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Looking for Celebrity's Infinity Information

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by floridajourneygirl, Jul 19, 2005.

  1. We are sailing on the Celebrity's Infiinity next June and have never sailed another cruise line other than Carnival.
    So what can we expect from this cruise line and ship that would be different then Carnival's Pride, Miracle, Inspiration and Sensation ships?

  2. wayneair

    wayneair Guest

    First, you will realize that you have just moved from coach to first class. You will find so many good differences that you will never cruise Carnival again. If you prefer the wild and loud drinking crowd with security guards watching you at the pool, then Celebrity will not be for you. I sailed Carnival once and since then I have sailed Holland America four times and Celebrity twice, I can not go back to Carnival.

    Have fun.
  3. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    I have a slightly different viewpoint. Carnival is a great line. It wouldn't be the largest in the world if lots of people didn't think so. It happens, though, that it is intentionally targeted at young, active people. So, Carnival ships have lots of hairy chest contests at the pool, active disco and casinos until the crack of dawn, and a real emphasis on casual dress and activities.

    Celebrity is a great line, too. But, it is intentionally targeted at a very different experience. The ship will be a little more formal (and the main dining room a lot more formal at night), with greater emphasis on ambiance and style. There will be almost no PA announcements. There will be a free welcome aboard glass of champagne. There will be white gloved crew members to escort you to your room. There will be piano music during dinner. And, on of the greatest differences will be the food. Celebrity's cuisine is intentionally European. Some people love it and others are a bit put off.

    You will have a fabulous cruise. It will just be a little different from your Carnival experience.

  4. That's funny, because I never felt like I was in coach class?!?

    Ted, thanks! I have enjoyed my Carnival experience,
    so I'm sure I will love my Celebrity experience as well.

  5. arizonashow

    arizonashow Guest

    Howdy from Arizona!

    I have recieved an early birthday/anniversary* present in the form of a cruise on the Infinity Oct. 2nd.
    I have to admit that I worry that I should plan on staying in my cabin on formal night. My Tucson lifestyle has never required me dress up more than my Dexter loafers, tan pants, blue sport coat, standard white cotton dress shirt and tie. I haven't even had to wear a tux to a wedding! (But, no, I don't wear jeans to the symphony..) If I don't rent a tux should I plan on watching a vhs in my cabin on formal night?

    *My birthday is the anniversary of my 39th...

  6. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    Celebrity has an alternative, casual dining location available to you on formal night (or any night, for that matter). It is located at the rear of the deck containing the buffet. They do request you make a reservation. So, you don't have to "hide" at all. About 10% of the passengers usually pass on formal nights. And, even if you decide to go "formal", it does not require a tuxedo. On most Celebrity cruises, about half of the male passengers will be in a suit and tie on formal night, with about 40% in tuxedos. The remaining 10% are in military uniforms, kilts, etc. A few will come dressed casually, but they are rare.

    Enjoy your cruise, whatever you choose to do.

  7. arizonashow

    arizonashow Guest

    Thanks Ted, we are greatly relieved!

    I have another question. We have conflicting information as to whether or not our 2C cabin will or will not have a VCR. Do any of the cabins have VCR or DVD players? If cabins do have VCRs does the ship have a VHS library?

    I expect to run my cabin mate ragged because I know that I will explore every foot of the Infinity two or three times. I expect that he will need to put his feet up,for at least one night, and "Casablanca" on video with a bit of room service by the balcony ought to do the trick. I hope...

    Tucson, AZ
  8. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    I am not positive, but I do not believe there is a VCR in the Infinity 2C's. They do have TV, of course, including a selection of pay-per-view movies in addition to several satelite channels. Infinity also has a movie theater which will have "nearly first-run" movies running a couple of times daily. Finally, though the Notes music library has been converted to another use, I believe you can rent an IPOD with housands of music selctions at Guest Relations.

  9. arizonashow

    arizonashow Guest

    Four night cruises to Mexico, are they something new for Celebrity? Our tickets do not provide any information as to whether or not there will be a formal night. The information provided only shows cruises from five nights and up. Does anyone if there will be a formal night, and if so on what night it might be?

    Thank you,

    Tucson, AZ

    Boogie Board
    Disneyland Submarine
    Bahia Belle
  10. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Just off the Infinity 6 night cruise and we still had the two formal nights. I suspect that with the four nighter there will be only one BUT.......... you just never know. Sorry. I don't think that the land based staff know what the cruise based staff will actually do until the boat sails. That said I wouldn't sweat the small stuff and just go and plan to be comfortable. I did not take my tux this trip and was not out of place in my Blazer@ slacks with shirt and tie. The Infinity is still a well managed ship at sea with a crew that likes being there and working for you.
  11. arizonashow

    arizonashow Guest

    Wonderful...Thank you, we are (really) counting the days!
  12. CAPinBoynton

    CAPinBoynton Guest

    If you are interested in seeing interior pictures of the Infinity, we have posted our review with pictures at www.thepreismans.com
  13. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    Hey Carol

    Here you are!!!! This wasn't hard to find if you use the search button :)

    Folks this is the best review around have a peak. <http://www.thepreismans.com/>
  14. CAPinBoynton

    CAPinBoynton Guest

    Why, thank you BSeaBob! I appreciate the kind words. www.thepreismans.com also has reviews with pics from most of our cruises in case you want to see Tahiti, the Mediterranean and others.
  15. arizonashow

    arizonashow Guest

    Infinity is awesome! We just arrived home from a four nighter to Mexico out of San Diego (10.02.05-10.16.05). She and her staff exeeded our expectations in every way.

    The only question I have is does this 965 foot long, 105 ft. wide, 91,000 ton ship always ride moderate swells in such a bouyant manner? We sat in the dining room an watched the horizon rise to about halfway up into the frame on the beautiful huge windows at the aft end and then disappear well below the bottom of the window frame. Just looking at the images we took on board makes us feel as if we need to steady ourselves. Surely she is usually more steady and indifferent to moderate swells? I have never felt anything more than the vibration of a ships engines (the engines of this ship as well as well as her propellers being mounted on pods did, as far as we could tell, eliminate any kind of humming vibration) and this was the first cruise I have taken where shuddering, rolling and pitching were omnipresent. Is the Infinity usually more stable and steady?

    We enjoyed the motion and had fun imagining what an Atlantic crossing might offer but the mild seas made us wonder if we would be able to walk were the ship actually on the Atlantic riding severe swells and or whitecaps. The only explaination we could imagine was that there are 11 decks riding on a mere 25 ft. draught. (?)

    Has anyone ever noticed this on Infinity or the other Millinium class ships?

  16. CatmanD

    CatmanD Guest


    I'm glad I went back to re-read your post because I had it backward the first time. So, you are saying Infinity did NOT ride steady? We had some pretty moderate to medium seas between San Francisco and Alaska and never felt any of the things you mention EXCEPT, one night while in that dining room we watched the horizon rise to the TOP of those windows, it was just one great big dip that had a "WOOOAH" make it's way through the dining room, it was over as fast as it began, and I thought, pretty cool. This was about the same route we have sailed parts of on Mercury and two Grand Class Princess ships and I thought Infinity was as steady, if not more so than the others.

    These different experiences we had makes me chuckle when folks ask things like "going to Mexico in April, are the seas rough?"......................ya never know.

    Glad you had a good time, we are counting the days until we sail Summit.
  17. artdreams

    artdreams Guest

    Just found your post from last September and wanted to thank you for taking the time to post the beautiful travel photos and descriptions. My first time on a ship will be the Infinity and your site has me really excited.

    It looks like you have a lot of fun together!
  18. TwoGeorge's

    TwoGeorge's Guest

    My wife and I were just on a Celebrity cruise on the Infinity from Feb 5 to Feb 12. (Eastern Caribbean). This was our first cruise, so I can only speak to my experience there. Although we did talk to a lot of experienced cruisers who had cruised on all of the various cruise lines, as well as Carnival. The one couple we talked to said the constant PA annoucements on Carnival were very annoying. She said it reminded her of being in a K-Mart with the clerk announcing all of the "Blue Light Specials". <Grin>

    We were so sold on Celebrity we are already planning a Hawaii cruise and we will likely go with Celebrity for it.

    I take exception to one of the posters who said they felt Celebrity was "stuffy" as far as the dress and staff. I did not find it that way at all. We had a great waiter, assistant waiter and maitre d' for our dinner every evening and they were warm and even funny. We looked forard to seeing them every evening. We only had two formal nights and I wore one of my dark suits I used to wear while working for IBM. In fact I saw far more men wearing suits than tuxedos or dinner jackets. We had two other nights I wore a sport coat and tie. Then other nights were casual (Slacks and dress shirt) If you wanted to eat in the buffet, even shorts were allowed.

    I think if you choose Celebrity you will never be sorry.

  19. Larry thanks for your post. I can't wait unit June for us cruise.


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