long day, biopsy over



An extremely long day but at least we made it thru this part. Had a surgeon we had never met but oncologist was adamant after yesterday morning's scan that this could NOT wait til next wk for our surgeon. A thorasic surgeon this time; he cut a small hole in the neck & went in between the chest wall & the lungs. A bit nervous after the biopsy 2 mo ago of the lymph nodes in the abdomen when that dr (again not our reg surgeon) did not get enough tissue for a diagnosis, today this dr ABSOLUTELY assured me he had taken a BIG section of lymph node tissue & would definately get an answer. However, it will take a minimum of 3 days & possibly up to 8 days for results--depends on if it is a rare kind of cancer??? Oncologist said yesterday that what was in the lymph nodes in the abdomen has spread rapidly & is now in a large area in the chest wall; this 2 mo has cost us dearly as 2 of the 3 meds he takes for the Crohn's PROMOTES the growth of cancer once it develops. We knew this a yr ago but Iowa City said last winter that although it looked like cancer was coming it wasn't here YET & that the best thing we could do at the time was to aggressively fight the Crohn's which is what we have done. He nearly died last Feb from the Crohn's when it had eaten thru the intestinal wall & stool was leaking into his body; he had become extremely septic & the remicade has, to this point, really made a huge difference. So, although we do not have an absolute diagnosis of cancer we have decided on our own to stop, at least for the next 10 days, taking the 1 med he has here at home & he will cancel his remicade infusion which is supposed to be this Fri. We figure we can always restart these meds but if it is cancer we do not want to continue feeding it, not even for a wk. We see the oncologist next wk as well as the gastro dr. DH has lost another 6 lbs since last Tues--he needed to lose weight but not like this. Again I thank you for your support--it means so much to be able to just come & get off my chest everything that is weighing on my mind. I know there are alot of you out there (Mariposa for 1) who also have serious issues & although I've got alot on my mind right now I also have all of you in my thoughts.


Oh, Kathy. What in the world can I say except that prayers continue for both DH and you. I pray that you can finally get a definitive diagnosis and proceed immediately with the correct treatment.


Mary Ann


Hi Kathy, Hucc and I used to joke that this is the time that we send out an invitation for a giantic slumber party and we ALL climb into bed and pull the covers over our heads while we wait for some good news. I remember very well how several years ago I spent that long week waiting for my first biopsy results by spending every waking hour crocheting gorgeous scarves for my family and friends that were praying for me. I think I mailed out about 12 of them that week!!! I'm still waiting to hear when my next scans are scheduled so we know what the course of the rest of my chemo will be. Seems like both us are like those planes that keep circling the airport during an ice storm, waiting for the OK to land. I'm working on my miniatures and I'm finally ready to make that Christmas fudge, what are you guys going to be doing to keep your sanity??? Choose something fun and relaxing that does not take too much concentration.

PS, one of our own C@ members works in a lab processing those biopsy tests, perhaps she can post a message to you in private explaining why it takes so long to obtain those results???

Hugs and prayers, Mari


Kathy - I think of you and your DH all of the time and I send the very best of wishes that he is well soon. =hug


Oh Kathy, I was thinking of you today and was wondering how it all went. Sounds like you have some great doctors taking care of your DH. How's he feeling this evening? Is he able to get some rest as he recovers from the biopsy? How about you? You need to get your rest and keep up your strength too!

Take care and keep us posted, we all here are praying hard for you both!

Cruise cutie

=hug and prayers from our Home to you and DH.. keep the faith, and let us know how it goes, the truth is; in our Home prayers never stop.. because no matter what we always hope for better everything..Take care ,and Michelle is right; rest up..:daisy..Joanne


It sounds like they are being very aggressive this time. Prayers are going out to both of you that all works well.



Prayers from here have not stopped, and neither have the thoughts. Waiting is the hardest part, try to gain some strength during the next few days. Hugs...


Kathy,dear I dont know what to say,Gods plans for all of us are sometimes very hard,keep up the good fight and hope and faith,my prayers are winging your way,you are in our thoughts and hopes and dreams for comfort,health and joy. Much love,Korina and John


=hug Kathy. There is no good way to pass the time while waiting on those results - just hang in there!

You are always in my thoughts and prayers.



Kathy.......just know we are all here fighting with and for you both. Something has to be done with HMOs that cause life-altering delays, wasting precious time.