Maiden Voyage Gifts?



Hello All,
We'll be on the Zuiderdam inaugural on 12/14/02. The closest we've been to a maiden voyage was on the Millennium in Dec., 2000. It was their first U.S. cruise. The ship had already done a few European cruises and a transatlantic. We were all given a book about the design and construction of the Millennium. Some had it autographed by the Captain (wish I'd thought of that!).
Has anyone been on a HAL maiden voyage? What kind of goodies did you get? I think HAL might give out tiles or plates (?)



The tiles you are referring to are always given to Mariners on every cruise. (A Mariner on HAL is a "repeater" ). But, you well may be given the plates. We have a number of them and they are wonderful collectibles. They are Dutch delft and have an image of the ship, ship's name and inaugural year. They are beautiful pieces. There is also a very good chance you will get the Inaugural Book.

I HOPE you will come and post some comments about the Inaugural when you return.

Have a great time. We won't be on Zuiderdam until April...and then again in August.

Spender Nui

The only HAL inaugural I've ever been on was the Westerdam which actually had been a Home Lines (my favorite ever) ship but was only about a year old (is my memory correct?). We received nothing in the way of gifts. We've been fortunate to be able to attend several inaugural ceremonies and have always gotten nice gifts including Delft plates, tiles, luggage tags, brass perpetual calendars, tote bags (different than usually given out onboard) and other similar things (can't remember them all). Most of the items contain the ship's name.

Enjoy your cruise.


We were on the second voyage for the Amsterdam. Got a nice book about the ship and lapel pins noting the inagural season.


Wish I was going on the Zuiderdam's maiden, but will have to wait until February. I Will be on the maiden voyage of the QM2 in Jan, 2004 and hope they have some special things for that one - maybe if HM QEII does the champagne-wasting ceremony, she'll stick around and give a couple lectures or sign a few autographs - she could charge £10-20 per signature and help out the royal's bankbooks! (that was a joke for all you royal-o-philes). Speaking of which - any idea why there's no Cunard board here?