Mama Duck Is Heading Back to Her Nest!


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I just got off the phone with Mary Ann. She's being discharged even as I type.

Jean and Wonder Woof will be picking her up shortly. She's stopping home for a very brief visit to pick up things she'll need and then they'll be heading over to Jean's, where she and Pucci will spend the night.

As always, she and I both thank you for all your prayers and good wishes.

I'm sure she'll be checking in at some point over the weekend.


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That is super news. I'm glad that she is going to be with Jean........just in case. And I know Pucci will be so thrilled to have her back.

Judi, thanks for the update.


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Thnx Judi, that is Fantastic news and we are all looking forward to when Mama Duck can quack in!! Take it easy, Shipmaven!! :smile:


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Thanks Judi. I'm so glad to hear that she is headed home. We can now all breathe a sigh of relief.

Donna - dsw

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Thanks for the info - this is great news - - tell her to rest up and visit when she can - - we don't want her to overdo it - - but of course would love to hear she is feeling wonderful!

Hugs to her!

connie seabee

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Judi, thanks for sharing the good news. I'm glad that she will be will be staying with Jean tonight.


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I wrote an entire long explanation about my disappearance, and IT disappeared! :madd: goes again. First of all, heartfelt thanks to Judi and to all of you for your concern. Since all of you know what my work is, I would NEVER disappear without emailing those who need to know my whereabouts.

At any rate, I've been on Coumadin again for awhile. Monday morning, out of nowhere, I began to hemorrhage from my left nostril. When it wouldn't stop, I called Jean for help with Pucci who was terrified at the scene. To be brief, I had to call for EMT's - Jean took Pucci and they transported me to the ER. The amount of blood was horrifying.

I was in the ER over 6 hours as they tried to stop the flow, which was finally done by tamping my nostril with a "Rhino Rocket". I was then admitted to a room that night. The second afternoon, I went into delayed shock - not pleasant.

As any of you know who have been hospitalized, communications aren't easy. I didn't have the strength to communicate with anyone except our Agency owner until I contacted Judi.

The Rhino Rocket was removed last night and my nostril was cauterized by an ENT Specialist. Can you say OUCH?! The ENT and my Primary Physician (the latter visited me several times a day) checked me this morning and gave the go-ahead to discharge me.

The hospital and nursing staff were outstanding.

I thank Judi for posting in my behalf, and all of you for your concern, prayers and well-wishes.

I'm unbelievably weak and am back to using a walker for the time being. I'm off of Coumadin, which helped cause this. As you can probably surmise, my trans-Canal cruise has to be cancelled.

Yes, Pucci is plastered by my side. I'll be staying overnight at Jean's. If I feel confident enough, I'll return home tomorrow.

Mary Ann