Maw's not going to make the grand!


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I am so sorry to read this news! Hope the surgery goes well & then she gets on the path to recovery & plans for the next cruise on her bucket list.


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So sorry to hear this - it just breaks my heart. Hope the surgery goes well. I will keep you all in my thoughts and prayers. I know she was so looking forward to this trip.


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I am so sorry to hear this, what a disappointment for both Maw & Paw. Praying that the surgery goes well -- I feel so bad for them


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I am so sorry to hear this. What a disapointment for Maw and Paw. Best wishes for a speedy recovery


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That is so sad - she was being so careful!! Hopefully she recovers quickly!! Please tell her we're all feeling so bad for her and hope surgery goes well!



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I'm so sorry to hear this!
Let's hope for a speedy recovery so Maw and Paw can start planning for the October C@ cruise.



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Oh no, what a horrible thing to happen! I am so very sorry to hear about Maw's fall because she had been so very careful and trying to do everything right so they could cruise. My heart aches for her and Paw. Please let her know our thoughts and prayers are with her. A card is on the way.


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Oh how HORRIBLE! I know she must be devastated to miss this cruise. This is 2 people with last minute serious injuries in 2 weeks. @ddicts......let's be more careful.....I think we might have so much on our minds when readying to leave for our cruises that we tend to be a little distracted. I've been know to take a tumble or two ON a trip.....there are so many distractions. Keeping Marilyn in my thoughts........hope her surgery goes well and she heals well. The ankle is always tough to heal......and a 2nd break in the same spot must be even worse. Hugs Maw!


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Hi, I'm so so sad for Maw and Paw to hear this. I wish Maw a speedy recovery.


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How awful for Maw & Paw. I am sending all my love & prayers that Maw's surgery goes well. Please give her a big hug from me - I know she must be very disappointed!



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They have postpond the surgery to sometime mid morning tomorrow. She sounds really bummed, which I would too!! Says her ankle is uncomfortable, but otherwise she's ok. Paw was headed home to collect her Kindle and a few things, he also had turn the heat down to 50, so gonna turn up the thermostat.


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So.... now the vacation medical insurance company will have to decide if she was enroute to her vacation, is she covered by that extra insurance??? Hope so...and all the trimmings so she can get on the next cruise.


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Just got up from my sleepcycle (wurkin the midnight shift. What horrible news to wake up to!

Missing the cruise is unfortunate, but not the most important thing. Maw's rehab and recovery have to be the primary concern. Indeed a second berak in the same location does not bode well. Hoping the orthos can get her repaired and back to normal.


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I am so very sorry to hear the news about maw and paw. If she has to stay in hospital please post address so we can send cards


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I am so very sorry to hear this. After being so careful about not making any trips away from home that weren't necessary so she wouldn't have a chance of falling before the cruise then have this happen is just awful. Both have been so excited about this trip for weeks now. What a disappointment. I hope all goes well with the surgery & that everything goes smoothly with her recovery--no complications needed! I want to cry for both of them. The important thing now is that she heals so she can once again sail the deep blue seas.


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Poor Maw!! I've been upstairs working all day and I've just now read this sad news. Daw - please tell Maw that Den & I are thinking of her and Paw and that we send our very best and lots of (((HUGS))).