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Maasdam Specifics

Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by Einstein, Sep 24, 2003.

  1. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Since we have now booked a cruise on the Maasdam and its been 11 years since my last cruise on HAL looks like I will have to yhang out here on occasion and gathering some knowledge. So for those that have crusied on the Maasdam lately what should I know about her. Any specifics such as nice pool location to chill with a bar close by??? Is their buffet comparable to ther lines that U have cruised on and what are the hours of operation? How does their pizza compare to others? Do they have a Specialty restuarant? Yup as U can see I have MANY questions so be prepared over the next year to shell out some of your info and Thanx in advance. :thumb

  2. Bruce

    Bruce Guest

    Sail should be able to tell you all you want to know and more. Although, I have heard they are going to revoke her privileges on the Maasdam, since she has thrown them over for the Zdam.
  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Bruce... :) :lol

    Good thing we already had b-to-b's booked on Maasdam prior to our recent return to Zuiderdam or maybe they would have "banned us" from MY ship. :)

    Maasdam is scheduled for a dry dock in October and will be all spiffed up. She is in excellent shape as it is so the extra attention will only make her better.

    During the dry dock, Maasdam will be getting a Pinnacle Grill (alternative restaurant which is excellent on the other ships) and a Neptune Lounge, for the use of Penthouse and Suite Passengers.

    We think the Lido Buffets on all HAL ships to be the best of the cruiselines with which we have sailed (Princess, Celebrity, RCI and Carnival---sort of)

    The last time we were on Maasdam (August '02) the pizza was thin crust, just the way we like it. The Exec Chef has been promoted and is no longer on the ship (he's now an F&B on another ship) so....can't say how the current Chef prepares the pizza.
  4. ANSAlberg

    ANSAlberg Guest

    Hi, Einstein = PAYBACK time!!! :) You REALLY helped us over a YEAR ago make up our minds on Millie Stern cabins [ You sent PICTURES! we had 5 cabins and we LOVED them; Thanks!] on our July 2002 family cruise!
    It doesn't GET any better for a place to "hang out" just before dinner - than the "Crow's Nest" on a Hal ship!!!!!! The bar staff is ALWAYS extraordinary -ONE visit and they will remember your name and often your preferences! They are OPEN and FRIENDLY and will become your buddies -"really" . As many HAL cruises as we take - we have people greet us maybe a YEAR after our last seeing them! - AND by name! If you are not HOT sun worshippers and are going from a HOT mid-day port - The Crow's nest is the PERFECT place for a "Sail-away" as well.....AND there are evening hot & cold snacks!
    HAL serves POPCORN when you go to the movies- its at the main entrance!
    What Maasdam cruise are you on? WE will be on the Maasdam in May for the spring repositioning to the north; Ft Lauderdale to Montreal.
    Anne :daisy:usa:CO

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  5. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Ann....We LOVE the Crowsnest for many times of the day/evening but.....

    For us, it's Ocean Bar for pre-dinner cocktails. :)
  6. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Well I have two bars to checkout now and the Lido Buffet sounds Gr8. Thanx fro the info. Glad we could help U out on those Millie Aft Cabins Anne. We are on the Oct. 30th sailing from Norfolk. Could NOT resist the temptation of only a couple hours driving rather than flying. red has already thank me numerous times for my gesture. :lol I will have MANY more questions but for now I will give ya ALL a break. :thumb

  7. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Sail, is the drydock in Oct 2003 or 2004? If it's next year, it will be after our cruise, so we may turn out to be repeaters!

    E, I'll be sure to post a lot of details once we return from our first Maasdam cruise, which is a few months before yours.

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  8. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Maasdam's drydock is THIS MONTH. Yippee :jump .....Pinnacle and Neptune Lounge will be in place in time for our November b-to-b's!!!

    I'll be sure to post updates about "MY" ship :) when we return.
  9. Lisa63

    Lisa63 Guest

    Thanks, sail. We may be repeat passengers, anyway. :)
  10. Barry

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  11. catattack

    catattack Guest

    Einstein, I cruised to the Caribbean on the Maasdam in January 2003. (I'm set to go on the Mexican Riviera cruise on her sister ship next January in 2004.)

    I really enjoyed the ship. In fact, I think I enjoyed the ship more than the excursions and the islands we visited! We got kind of tired of the fancy food they served every evening, although the food was wonderful and it was a splendid experience. We just couldn't relax, had to dress up, and the hours were limited. So, after the first two nights, we spent all of our time eating at the Lido Bar, which is at the end of the ship. You can either eat outside or next to the pool, outside. It's a buffet (mirrored, actually there are two) with all kinds of food. The pizza wasn't my favorite, I must admit, as it seemed dry and there were limited choices. But you may like it. The hot meals were great, great pasta dishes as I recall.

    The best part about eating at the Lido was that you could make the evening entertainment in plenty of time (or eat after the first showing).

    Linda in Oakland
  12. CruisinTex

    CruisinTex Guest

    Einstein, there's a great little bar called Dolphin Bar right next to the lido pool (the one with the retractable roof). Keep in mind that HAL's bar staff aren't the "in your face" types always pushing drinks on people. Definitely agree with everyone else about Ocean Bar for pre-dinner cocktails and free hor d'oeuvres, and Crows Nest for after dinner drinking/dancing.
  13. S7S
    I was looking at the Maasdam's Sailing dates for next year, and they have a 14 day cruise leaving from Montreal on Oct. 16, ending in Norfolk on Oct 30, and then the Maasdam has a eastern crib leaving from Norfork that same day. I think I would call this a Cold and Hot, back to back.

  14. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Hmmm....I'll have to take a look at that. Sounds interesting! Too long a time for us to be away 21 + days but....sure would be a challenge packing for that one.
  15. maw

    maw Guest

    Sounds like the Dolphin bar area a good place to set up an office to me.
  16. bmct

    bmct Guest

    We sailed on the 9/25 coastal, Vancouver to L.A. We had a cat B mini-suite, 107, which
    was a great size, but had an odor of diesel fuel for two days.

    However, the bathroom was certainly showing its age. The sink was cracked and crazed, the layer of plastic/fake marble, whatever you call it, was peeling off the vanity. The hair dryer was the old snake-from-a-box-kind handing from the bathroom wall. Even though I wrapped the handle in a towel, the handle got very hot, but there is very little air blowing out of the dryer "spout." It took forever to dry my hair.

    The verandah was good sized, and private. The panels between cagins wen all the way from back to front.

    Food in the dining room varied. New York sirllion was very tough, Cajun rib-eye
    pretty good, lobster tough and overcooked, lox mushy, lamb shank fabulous, prime rib nice and rare. We had fabulous waitstaff, though.

    There were no productions shows, though. We enjoyed the ventriliquist and the pianist/comdian.

    The bar stewards are NOT pushy, like on Carnival.

    The Lido is laid out much better than Crystal Harmony, lots of room in the food line, don't have to fight like salmon going upstream to find a table. Salt/Pepper/Sugar on the tables.

    I prefer the old-world European decor of HAL, while the other half likes the contempo of

    My biggest gripe was the low level of lighting in the cabin. There is a large mirror behind the bed, with a sconce attached to the mirror. However, I didn't feel it was as bright as it should have been for reading, and the reading lamp by the sofa wasn't any better. It was way too dark to try and do needlepoint.

    The dining room really needed more light bulbs. There were dozens of bulbs burnt out in the overhead sockets ( in the Venitian glass shades), and in the huge Oriental lanterns. The lantern next to us had two of three bulbs burnt out the entire four days.

    The show lounge is not angled, so it can be hard to see over the head of ther person in front of you. It was a bit small, as well.

    Would I sail on Maasdam again? Yes. Hopefully with just a few touch ups in the cabins, a little more detail to maintenance.
  17. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Unfortunately, you were on the next to last cruise before her drydock. She is on her way to Freeport right now for a ten day drydock which will certainly spiff up all areas.

    We think the dining room to be elegant and beautiful and would hate for it to be brighter....different strokes for different folks. I know as my tired eyes get older, I, too, look for more light in areas where in the past it would not have occurred to me but I would hate for that elegant dining room to be any brighter. Would ruin the ambience IMO

    We feel Maasdam has been lovingly cared for and in very good condition. But new upholstery and carpets etc are always welcome. And a Neptune Lounge and Pinnacle will be most welcome.

    Our docs are in for our b-to-b's and we can't wait for two weeks aboard "MY" :) ship next month.
  18. ANSAlberg

    ANSAlberg Guest

    bmcs - I'm not familiar with Maasdam specifically [not until next May!] but there should have been a reading light on your headboard right at the corner; the switch was the first one of three right over your head IN the headboard! I'm a reader too- So I found it on OTHER HAL ships! It directs light to YOUR book and DH can sleep while you read! I should know, huh? Anne :daisy:usa:CO
  19. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Yes, Anne is correct.....at least for every cabin we have been in.
    There has always been a reading light on the "switch panel" in the headboard.

    I can speak for all the "Statendam sisters, the extended "S" ships and now the Vistas.

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