Mary Ann (Shipmaven)


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I miss her very much. I never expected her to be taken from my life and others so soon. To me it was a reminder how fleeting life is and how each day is not promised to anyone of us. She was so generous with her support to this site and its operation. She truly loved it and when we almost had to shut down, she saved the day. I never expected that but, she was very special. She even gave our baby Meagan a wonderful baby gift.

I met her face to face years ago when HAL's Zuiderdam was brand new. We met one night and talked late into the night. I really enjoyed our time together. Who knew it would be our last in person. I'm reminded of her passing by seeing a past email from pop-up or even her FB and Linked-In Profile. All reminders that she is no here with us. If heaven has the internet, I know she is trying to adjust her PC as I type. :)


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Over this past year I have truly missed her input on the various cruising questions that people ask. With only 6 cruises under my belt, I have a lot to learn & always valued her answers for those of us needing information. She contributed so much to this forum & is missed very much.