M.I.L. Passed Away.

Gramma Ann

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Today at about 2:50 as we were pulling up to the nursing home. It had been drizzly rain this morning, but the sun broke through about 2.

Tomorrow Oscar and I will head for Cisco, and finalize the arrangements. So It may be a couple of days before I'm back.


Forever Remembered
Heartfelt condolences to you, Oscar and your family, Gramma Ann. Your beloved M.I.L. is finally resting in peace. The sun broke out to welcome her to her heavenly rest.

May God bless you, Oscar and all your family.

Mary Ann

Gramma Ann

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Thank you all. It was what she wanted above all. After her son passed away, she had no will for life at all.

It was a simple service just like she wanted. Now she is resting beside her beloved husband.