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Majesty of the seas cruise

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by mazinya, Feb 18, 2007.

  1. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    Hi everybody

    Me and my girlfriend are going on a cruise for 3 days in april on Majesty of the seas to nassau and coco-cay. I understood that this ship was refurbished lately.

    Can anyone who went on a cruise on this ship after they refurbished it, give his opinion on the cruise, ill appriciate that.

    My 2nd question is, if anyone can please recommend on a nice and cheap hotel in miami in a nice area that is not so far from the port. i an going to be in miami only for 1 night, something about $50-$100 a night hotel would be great.

    Thanks in advance
  2. iluvcruzin

    iluvcruzin Guest

    Welcome mazinya! :wave

    One of my co-workers is on the Magesty right now and I'll ask her how she liked it this week.

    As far as a hotel, Priceline is a good option for something decent under $100. It's cheaper to stay near the airport than downtown or near the port. If you chose to stay near MIA, you can set up a shuttle service to take you to the port the next day for around $12-14pp. You can check pricing of wins on biddingfortravel.com and see what people are getting for 4*-3* hotels.

    Hope this helps.
  3. louise1928

    louise1928 Guest

    Hi Mazinya

    I will be on the Majesty in April for 4 nights, with stops in nassau,keywest, and cococay! I can't wait to just relax, enjoy the ship and the ports, HAVE FUN!!!!
  4. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    iluvcruzin, ill appriciate it very much if you can ask her how was the cruise and provide me with some details, and thank you for the advice on the hotels.

    louise1928, thank you very much and have fun yourself!!
    as a matter of fact i started my vacation about 3 months ago .Im in the USA now for 3 months already and as a dessert to my vacation, i decided to go on that cruise just before im flying back home.

    Im took the 2nd deck and i have a room with an ocean view.. i hope this will be worth it!
  5. louise1928

    louise1928 Guest

    I am on the 4th deck with an oceanview.

    I like that comment you made "adding dessert to my vacation", thats cute, I have to use that!!! HAPPY CRUISING!!!!!=docdance
  6. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    A question about the formal cloths. Do i realy need to wear a suite for dinner?? is that mandatory?
  7. louise1928

    louise1928 Guest

    We do not plan to bring anything formal for dinner. I am packing my "little black dress", along with 2 skirts and tops but thats it. The black dress with shawl will be for the formal night. If you have a semi-formal dress that should do fine, or maybe a nice skirt and top. I don't think a suit is necessary, but someone else here may feel differently. When I was on a 7 night cruise with carnival, I thought I overdressed for formal night, never again.
  8. kdeline

    kdeline Guest

    Hi there, we are cruising on the same ship for 3 days as well, I'd love to hear anything you find out...
    Also wondering if anyone knows of a way to get into Atlantis with full access other than purchasing a room for the night - can you get a day pass??
  9. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    I would like to know the answer to that too. Atlantis looks amazing and i would like to go there.

    I was thinking about doing one of the things you can do in this cruise like swimming with dolphins or the jetski or the parasailing and i was thinking about doing the swimming with dolphins which is i think the most expensive one... any one did this and can recommend on it?

  10. kdeline

    kdeline Guest

    Actually, I used to work on the Carnival Fantasy which used to stop in Nassau and Freeport, and let me tell you, I LOVED swimming with the dolphins! It was amazing...only thing is, you'll have to make sure it's not just a dolphin "encounter" where you stand there and the dolphin swims up to you and you pet it. The dolphin swim is where the dolphins actually push you through the water, you feed it and pet it, and get a kiss from it...very neat. Although this was 10 years ago...maybe it's changed, I know that the Blue Lagoon Island (right next to it) shut down its beaches due to a hurricaine in 2004, so hopefully it's still nice there. Check out the website...http://www.dolphinencounters.com/index.htm
    I would recommend it though.
    On another note, when are you going? We're sailing Easter Weekend, and we too are going a day early for Miami. Still looking into a hotel right now.
  11. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    Hi, thanks for the recommendation! I think i will call the royal carebbean and ask them what exactly am i going to do with the dolphins.

    We are going on the 13th to 16th, which means we will be in miami on the 12th.
  12. kdeline

    kdeline Guest

    Well, I guess I can send you some photos when we get back!
    I'm very excited, it's my husband's first cruise so I'm hoping he'll like it and we can go on longer ones!
  13. mazinya

    mazinya Guest

    Great! ill be happy to get some pics. This is my first cruise too, so if ill like it i will take longer onces.
  14. Me and 2 of my girlfriends are going on this ship April 23 for 4 nights to Bahamas as well.

    Should be fun with ther renos! We are on deck three.
  15. rba01701

    rba01701 Guest

    I am going on this on APril 16th and am interested in pictures of the renovations.
  16. mommabean

    mommabean Guest

    Here is a link to my photos of the recent Majesty of the Seas renovations.
    I posted my cruise compass photos right here at cruise-addicts. Just go to the top and click on the photo gallery and the compasses are the first group of pictures posted.
  17. kdeline

    kdeline Guest

    those pictures are phenomenal!! Thanks for sharing...I'm so excited, we just got our info pack in the mail today!
    Anyone else sailing April 6th?
  18. rba01701

    rba01701 Guest

    I am sailing on the M of the S on April 16 for 4 nights. Deck 3. Anyone else going?
  19. Geolgirl87

    Geolgirl87 Guest

    Thank you for sharing your photos! This is my first time on RC (we will be doing the 4 day cruise). I can't wait!
  20. Geolgirl87

    Geolgirl87 Guest

    We are sailing April 2nd.

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