Maw surgery complete!!


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:clap:Just spoke with Paw, surgery is complete, took a little longer than expected, but all went well. Paw hadn't been back to see her yet but she had sent him some orders by way of the nurse, which were actually for me to pass the info on to @ddicts!:smile: The plan is to hold her a little longer at the surgical center then move her to the hospital for a few days. She will be returning to CMH in Bolivar. Here is the web page for ecards. Thanks for everyones thoughts and prayers during this time. They mean alot to Maw and the family!! :thankyou::thankyou::thankyou:


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I'm so glad that the surgery went well, even if it took longer than expected. Prayers for Maw to have a successful and full recovery.

Thank you Brenda for the update. You can take a sigh of relief, now that the surgery is over.


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So happy to read that all went well with Maw's surgery. Now I hope it won't be long before she is up, out and about.


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Thank you so much for the update! I've signed on several times today looking to see if there was any word yet. Now that the surgery is over......the road to recovery will hopefully be shorter than expected. Please pass along my best wishes to her and to Paw. :sunny:


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Fantastic news!! I've been on pins and needles all day. Thank you, Daw for letting us know. Please send our love to Maw and Paw!!


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Glad the surgery went well and now after these wks of waiting, the healing can really begin & hopefully she will get home quicker than they expect. I'm sure Paw is relieved that it's over too.

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Could you let us know when there is a room number? I tried to send her an e-card but we need to know the room number.

Hopefully, she is now on the road to recovery!



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I've been waiting to hear this great news...(had to be out for the past couple of hours)! Prayers for a full recovery with no hiccups!


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Kiefer is looking at me like I'm crazy while I'm sitting in my chair doing a little rah rah dance! Great news to hear, I'm happy that this is over and Maw can finally start the getting better process! Hurrah!!!


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Now she needs to pay attention and do what she's told so she can get back home soon. I'm sure Paw wants her home as soon as possible!

Thanks for letting us know, Brenda! :doubleup:


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"Praise the Lord and pass the ammunition ..."

Wait ... That's a different one ...

Let's try this .... Thanks God, for taking care of her and the surgical team!


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Good to hear that that part is over. Now they will start making her work! Tell Paw & Brenda to relax now that the surgery is over.