Maw in ICU

red stripe

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I talked with her a little while ago.

yesterday was not a good day for her. Two of her heart meds were incompatible and this sent her into a bad tailspin. But they are working on getting her on an even keel, and think that by tomorrow morning she will be able to go back into the nursing home.
Now what room she will land in is anyone's guess.

Denise, she was telling me about the flowers that you sent to her and how much she loves them. They are cheering her up big time.

I am saying prayers that things start to go forward and not back for her from now on.


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Oh, Dear, that is definitely not what I wanted to hear.

Red, if you speak to her again, or if anyone else does, please let her know that Mal and I, as well as the Girls, are sending prayers and good wishes.

red stripe

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I will speak with her tomorrow at the latest, and will pass on your message.
And thank you, as you can imagine.. this has her down and depressed right now.


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Thanks Red for the update....I knew something was terribly wrong when I talked to her yesterday. It is good to hear they are on top of things and I will prayer for her extra hard.


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Poor Maw.....she doesn't need this, now...

Hope they can get her meds leveled out, and she can get back to recovering again. Will keep Maw in my prayers...

Thanks for the update, Red.


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And please let Maw know that Mary Ann is distressed at this news, and am praying for a quick bounce-back. Meds sometimes can do more harm than good, as I know from first-hand experience.

Pucci and I send our love to her.


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Red - Please send my love to Maw. I hope that her medications get straightened out so she can get back to healing & heading home.



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Well this certainly isn't anything I expected to hear! I feel so bad for both Maw & Paw--all of this has to be hard on him too. I hope they can finally get her on an even keel. I was really worried a few months back when it seemed like it was taking forever for her body to adjust to some new meds & the dr kept saying give it more time. I hope they get everything straightened soon. Wishing the very best for her to get back on track & get that ankel healed so she can get back home.


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red, please add my name to the list of well-wishers for maw. She is very dear to me, and I find this latest news distressing. Thoughts and prayers are on the way that the medication issues can be straightened out soon.

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This isn't what I wanted to read Red. :( Hoping the Drs. are getting the meds straighten out soon. Prayers for Maw for a quick recover for her Bucket cruise in October.


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Thanks Red for the info on Maw. Would someone please cut the string on the yoyo? The Whitaker family didn't need this set back. Hugs to them all & sure hope that things turn around soon.



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Add my hugs and best wishes to Maw. It is distressing to read news like this. At least it is being taken care of and hopefully all will be much better very soon. It does seem that as we age we end up taking more meds and there is ever more risk of drug interaction. Not nice at all!!


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Two more for the well-wishers list. Will add prayers for her (and Paw & family) to the service this weekend ...


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Very sorry to hear this, HOWEVER, I am of the "there is a reason for everything" school and maybe it's **better** that this happened while she is under medical care and they can get her meds figured out once and for all. We all remember she was having problems with the heart meds not too long ago, so maybe they can get this straightened out and Maw can get back to being Maw and planning her cruises to NE and Alaska! Hugs to her and Paw and Brenda and family too.


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Oh my.......not what I wanted to see, though thanks Val for letting us know. I hope that they get her regulated and she can get back to her recovery really soon........sending lots of healing thoughts!


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I'm so sorry to hear Maw had this set back. Hopefully things get straighted out soon. Like Karry said, she hasn't been well for a while, maybe they will get her feeling better than she has in a while. I sure hope so.

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I will be sure to pass on all your good wishes. maw is much love on this board by a lot of us, and we hate to hear of her in any trouble.

They also thought that she might have a kidney infection also, so it just seems to be one thing after another for them these days.