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Magens Bay or Trunk Bay??

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by ericjudka, Apr 24, 2004.

  1. ericjudka

    ericjudka Guest

    We are traveling on the Adventure in May and are wondering when we stop in St. Thomas, which beach to go to? We have heard great things about both Magens Bay and Trunk Bay and were hoping someone can provide some insight on each of them... thanks in advance! Also, how easy is it to get to both of the beaches?

  2. Sam Malone

    Sam Malone Guest

    Been to Magens Bay three times, very nice.....But, last time we went to St. Thomas we took the short ferry ride over to St. John's and Trunk Bay and loved it. We will always go over to Trunk Bay from now on. If you like to snorkle, you can do it all day along the underwater trails there. Also, the ferry ride is about a half hour to forty five minutes long. Not bad, very relaxing. The easiest way I can compare the two would be to say that Magens Bay is much more crowded and commercialized than Trunk Bay. If you have enough time.....see both............
  3. martino

    martino Guest

    Not been to Magen's, but I loved Trunk Bay. Best beach I've ever visited.
  4. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Trunk.. Trunk.. Trunk... :lol

    Been to both, and Trunk wins hands down

    Now it is a national Park.. so if you belong to the National Park service in the States.. you can show your pass and get in free.

    I think the entrance fee is about $4 each.

    To get there.. when you get off the ship, tell the chap doing the cabs and buses where you want to go. He will put you on a small bus with others heading in the same direction. The cost should be about $6.. sometimes less.

    It is about a 20 min ride to Red Hook Ferry. there you have a nice and short ferry ride over to St. Johns.
    and there you get another taxi to Trunk bay.. (a short one)

    You can buy some food and drinks there, and they have showers and bathrooms. and a nice snorkling area, as well as the most beautiful beach in the Caribbean

    Now my advice is that you get off the ship early and head over there.. mainly for the travel time.. the heat.. and the crowds.. and the shopping :grin

    If you get there early then you will beat the crowd, as most people seem to shop first and then head over there.
    Usually we head back about one or two, and this gives us time to do a bit of shopping if we want.

    Also on any excursion that is done sans ship.. we like to be back in the area of the port at the end of the day.

    When you get the ferry remember to ask for a return ticket.. it will save you a buck.. plus it saves you having to wait in line to purchace a ticket on the way back.

    hope this helps.
    red stripe
  5. Cruzman

    Cruzman Guest

    Having been to both, I must agree with Red; Trunk Bay is a much better choice. When I was last there, 11 months ago, there was to charge to enter the beach area. There is a handy bar and fast food available there, as well as public change and bathroom facilities. You can check the ferry schedule online to insure that you won't have an extremely long wait.
  6. ericjudka

    ericjudka Guest

    Thanks all for your great advice, it looks like we will be going to Trunk Bay. Thanks again!

  7. diverdiver

    diverdiver Guest

    Just make sure your ferry gets back to St. Thomas in time to catch your ship.
  8. Camelia

    Camelia Guest

    Eric - not to mess up your decision, but when we went to Trunk Bay it was very crowded. There are other equally beautiful beaches on St. John and they are less crowded. Try to get a cab to take you all around St. John and check out Hawksnest Bay or Cinnamon Beach.
  9. islander

    islander Guest

    Do they serve drinks at Megan's Bay? Being Trunk Bay is a National park, I assume they would not. Also, at Megan's Bay, do we jus bring a beach towel or will there be lounge chairs available? Thanks
  10. martino

    martino Guest

    Beer (and I think wine coolers) and water, soft drinks, etc. are available at Trunk Bay. Chairs and snorkeling equipment as well.

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