MAW Tuesday Morning 3/1 Update


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Nurse report for this morning, she had a good night. The plan is to do surgery today, but they didn't have a time for me. Stated Maw called Paw at 4:00 this AM to tell him surgery was planned. They then switched me to her room and I spoke with her she was really groggy so she was so talking kind of in that drunk voice.
Then I called Paw he was getting ready to eat breakfast then head to hospital, so I gave him my instructions for day, which was latch onto the cell phone so I would have a way to reach him today.
Please keep her in your prayers today that all goes well. Dad did say they had told them they we only give her a spinal block to do the repairs with a sedative for her to be relaxed. That kind of makes me feel better with her heart and breathing problems.
Well let you all know as soon as I hear anything.



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POSITIVE THOUGHTS for Maw and comforting thoughts for you and Paw and the rest of the gang for today. Let's get this over with and the healing can begin. Please keep us updated, Brenda. HUGS to you all.


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Thank you, Brenda. I am relieved to hear that there won't be general anesthesia. Please be assured of my prayers today, and during maw's recovery.
All our good wishes and prayers for Maw today. Thank you for your letting us know Maws progress., I am sure everyone here is thinking of her and sending our best to Paw and your family.


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Good Morning Brenda, thanks for the update.
Sounds like things are moving along. I bet Paw was surprized to get a call at that time of day. I'am also glad to hear that they will be using a spinal, the recovery is so much quicker.
Hope Paw remembers the cell phone & can hear it ring.
Will be sending up Prayers & good thought while I wait to hear more.
Hugs to you & go get some sleep.


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Thanks for the update, Brenda...

Will keep Maw in my prayers today, hope all goes well...

Hugs for you and Paw, too.


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She's probably in surgery now. Good to hear that they're doing it under local. General, especially for those with other health conditions, really worries me. Can't wait to her from her directly. Come on Maw, C@s minds want to know .....


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Thank you so much, Daw for this mornings update. I feel so sorry for Paw, I know he has to be lonely in the house without Maw there.

Den & I send our continued love, support and healing thoughts Maw's way. (((HUGS)))

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Brenda, thank you once again for keeping us up dated on Maw's condition. My continued prayers for Maw to have a successful surgery, and for Paw to have a safe journey to and from the hospital.
Brenda this has to be so stressfull for you, take care.


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Glad they're able to do the surgery. Hope all goes well. Can't help but think that with the heart, breathing, & blood problems that Maw has had since being admitted to the hospital that perhaps this fall was a "blessing in disguise" & a cruise at this time might have been too much for her body. Although missing this cruise has been a huge disappointment, perhpas the drs will have her in great shape for her next cruise.


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So much better for Maw with just a local anesthetic. Without those extra heavy drugs to knock her out she can heal faster. Thanks for the update. Will be keeping Maw in my thoughts today.


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It's good to read this morning that they are going to take care of that ankle today. Maw is in my thoughts and prayers...and Paw too!

Brenda I do want to thank you so much for keeping us in the loop so my thanks along with a big hug!


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Prayers,good thoughts and wishes on the way,have to get meds and such but will come here later to read the results. Hugs and love being sent as well.


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Brenda, thanks for the update. Maw and Paw will be in my thoughts and prayers today. Good news that they will be giving her a spinal instead of a general. Hang in there.Hugs.


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I didn't want to mention this during the past few days, but Kathy brought it up, so I will chime in that I have ALWAYS believed there is a "reason for everything" and as much as I am sure it breaks Maw and Paw's heart to miss the cruise, as well as the groupies, family and us too, who knows...heaven forbid something happen when she is on the ship or on some back road island. So maybe there's just something that needs to be tweaked that noone knew about and it will be done and over with by the time they are ready for the Canada/NE cruise!:spyglass: