MAW Tuesday Morning 3/1 Update


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Brenda, thanks you for the update on maw's condition. Positive thought are on the way. With Maws wonderful attitude, she will fare well.. Hugs to all


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Prayers for Maw as she has surgery today! I am glad they are finally fixing the ankle - I am sure that that trauma to the body has been messing with her numbers so getting it fixed & healing should help. Glad she won't have general anesthesia - too hard on the body. Hugs for Paw and Daw too.



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Just got up and on board - will await the good news that all is well. Prayers and hugs from here. Thanks so much Brenda for keeping everyone updated and I know all are concerned.



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Thanx Brenda for the update. Prayers are on the way from ALL of US on the Grand that maws surgery went well and she is in recovery mode. :doubleup: