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Man Overboard Brilliance

Discussion in 'Royal Caribbean International' started by Robkabob, Jul 8, 2005.

  1. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Yikes! From the NY Times:


    (You may need to be a subscriber to get the link to work. Here is the text)

    July 8, 2005
    Greenwich Man Disappears From Ship on His Honeymoon
    GREENWICH, Conn., July 7 - Investigators are looking into the disappearance of a 26-year-old man from a well known Greenwich family who was last seen on his honeymoon aboard a cruise ship in the Mediterranean.

    The man, George Allen Smith IV of Greenwich, "might have accidentally fallen overboard," the ship's operator, Royal Caribbean International, said in a prepared statement.

    He boarded the ship, Brilliance of the Seas, in Barcelona, Spain, on June 29 for a 12-day voyage and was reported missing after the ship arrived in Kusadasi, Turkey, on Tuesday. The disappearance prompted a "complete search of the ship," said the statement, which was issued late on Wednesday.

    Leslie Katz, a spokeswoman for the company, said in an interview that the Greek and Turkish Coast Guards had searched the area by air and sea, but as of Thursday afternoon had not found him.

    The disappearance was first reported by Greenwich Time.

    Ms. Katz said the first hint that a guest might have fallen overboard came when a passenger spotted "something unusual on top of a lifeboat" about 7 a.m. on Tuesday. An officer on board examined the substance and concluded that it might be blood, she said; crew members began a search of the ship and were unable to account for Mr. Smith.

    Ms. Katz said Mr. Smith's wife, whose name was not released, had assumed her husband was with friends.

    Ms. Katz said that many questions about the man's disappearance remained unanswered, but that, "if you look at the atmosphere on a ship, it's a vacation thing and people let their hair down a bit.

    "It's a relaxed atmosphere," she added. "People stay up late and do all sorts of things."

    In its statement, Royal Caribbean said it had notified the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the American Embassy, the Turkish police, the Greek Coast Guard and the Bahamas Maritime Authority. Royal Caribbean is based in Miami and registers its ships in the Bahamas.

    Mr. Smith is the son of George and Maureen Smith, who own Cos Cob Liquor in Greenwich. Gerald Porricelli, an owner of the Food Mart store, which leases space to the liquor store, said that the younger Mr. Smith was a "handsome, likable guy who was good with customers" and who "was getting ready to take over the business" so his father could retire.

    Mr. Porricelli said he was "as dumbfounded as everyone as to how this could have happened."

    Mr. Smith's grandfather was a dentist and horse breeder, and his great-grandfather, his namesake, was a pitcher for the Brooklyn Dodgers and other teams who later taught math at Greenwich High School.

    Family members did not respond to requests for interviews. Peter Berg, a member of the Greenwich Board of Estimate and Taxation who has shopped at the liquor store, said people had been talking about the disappearance on Thursday morning while he was in the Cos Cob library. "So the community is certainly aware and sad," he said.

    The ship on which the incident took place is among the company's largest and newest ships, having taken its maiden voyage three years ago. At 962 feet in length, the ship can accommodate 2,500 guests, and it boasts amenities like a rock-climbing wall, a nine-hole miniature golf course, a half basketball court and a spa.
  2. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Hmmm.. Sounds like she married him for the money then off'd him on the ship..She doesnt seem that broken hearted. No reports about her at all..Hmmmmm
  3. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

  4. glen tev

    glen tev Guest

    Todays N.y Post has a article in which the couple was up late partying in the casino and now reports of blood stains in their room.sounds like the honeymoon didn't go so well.
  5. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Oh I will have to go back and read the Post. I only read Page 6 today. Thanks for the tip!
  6. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Here's the article:



    July 13, 2005 -- The mystery surrounding a Connecticut man's disappearance from his Mediterranean honeymoon cruise grew deeper yesterday, as authorities revealed that blood had been found in his cabin.
    Royal Caribbean officials initially theorized that George Allen Smith IV, 26, had gone overboard last week after they spotted blood early in the morning on an awning over a lifeboat, searched all the cabins above it and found his empty.

    Officials later located Smith's new wife, Jennifer Hagel, 25, who told them he had not been in the cabin when she woke up July 5, and that she presumed he had gone out.

    But yesterday, prosecutors in Kusadasi, Turkey, revealed that blood had also been found inside Smith's cabin.

    "We don't know if it is murder or not. He may have fallen over by himself, he may have fought with someone in the casino," an official said.

    The couple was spotted drinking heavily and gambling in the ship's casino the night before the disappearance, Turkish officials said.

    More than half the ship's cabins have balconies, although it's not clear if Smith's did.

    A search of the seas between Greece and Turkey where Smith disappeared has revealed nothing.

    Hagel was interviewed by Turkish authorities and allowed to return home to Cromwell, Conn., the cruise line said. When reached by phone yesterday, her father said the family had no comment.

    The couple were wed in Newport, R.I. at the end of June and boarded the ship  Brilliance of the Seas  in Barcelona on June 29.

    Neighbors described Smith as being from a close-knit Byram, Conn., family with deep roots in the Greenwich area. His grandfather was a dentist in the town and a prominent horse breeder. His great-grandfather was once a major-league baseball player.

    A graduate of Babson College, Smith intended to take over the family liquor store in Cos Cob.

    "He's a beautiful guy," said neighbor Gennaro Scapelli.
  7. Ted_D

    Ted_D Guest


    Court TV did a feature on this incident last evening. The talking heads were evening split between "it
    was definitely murder" and "what an unfortunate accident". They did all seem to believe that analysis of the blood stains would be crucial to understanding what likely happened, and to my surprise they also all believed the body will wash up in Turkey or Greece.

  8. was anyone here actually on this cruise??
  9. glen tev

    glen tev Guest

    msnbc has been running with this story for a week.Last night 8/2/05 they stated that this guy witnessed a gang rape involving several russians and when they found out they had a witness they decided to dispose of him.The russians in question were then removed from the ship via italian police,i caught this story in bits and peices at work ,anyone else hear this wild story?
  10. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Good Lord! That sounds a little far fetched but perhaps plausible. One of the witnesses who has given interviews and statements is the Deputy Police Chief of Redlands, CA. He stated there was a party, then arguing, then the horrific thud. I would think a law enforcement officer would make a very good witness. Here is his story with the full details of his account:


    I have not caught MSNBC lately but variations of the above story are being floated by the bloggers. One cannot account for the veracity of these stories. Here's an example...


    The one thing we have to remember about Joe Scarborough (who covers this on MSNBC) is that he is not always correct. One time Scarborough thought an Arnold Schwarzenegger impersonator on the Howard Stern show was the real deal and proceeded to criticize the joke material as though it really came out of the Governor's mouth. (I hope I explained that correctly. LOL) So, who knows. I can also remember some of these cable folks had the Runaway Bride Jennifer Milbank's fiance branded as suspicious and look how that turned out. It's always something!
  11. glen tev

    glen tev Guest

    check out scarbourough country on msnbc it's on 9pm est.all week he goes from the holloway case in aruba to the case on brilliance of the sea.They have the whole panel of experts .It's starting to piss me off because these "experts" know nothing about cruising and are really raking the whole industry.RCCL is getting some very bad press out of this.scarbourough is making it sound like everyone that takes a cruise is a criminal and some sort of drunkin bum.I will say that i agree with them that the security should be stepped up and that anyone unruly(including kids) should be controlled.I still say cruising is the best form of vacation and you can get killed anywhere if your doing something you should be doing.
  12. Janice H

    Janice H Guest

    glen tev
    I agree with you, although I have not been watching the show you are refering to. The press seems to give a lot of things a bad rap. Cruising is my favorite way to vacation. We have met wonderful people and had wonderful times. A person on one of our cruises was taken off the ship for unruly behavior and left in port. Don't recall which port he was left in, but he had to get himself home on his own.
  13. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Scarborough is nothing compared to that shrill Nancy Grace. She also has jumped to conclusions with her panel of "experts". She also has accused RCI of contaminating crime scenes and of being negligent. I hope that RCI slaps her with a nice little lawsuit.
  14. sanjoseca

    sanjoseca Guest

    I really feel for the Captain of Brilliance....I can only imagine what he is having to go through as a result of some of the sensationalism that is going on. If it is who I think it is, he would have done everything in his power to make sure that the proper authorities were notified and given them the cooperation they needed to do their job.
  15. Robkabob

    Robkabob Guest

    Even though this is getting a lot of play in cable land, I doubt this will affect RCI's bookings. Most people are not news junkies and even if they were, reasonable minds are not blaming the crew or the officers of the ship. Let's face it, rabid news junkies are not the types to take cruises because that would mean doing something besides watching cable news. LOL. ( I say this as sort of a lazy news junkie. LOL) The honeymoon on a cruiseship aspect gives it that certain little twist and it does make it interesting. I agree, it sounds like RCI has been fully cooperating with authorities. I suppose the cable new junkies expected the cruise line to have a CSI team on board. Thank you for listening. :)
  16. MarciaL

    MarciaL Guest

    San, I think you are right on who the Captain is. Some friends of our were on that sailing and had dinner with him.
  17. Lady Jag

    Lady Jag Guest

    I also saw the Redlands cop making a statement on TV. He seems credible. If he is, maybe the new husband spent too much money gambling and that's what caused the arguement? =huh Who knows. Other witnesses also say they heard loud arguing. =huh =dunno Sure would like to know more details!!
  18. glen tev

    glen tev Guest

    I feel for this captian, i agree with sanjosecas post he's damned if he does and damned if he doesn't.This guy was overboard hours before the captian was notified and theres no way to backtrack a 100 miles.I think these 2 guys that helped him to his room from the casino because he was drunk rolled him for his winning and sent him overboard.
  19. rshreib

    rshreib Guest

    Well then I know I am safe..I am going on the brilliance in January but I have never won a dime at the casino so nobody will want my debt..
  20. Clerky96

    Clerky96 Guest

    Yesterday on the news (hubby is a new junkie, not me), they were saying that there are also witnesses that said they heard a woman scream. I am surprised that the news media is not more involved in this. It has been relatively low profile, compared to the disappearance of the young girl in Aruba. The impression that I got from the news report is that the wife was possibly drugged and raped. She apparently does not remember anything.? Weird. It is all pretty strange. ???? I am cruising without hubby in Sept, and I have to admit that it makes me a little nervous.

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