MAW Tue Saga Continue


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:(Paw called about 2:45, No surgery today! Ugh! I guess the surgeon that was doing the surgery only comes to Bolivar 1 day a week (Tue) and had not seen any Xrays, he finally showed up around 2 and after looking everything over decided there is to much swelling in the ankle still to do the surgery, could be up to 2 weeks before he feels this could happen. He wants therapy to work on the area and get the swelling down, stated it is a real bad break, she has three options to consider. Fix it like as they had before, do a rod which involves fusing the bone, or Paw counldn't remember 3rd option. Which may or maynot work.:doubledown:
Talked with Maw at 3:30, they have moved her to Telemetry, which gives her more freedom as far as she can have phone calls, but 2 doors away from ICU. Number to hospital is 417-326-6000. She wasn't quite as dopey this afternoon, but I'm sure that flucuates with meds and sleep.



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So sorry to hear of more delays. I guess they have to do as the dr. thinks is best
Good that she has been moved, will try to call later. Got a card in the mail today.
Thanks for keeping us up to date & hope things start going better.


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I was sure hoping she had already had the surgery and was on her way to mending. Thank you for keeping us updated and Maw will certainly be a part of my prayers.


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Poor, poor Maw, and poor Paw. We continue to send her our best, and our love and hope the swelling goes down quickly so she can be operated on. (((HUGS)))


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I was hoping to read that she had come thru the surgery & was on the road to recovery. Sending my best to both of them. Sorry Maw has to wait so long to get the surgery. This has to be stressful for Paw too; hope he takes care of himself.

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Oh Darn, I was wishing that the surgery was over, and only the rehab remaining. Two weeks seems like such a long time to wait, but the Dr knows best. I feel bad for Maw having to wait so long, and for Paw who will be traveling back and forth everyday. Hope he'll take care of himself. I worry about him too.

Brenda, Thank you for the update.


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Rats! I hope she won't be too antsy awaiting the course of action that is eventually decided upon. Hugs, thoughts, and prayers continue.


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Phooey, phooey, phooey! Like everyone else I was hoping for a positive update! Sending hugs and best wishes...maybe they can get that swelling down sooner than later! UGH....poor Maw and Paw having to deal with this!


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Like everyone else I was hoping that the surgery is over with and she was on the road to recovery... Sending hugs


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Darn, wish there had been better news. Will she have to stay in the hospital for the next 2 weeks? Hope Paw takes care of himself. I am worried about both of them. Positive thoughts and prayers continue. I will try and call her later today or tomorrow. Thanks for the info Brenda. You take care of yourself also. Hugs.

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thank you brenda for the update

sorry to hear that maw will not be having the surgery for awhile

sure sounds as though you all are in for a long haul

prayers for all of you


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Just got off the phone w/Maw. All things considered, she sounds good. Says it looks as though it will have to be fused. Not sure how long a rehab period she's looking at, but she thinks they have a ghost booking w/HAL and that the Duck Cruise (May29th) actually may be a possibility. I think that, normally, 89 days may be pushing it a bit. However, since she's in the scooter ... Well, we'll see. They were pushing the dinner cart in, so she signed off. Said that she hadn't eaten earlier, as they were thinking that surgery might have been a go. Wanted to me to pass on her thanks for all the prayers and well wishes. Said they were certainly helping.


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I just talked to Maw as well. She's in good spirits considering. Some of the grand kids are stopping by which made her happy. She sends her love to all.


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While she is in there she might as well get it done right! So sorry that it had to happen at all. But at least it happened on home territory & not in some foreign country.

Paw & Brenda look after yourselves.


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Well, dang. Sorry to hear about this snag. Maybe things will get better and Maw will get surgery by next Tues. Let's all hope things will turnaround quickly.


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I'm so sorry to hear this but I guess the doctor knows best. When things are rushed it's not always for the good. I hope she gets stronger day by day and gets on the road to well soon.