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Majesty out of Charleston Anyone?

Discussion in 'Norwegian Cruise Lines' started by DJP, Nov 24, 2003.

  1. AM

    AM Guest

    Like DJP, my family (4 in a Suite) were on the 12/20 sailing out of Charleston. Time does not permit me to do a full-scale review like DJP did but I will say this. Some people are just hard too please!
    It is indeed hard to believe that we were on the same ship with the people who were so disappointed.
    We have only been on 4 cruises but I think that that is enough to base an opinion.
    NEGATIVES- (If you can call it that)
    Movement of the ship-I could feel this ship move more than any other cruise ship I have been on. So could most everyone else on board. We never got seasick from it but it was noticeable.
    Sofa Bed- I described to the cabin steward as 'The Mattress From Hell' and it was. This mattress had a huge indention in the middle. They brought a new mattress which we put on top of the old mattress. Problem solved.
    Weather-Cooler and windier than expected. I'd like to blame NCL but that would be a stretch.
    Daughter caught a bad cold on board--Must be NCL's fault somehow, I'm still working on how to blame them.

    Everything else!
    Food was good
    Best crew and waitstaff of ANY cruise I've taken
    They went WAAAAAAAAY above the call to help our daughter who was sick.
    bpear says you get what you pay for. Including everything we spent $7000 on this trip and I received EXACTLY what I paid for.
    Some people can't seem to have a good time if it snuck up on them and bit them in the backside!
    Just my thoughts.
    I miss Gilberto my poolside waiter!
  2. bpear1600

    bpear1600 Guest

    Maybe we are too hard to please but when I have no air conditioning in my cabin for 20 hours over three days, my cabin water is brown every morning and the ship reeks of cigarette smoke it's time for us to look elsewhere.

    Radisson, here we come.
  3. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    I think some people are missing the point. I was on majesty 11/29/03. The ship is in Aweful shape!!! Period!!!. Did this mean I didnt have a good time?.. Certainly not!!. I went with friends, we had a blast!!.The drinks were flowing, we participated in deck games etc. But that doesnt absolve the cruise line of failure to keep the ship up with the expectations of their customers. Sure I could overlook any of the things I complained about.. The question is WHY Should I have to overlook them. If the ship is small and lacking amenitites, then you should damn well make it up in service and cleanliness. Half the ship was totally off limits to me as the cigarette smoke was so think you couldnt breath. Other ships have great ventillation. Its the little things that add up.
  4. bpear1600

    bpear1600 Guest

    You are just wasting your breath, rschreib. These people are never going to get it!

    We made the most of our cruise too but that doesn't change my opinion of the ship or NCL for failing to maintain it's fleet.

    I guess if you pay $7000 to sail on this tub you've got to justify your decision the best you can. Frankly, you couldn't pay me to waste a week on this ship again.
  5. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Good call Bpear1600. I dont think they get that if we all just tolerate it and let them slide, eventually, cruising will be nothing special. I for one do not want to see the cruise experience dwindle to just another acceptable vacation. I will fight tooth and nail to keep it a true 1st class experience.

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