Maw in ICU


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Oh my gosh, my heart skipped a beat when I saw the thread headline. Please let us know how she continues to do, and when she is returned to where we can send cards. Hugs to Maw AND Paw, I know this must be hard on him, too!

Cruise cutie

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OW this one hurts to read...:(..thanks Val for the update..Been off the boards for a few more work days..and yuck..sigh.add our good thoughts and prayers to the list too..hugs Joanne and Mark

Donna - dsw

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So sorry to hear she is having a set back - but at least she is where she can get the immediate attention that she needs. Rest, meds and someone checking on her all the time. I will keep her in my thoughts and prayers.


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Those dang meds,cant live with them,cant live without them,Maw prayers and love on the way,know Paw misses you terribly,we all need you back home a ramblin for us,Hugs!

Gramma Ann

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Well, darn! This is not what any of us want to hear, especially Maw & Paw. Sure hope they get them fixed and she gets back to doing well.

Hang in there Maw. We love you.