersey_Vic

    Jersey_Vic Guest

    Yikes!!! ::eek:

    Just noticed your post is from April of this year!
    I'm surprised that nobody ever gave you any answers.

    Well, hope you made it down there. And please tell us all about your Europe holiday!

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