Mary is Pucci doing?


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I too hope that he is avoiding stingers or biters or what evers. I hope that he is doing well, and I hope that his Mommy is well too.


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Aren't you sweet for inquiring. Thank God, Pucci seems to be none the worse for the experience, but I do notice he seems to "inspect" floors and carpeting in his general vicinity. For that matter, so does his Mommy.

As for his Mommy, I have cabin fever by now. With E-Coli in the news so much (and I learned there are various types), I thank God the wound infection was diagnosed quickly and measures taken immediately. I just have to be patient - the wound will take a long time to heal. Hopefully, it will heal as well as my knee injury did.


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I've been thinking of Pucci for awhile now. I'm glad he's doing well, and so is him Mommy. Relatively well that is. How is your knee and leg after using it to stomp on the critter?



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I really appreciate your concern for my little Sweetie...and for me. I am especially careful with Pucci at this time of year because of the searing heat, and his age. He IS a "senior citizen".

As for me, my doctor pounded into my head enough that I cannot sit, uninterrupted, at the computer from morning to night. While I AM at work full time, I do take short breaks during the day. I'm edgy with no cruises for myself until next year, but I delight knowing that friends are cruising.


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Mary and Pucci both have been through the ringer this year. I know you will be glad to put this year behind you! Hopefully you will be thoroughly healed soon and on your way to perfect health for a long, long time! And hopefully your next cruise will be soon........AND you will have uneventful days leading up to that cruise! :biggrin:

p.s. And please....don't add any more events to the remaining time in this year! Or I should say "bad" events. :biggrin:


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Glad to hear that Pucci is doing better, and you too, Mary Ann....

My daughter said that they landed in Phoenix yesterday after midnight, and the temperature was 107 degrees! She was amazed that it was that hot in the middle of the night!


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Shipmaven - glad that Pucci is doing better. :smile: And you, too!! Take a break, take a break, take a break....write that on a post-it note and tack it to your computer!! :doubleup:

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So glad that Pucci is doing well. What a scare! I'm also pleased to hear that you are getting better too. I'm amazed at how long it takes to heal. Sending hugs and healing thoughts your way.


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I too am glad to hear that Pucci is doing well. I'm glad to hear that you are getting better too. You are both in my prayers.