Maw surgery complete!!


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Glad the surgery is over with and now Maw can start healing and will be as good as new in no time! Keeping good thoughts that she has a comfortable night. Hugs to all!


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THAT is the best news I've heard in 3 weeks! Now prayers and best wishes for a full recovery so she can get on with her Bucket List!


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Maw's room number is 110. Paw says she was doing ok, but was on plenty of pain meds and a little goofy. He was home and resting.


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Glad all went well. Tried to get on the boards when I got home at 2AM and post but kept getting screen that there were database problems. Just glad all is good. Susan

Gramma Ann

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YES!!! Way to go Maw. So glad to hear that surgery is over, now you can just concentrate on getting better and heading for home. You have a cruise comming up.