I'm told the lower you go, the less motion you experience (a mid-ship cabin helps too). But we're also on Deck 7 in May. I'll let you know how that goes!


Was on her in the 3rd week of her innaugural .....have sailed on Enchantment and Adventurer and this one is really special. Had a balcony room mid ship..absolutely a gorgeous ship..we were so pleased with it.
In the above message someone mentioned a $3.20 charge for Johnny Rocket..Is that new? We have never had that fee before...just paid for milkshakes etc..Enjoy yourself...the days of luxurious cruise liner days are over...walking the dog..dining in first class ...but, this line does all it can to give you a great trip for the money...and we adore RCCL....


How big was your balcony? did you happen to notice if the balconies there on the "bump" were any larger then the one you had?


tmr, I will be one deck up from you in 7318. I was curious if there was a lot of noise being by the elevator. Most have said it isn't a problem. Any obstructed views from the balcony? Got to have been great access to getting on and off the elevators. Also, I would like to Welcome all of you coming to our lovely Port Canaveral. This is one of the easiest Ports to get into and out of. Any questions about this area will be gladly answered.



We returned from the Mariner on Sunday, it was our 1st cruise. The ship was just gorgeous!! and the customer service from the staff was wonderful. We would definetely sail with them again. I was a little dissapointed with the 3 ports. We were in San Juan till 10 pm? Can`t say enough about the ship!!


I'm alittle late in replying to this thread but wanted to voice a hearty =welcome back
=homesign for all of you who have arrived home from sailing on the Mariner! And, if you have the time or would like to, go over to the REVIEWS link and post your comment's under RCCL Mariner and post your review on your cruise, it will be great info for us future Mariner sailor's! :thumb


I have booked the Mariner for next April, our spring break. I am concerned about some of the new fees and decline in service that I have read on OTHER boards. I noticed some of you who posted have also sailed Carnival, can you compare the Mariner to, say, the Glory? It will be myself and my 10yo DD. I also noticed much lower prices for the Glory (of course, there could be a reason for this). We have two RCCL cruises under our belt and I sailed Carnival 10 yrs ago. Based on 10rs ago Carnival, I much prefer RCCL, but was curious if things have changed.




You should consider posting your question as a separate topic. It might get lost at the bottom of this one, since it's not directly related. There will be many people who have helpful responses if you post it as its own topic.

That said, I feel like I should just point out that the fees and surcharges are minimal, unless you envision three trips a day to Johnny Rockets. All food in the dining room, Windjammer buffet , the pool cafe, and even at the Promenade Cafe on Mariner is included in your cruise price. And from my reading, the vast majority of Mariner reviews are overwhelmingly positive, and that's coming from people who seem to cruise often and on several lines.

But I think you can secure more pointed and helpful responses by posting your question separately. Hope this helps!


I too am very interested in hearing about new 'fees' onboard.
The 3 bucks is peanuts - reallly - but I'm just curious if this is the new direction with RCCL.

May will be our 2nd RCCL cruise - loved the first...
Planning on a 14 night, S. Europe and Mediterranean for our 10th anniversary next May...

Wide open to suggestions...

(aka - Cruisaholic - and not looking for a cure...)


My husband and I will be on the Mariner in September along with some family and friends celebrating his 30th birthday. I'm really excited!


That's so great! There's no better way to celebrate your birthday than on a cruise! I celebrated mine on the Triumph last September.


i am so glad that my first experience was onboard the mariner. i sailed about two weeks ago. Kat99, we were on the same ship, youre right about the 3 ports...i wish there were 4 as planned. other than that, the entertainment was good, my dad ended up being a finalist in their "karaoke idol" which was pretty funny! the quality of entertainment is excellent! the food in the windjammer was good too, good variety...i ended up eating my lunches at the cafe in the promenade, very good sandwiches...and the ice cream from the machine was a big favourite for my daughter! too bad she was too young for the kid's activities! dinner in the main dining was very good too, our head waiter catered to our every need and more! great crew, in fact, if i plan on going on another cruise, i would probably sail with them again...perhaps on the western caribbean.. highly recommend RCCL Mariner!!!


My wife and I will be leaving on the Mariner on 04/18/04 (1 day, 6 hrs, 55 min, 42 secs...but who's counting). We'll post our comments as well as our own website link with photos when we return! This will be our 5th cruise (been on Carnival twice (Tropical & Pride), Noweigan and Costa). This will be our first RCL cruise. We're taking my wife's parents & this is their first cruise.

We're in cabins 8690 & 8692 (adjoining balcony E1 cabins right on the back of the ship!!)

We're doing western caribbean. We were supposed to be going to Labadee, Haiti, but it has been changed to Cococay. Never been there...anyone with info? I'd like to go parasailing there, but my wife doesn't think it's safe...

We'll let you know how it was!!

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