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Majesty/NCL a joke

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by rshreib, Jan 27, 2004.

  1. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I came back from NCL Majesty out of south carolina sailing Nov 29th. Its was absolutely the worst cruise I have been on and I have sailed Both RCCL and Carnival in the past.

    In my opinion, this ship should be gutted and 90% of its crew retrained. From the moment we arrived on the ship, it was apparent that this ship was the dregs of the fleet and the crew knew it. The carpets are all discolored, the woodwork is rotting away and the ship on the whole is dirty and the entire ship reeks of cigarette smoke.

    We arrived in our cabin to find trash from the previous occupants still there. The power outlet was hanging out of the wall (I notified the front desk but no one ever came) and the safe did not work. It took 3 separate visits from different people over 2 days to fix the safe. In addition, the cabin reeked of cigarette smoke.

    Freestyle dining has many limitations. Service for the most part at dinner was severely lacking. This is probably due to the fact that your waiter isn’t really working for tips. Most often it took too long to get food and dinner could stretch for over 90 minutes. Twice we had to leave before finishing dinner so as not to miss a show. And you can only dine “When you want†if it’s really early or late. During the peak hours, the wait for a table exceeded 20 minutes.

    The lack of Non-alcoholic drink choices is also a big issue. For those of us who chose not to buy a soda card, you were stuck with Tea, coffee and some disgusting unsweetened sour grapefruit juice. On both Carnival and Royal Caribbean, we had orange juice, apple juice, milk, and chocolate milk. And there is only one place on the Majesty to get a drink so wherever you are, you have to walk all the way over to the front buffet. A real pain.

    And maybe they should think about training their dishwashers. There was NEVER a time when I reached for a mug or plate and didn’t find food stuck on it. This was not just my finding, I talked to one person who said they had stopped using the mugs altogether and was carrying their own around for just the same reason. It almost became a joke with the passengers. As was the tables in the buffet. I never once saw a crewmember wipe one down. They were always dirty and sticky.

    The Kids program onboard the Majesty was nothing more than a glorified babysitting service. The counselors were unenthusiastic and didn’t seem to care about the kids. The brochure boasted a kids only pool but it was never filled. The Royal Caribbean Kids program was fantastic. The counselors were energetic and really wanted to be with the kids. They were involved with all the activities. On our ship, they sat by and kept an eye on things while the kids did their own thing. One night after returning from an excursion, we wanted to put the kids in the late night but they said that it was too late to sign up and they (the counselors) had been reassigned to other duties. Several parents had wanted to sign up. Later that night after the normal kids program ended, we saw the counselors dancing at the deck party.

    Oh yeah, and the video arcade (if the closet they put the games in could be called that) was in shambles. More than 50% of the games were either totally broken (turned off) or were not playable because of broken equipment.

    Our shore excursion on Grand Cayman was cancelled. I understand this is not their fault but I wasn’t notified until I had taken the tender across to the island. Our original excursion was snorkeling so I had 4 towels and gear with me. We chose to take another excursion and I ended up having to lug all that stuff around with me all day. We were at the meeting place 20 minutes before disembarking, we could have been told then. They didn’t have to wait till we were on land.

    In General, it seemed most of the crew were not interested in taking pride in the job or the ship and I don’t blame them. The ship is old, small and uninviting. If I were a crewperson, I would think it a punishment to be assigned to this ship compared to the others in the fleet and many acted as if that were the case. A few exceptions were the fitness coordinator (Christine) and the Cruise director Bruce. Both were genuinely interested in your enjoyment.

    Oh yeah...Before cruising, I ordered a Bon Voyage Cake to be in the room of a friend who was sailing with us. When we arrived on the ship, the decorations were there but the cake was not. I notified the front desk and they said it might take an hour because items were still being loaded on the ship. We waited and still no cake. Finally, after 4 calls to the front desk, a cake arrived at 10pm that evening. The cake had “Happy Birthday†written on it. Since I ordered a “Bon Voyage†cake to be there when they arrived and what I got was a birthday cake at 10pm, the entire gesture was a failure.

    When I returned to shore, I called repeatedly to get a refund for the botched cake. They have never returned my calls or faxes. I finally put a stop payment on the credit card order. I will not be sailing with NCL again..
  2. bpear1600

    bpear1600 Guest

    We were on the first cruise out of Charleston and hated the ship almost as much as you. We had no AC in our cabin three days and yellow water every day.

    Bruce Kidd was great as well as CJ the lead singer. Our food in the main DR was good but the service really slow. The buffet area was filthy and the food blah.

    We just came off the RCI Mariner Sunday. What a ship! We had a fantastic time.

    You couldn't pay me to go back on the Norwegian Majesty! It should be in drydock.
  3. herb

    herb Guest

    Gee, the Majesty must be just like the Norwegian SEA! We had no A/c for the WHOLE cruise, the food in the big apple cafe was horrendous. It was the least favorite of all our cruises.
  4. supernova

    supernova Guest

    the only good ships of NCL are the Dawn (excellent) star (sister to dawn and from what i understand good too)

    Thats it... whenver pride of america comes out that might be good...
  5. DJP

    DJP Guest

    I can't believe we were on the same ship! We were on the Majesty the week of Christmas and had a marvelous time (my review is posted on this website). This was our 7th cruise and 4th on NCL, so we were not new cruisers by any means. We found the ship to be in great shape and our cabin (superior oceanview on Biscayne) was fine. Our major complaint dealt with uneven service in the dining rooms and I blame that on freestyle dining which we disliked intensely......no incentive for waitstaff to go out of their way. We are particular about where and what we eat and I just do not agree that the buffet area was filthy! Obviously, I can only comment about the week of Christmas, but everything about the ship was very clean and orderly that week. We will certainly sail on the Majesty again!
  6. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I can only surmise that after the sheer number of people who complained on our cruise that they called a meeting and told the crew to shape up. We had long lines at the front desk waiting to complain. It was almost laughable (had I not shelled out 2K for the cruise)
  7. bpear1600

    bpear1600 Guest

    DJP, the buffet restaurant may not have been filthy when you were on but it was when we were. Tables were piled with trays and debris and the staff made no real effort to clear them. If you wanted to sit down you had to take the crap off and pile it on another table. When one lady politely asked a staff member to clean a table she cleared herself he poured some leftover iced tea on the table and wiped it up with a wet rag.

    We stayed in a suite and it was not "fine". The furniture was threadbare and the carpeting badly stained. The volume on the TV was either inaudible or so loud you couldn't stand it. You couldn't adjust it. That's nothing though compared to no AC for three days!

    I just spoke with some friends who came off the ship last Saturday. They had AC and liked the DR food but hated everything else about the ship. Life's too short to waste a week on such a crappy ship.
  8. For what it's worth, this is a crock of !!!! rshreib, you know for a fact there were so many complaints a special meeting was called the staff was told to shape up, this must be a joke? Whatever you think of NCL, constantly the crew on all of the ships are rated among the best at sea, not all the ships are rated that high, but the crew always is. I have cruised more time than I can count on NCL, RCL, Carnival and on and on. They all are about the same in most catagories though I have my favorites like everyone. The kids program which I can only judge by comments from my daughter, her friends and others as my kids are grown is outstanding. You mentioned 90 minutes for dinner, we have never in 25 years of cruising had a dinner, freestyle of otherwise that took less than 90 minutes. Infact one of the complaints from many about freestyle is they are not given enough time for dinner. A canselled shore excursion, if through the ship would have been cancelled before you tendered in and if not through the ship who could have known> I don't think many would quite buy this one. As for the cake, I would be a bit upset also, but after thinking about it, of course it might not arrive at the same time or sooner than you embark: makes sense to me! Most of us have read some negative remarks about the Majesty but yours are all new and for the most part (other than faded carpets) pretty unwarented. Supernova; you mentioned the Dawn and Star, apparently you have not been on the Sun or Sky. Both are outstnanding ships with wonderful food, entertainment and decor. Give them a try.

  9. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    In response to your message NEWMEXICONITA:

    I am not a novice cruiser myself and I am only stating fact. The comment about a crew meeting was in response to an earlier post that a cruise after mine was nicer. I can tell you from being there, that on the last night of the cruise, there were lines literally down the halls of people waiting to "Adjust" their auto-tips downward. Many were removing every cent. That had to have been a wake up call to someone.

    You cannot argue FOR faded, run down accommodations. Look at the other posts backing me up. I never commented on other NCL ships as I have never (nor do I plan to at this point) been on others. This was my first encounter with NCL and the experience has dissuaded me from taking their line again. Let me clear up a few things.

    Canceled shore excursion: I arrived at othe meeting place onboard the ship 20 minutes before disembarking for the excursion. The crew have walkie talkies and talk to the other parts of the ship. It was clear that other parts of the ship knew, Just not ours. We were even told as we were leaving the ship "There might be a problem with your excursion but we'll know when we get on land".. I am not sour about a cancelled excursion. Hell, on RCCL, we had to skip Jamaica altogether because of rough seas and It was still the best cruise ever.

    The kids program on this ship didnt even have full time staff. They kept getting reassigned to other duties. I dont think you realize how small this ship was compared to the newer conventional fleet. And how do you explain away a game room with more than half the games inoperable. It sounds to me like you are simply willing to put up with the bad stuff.

    As for dinner. On every other cruise we have been on, You would finish one course and the next was right there. Here there could be 10 minutes between courses. That adds quite a bit of time. It didnt help even when we said we were pressed for time.

    And if you dont have a problem with flicking old food off the plates you get at the buffet and wiping the insides of coffee mugs before using them then you are a very tolerant person. Let me set you straight. I Would never complain about a single instance of dirty dishes. I am talking day after day. Read the other posts.

    And last but not least the cake. Ok, I would have been perfectly happy with a late cake. But 1) it took 4 calls to the front desk to get it 2) it said freaking HAPPY BIRTHDAY not BON VOYAGE!!. And the worst part is not the cake, its that for the last 2 months AFTER THE CRUISE I tried to get in touch with customer service to remedy the problem. They have never called me back.

    NewMexicoNita, I cannot vouch for other ships in NCL and I am sure many of them are just fine. But when a ship and service stand out this badly, something is wrong. And when the company show no interest in wanting to resolve passenger problems then thats not a company I will be spending my money with.
  10. rsh, I realize you are not a novice cruiser and I am not trying to start an all out war: I do realize how small the Majesty is and have been on ships much smaller than her. This was probably your first problem, you didn't realize the mega ships are very different from the smaller, older ones. We have been on the Sea when it was the Seaward and the Dream before it was strectched as well as many ships in the 80s and early 90s, when a ship holding 1500 passengers was considered large. Yes, the Majesty has had problems as most everyone who reads the various boards know, but statements like it took an hour and a half to eat seems knit picking, not to mention, as I said "what ships have your sailed when dinner was less than 90 minutes long? The kids program, it is too bad they didn't provide a full time program though I have never heard this complaint before. I do know and again this holds true for many lines, that during certain times of the year where there are not a large number of kids the program isn't quite the same. I still think your concerns may have been caused by not being prepared for sailing on a smaller older ship. You obviously are more comfortable with the newer mega ships. As for the botched cake and no response from Customer service. This does seem to be a big problem with NCL as well as other lines. It seems after they have your money the service isn't terribly important. In all the years of being a travel agent I have found this to be the case. It is very frustating. Hindsight is 20/20 as we know, but the situation would have been better addressed while you were still on the ship. It may not have done much good, but you would have had a better shot. Dirty cabins, food on cups, etc should never be tolerated, but as often as I have cruised I have never seen what you are discribing. Somethink isn't quite right here.

  11. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    No insult taken. You are right that I will not be taking smaller ships in the future. They are just not equipped for kids. All I am saying is there is no exuse for dirty conditions and noticeably poor service. Small ship or not. I dont think thats nit picking personally. It would be one thing if I was a complainer about all my cruises. But I have never had a bad cruise before so it was noticeable when I encountered one. Maybe that makes me spoiled.
  12. AM

    AM Guest

    I stand by my comments about the Majesty. The food was good. I saw no carpets full of spots and I certainly saw NO rotting wood. I did see some rust and I think the plexiglass panels on the top deck should be replaced and the sofa bed mattress in our suite could have been better. Other than that it was money well spent!
    I still think that some of you people are very hard to please.
  13. keukamom

    keukamom Guest

    I thought NCL Sky to Alaska last Sept. was the worst we have ever taken. Many complaints, incurring a $100 phone bill to call NCL customer service directly, since the ship didn't give a hoot what our complaints were. We took off our tip from the credit card and gave appropriate tips to those who deserved them. Crew was obnoxious and rude, food was disgusting, with a fish smell permeating the dining hall constantly. Good luck with the chargeback on your credit card. We lost the chargeback for the phone charges, but our credit card company gave us half of it back for the hastle. We are booked on the Dawn, since NCL gave us a $300 credit towards a future cruise. We will see how that goes, but we are not expecting anything great. Just hoping to get out of the cold weather for a week.
  14. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Well in my case, I was told on board that since the cake was bought through land services, I would have to take it up with them. I tried for 2 months with them never even acknowledgeing my persistant calls. i finally called the credit card and the charge was removed with no hassle. They even tried to get up with NCL. Imagine... Even VISA got snubbed from them.

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