London Transportation Problem


Janet S.

We are three (husband, me and 17-year old son) going on the British Isles cruise next June on the Grandeur of the Seas with my parents. The problem we are having is that RCI does not have triple occupancy rooms for their pre-cruise packages, (so we have to do our pre-cruise stay on our own) which means that we will not have a transfer from Heathrow to Hyde Park and from the hotel in Hyde Park to Harwich. We are taking RCI's air and the pre-cruise package for my parents so we have transfer from the pier to the airport at the end of the cruise and my parents will get all the transfers. RCI will not sell me transfers from the hotel to the port (even though we are staying at the same hotel to be with my parents) - they will sell me from aiport to pier which means I have to get from the hotel back to Heathrow. Can anyone recommend a car service for us in London (thinking we can follow my parent's transportation from airport to hotel and hotel to pier). Thanks.

Ellen Quinn

I have used Hotelink, and will use them to get from Gatwick to our London hotel. Their URL is It is 22 GBP one way.

Then we will take the train to Harwich - 17.50 GBP per adult (half for children) from Liverpool Street Station in London to Harwich International Pier.


Janet, we are sailing the Brilliance transatlantic in Sept 02, and RCI had transfers from Victoria Station in London to Harwich for $65 per person. However, because there are 4 of us travelling together, we arranged for a private car service to take us from our hotel, the Renaissance Chancery Court ,to Harwich for 120 pounds, which is around $200 including tip for the four of us, less than $50 per person, and no having to get from our hotel to Victoria Station. I can give you the name of the car service if you e-mail me at home, but because I haven't used it, I don't like recommending it. However, after our trip,if you send me an e-mail, I will let you know how it worked out.


We are sailing from Harwich on 8-27-02. We are using a car service out of Harwich. Since we haven't gone yet, I can't make a definite recommendation, but they have been very helpful in arranging our trip and suggesting where to stay in Harwich. Their e-mail is and their co name is AbbeyLine Private Hire at Mr. Law is leaving for holiday soon but will be back for our return on 9-8-02. You might get a quote from him. Good luck! Fran