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Looking for that Next @ddicts Group Cruise???



You have Breads attention. Looks inviting, as the timing is EXACTLY right. New ship for us, new ports for us, and looks like it will fit our schedule. Wil be giving this a serious once or three times over!


OH DARN! When I printed out the info to hand to Bread, she pointed out I was a month off. We need something in MAY not April. I mis-read the dates as if this was in May. DANG! Youngest DD graduates in May, and there is no way we can make this happen. =cry :cry =cry :cry =cry :cry =cry :cry =cry :cry =cry :cry


Love the ship... cruised her and her sister ship the Grand a total of 3 times. If only their were no airfare I would love it.Flying from Texas will be too much .

Ya'll have fun though



:wave :wave :wave

The Golden is a nice ship. We have sailed on her before. We are disappointed and were hoping you were going to do the Diamond Princess out of Los Angeles. There is no way I can get off of work to do an 11 day cruise (plus fly in a day ahead and add an extra day after because of time change total 13 days).

Well I guess now we can go ahead and book the Diamond for next February. Maybe the next group cruise after the Golden we will be able to do.


Was hoping it would be about right for U Tread and gram but U know the ole saying ... There shall ALWAYS be another. :thumb


Cruise cutie

Hmmm Hmmm we have a driveway that has bloomed FIVE potholes this winter and has to be completely escavated out 18 inches and then paved.=eek..it's ~ 20 years old we figure..sigh it's my 3rd house driveway/ paving in 15 years at 3 different houses..=shrug..:blah..the estimate is +/- $3000.00....=eek......that's my cruise..:evil.....

and we would be back only 7 weeks from our Sea Princess 2 week cruise :grin.....and work off for DH Mark COULD be a crunch..:blah...

so I've talked with Mark, and the best I have right now is a MAYBE/ WANT to go..( actually WE REALLY want to do it..)..so in order to keep economics , and myself sane..we have to ponder a bit and see ..probabaly the end of April before we would book it out for sure...I know the dang ship is 75% booked out..:evil..so with my luck it would be an inside cabin...prices are good..I =adore San Francisco, and the 10 days is awesome..so Hmmm ..I'll be working on attending the next @ddicts bash.....
Nice to have the info in hand..Thanks Red, and E...:daisy..Joanne

Krazy Kruizers

Gee - we just did 20 days in November doing the Sea of Cortez and the Mexican Riviera.


That is an awesome itinerary for sure and D loves it and it chomping at the bit to book!!! Just don't think we can cut it next year as our son graduates from college in May. May 12th to be precise, but who's counting!!! :)

If sometihing changes we'll let you know! But you all have a Golden time on the Golden, we loved sailing her in 2002.


Well it looks right up my alley and you know this has been an itinerary that I've had my eye one. PLUS we would get to celebrate our 37th wedding anniversary onboard! Emailed Lori and just waiting for her call back!


Looks like fun, but as I posted on the other thread...which I can't find now :dizzy I can't leave the family for that long...and I can't take the boy out of school for that long. :( Darn. I was looking forward to this too. Thanks for putting it together though. I guess I am in line for the '08 cruise! :)


Darn... we can't go either. My husband is a teacher and cannot take off when school is in session. One of these days, we'll have to plan an @ddicts teachers' cruise. :)

Golden Princess is a beautiful ship. I had the pleasure of a tour a few months ago and felt very much at home. Enjoy!


Well I was hoping it would have been another date as posted on the other thread, My kids come way fiisr and I wil NOT miss them even for a cruise.It would have worked out pferfect if it have been 10 days before as dd has her last performance as a senior the last weekend in April of 2007 and we are not about to miss i

:help on finding somthing dedcent not sold out for sk and I to celebrate out 50's on next year :(


Have sent my e mail to Lori--want to go and as I told REd we both may be crawling but looking forward to crusing with friends again.


Just a quick question E.

Why did you decide on April 22 and not the April 12th cruise? Just curious.