Maw's Thursday Office Ramble


:yawn:Good morning all!! Grab a hot cuppa and come on by and chat. Reallky is a good morning I can walk again today without it hurting--thank goodness--I have gotten further behind with the house work. Won't push it too hard today but will try to get washing out of way. Paw thinks today will be his last day of working the leaves--he has worn out two rakes and his arm is sore from swinging that leaf blower. In case you have wondered we have almost an acre here and have lots of b ig oak and hickory trees there is un developed areas on 3 sides and the neighbor across streets all blow across here too. Paw says next time he wants on a desert island with no trees.

Had a nice chat with Red yesterday. So nice to have so many friends I can poick up phone and call when I feel need of a chat. Jacquie hope you are able to go back to work-know how you can see things piling up on you. Jan glad your appetite is coming back-hope you got to store for those special treats you like to have. Kathy C still sending good vibes to you and husband. Looking forward to hearing all abt what is going on in everyones world.

What is happening in your corner of the sandbox?



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Good Morning Maw & @ddict friends,
Maw I'am so happy that your knee feels all better, but like you said slow & easy, you don't want it to act up again. Good to hear that Paw is almost done with his leaves, what a relief for him. I bet he will want to start his Christmas decorating next. Never a dull moment for that guy.
We didn't get to the store yesterday, my daughter was tired & didn't feel the best, maybe today.
Mild (44) out there again this morning. Yesterday the morning clouds gave way to a sunny afternoon with a high of 58, almost made 60 again. Today should be about the same, but with more wind.
My little 1 is still sleeping, maybe he will get back to his habits here. He used to sleep til between 9:00 & 11:00 am. I don't knew what goes on at his days where he was last week.
Take care

connie seabee

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Good Morning Maw and Ramblers,

Maw, sorry to hear about your knee..I must have missed a post. Did you fall? Take it easy until you see your doctor.
Looks as if you're going to have a full house for Thanksgiving..

My Dad fell in the yard this week, he was blowing leaves. Thankfully he is only brused nothing broken. It hard to keep him away from leaf clean up. We all take turns going over there to cut the grass and keep up with the leaves.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Mornin' Maw, Paw & C@ Gang!!

Maw - glad you are better with your knee. Body aches and pain are well, a pain! My heel is hurting...I don't know feels almost like it is bruised.

Janpep - enjoy the warm days. :)

Well, I made a boo-boo yesterday and it has cost my son his trip home for Christmas. Since he has a new permanent job, he couldn't come home the dates we had purchased his flights for, at $ he gave me his new dates, I canceled his old ticket and went to rebook, and overnight Southwest changed the total line-up of available flights and it was going to cost us over $750 to bring him home. I'm sorry, but No Can Do. So, as it stands he is now just coming home for Thanksgiving. I will keep an eye out though for cheaper airfare.

Red - I used my bread machine yesterday to knead the dough on a whole wheat bran sunflower loaf of bread. MY GOSH!! But is that like the lightest loaf of whole wheat bread we have ever had. I knew my machine could do that, but had never used the feature before. Thank you for sharing that trick with me. :)

Today is another sunny day...and I need to get up and do somethings...been lazy in the mornings, running like mad throughout the day, and then crashing at 7:30 at night. Crazy!!

Happy Day to all C@'s!!


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My Dad fell in the yard this week, he was blowing leaves. Thankfully he is only brused nothing broken. It hard to keep him away from leaf clean up. We all take turns going over there to cut the grass and keep up with the leaves..
Parents!! We have one of them here, he is almost 80 and still does whatever he wants to and scares me to death sometimes. :D Good luck to your Dad. :)


Jan hope little guy continues to sleep later this morning.--makes it easier on you. Hope you get to store today-stock up good(hide in your room if you must to kmeep others out of.

Connie, Corky these old men and their leaves but Paw would be so borted if he did not keep trying.

Corky sorry abt the foul up on kids visit home--I almost dread Christmas with the various ones all wanting to come a differfent day--I don't care which day just all come together please.

Donna - dsw

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Good Morning Ramblers - -

Heavy frost this am when I left for work – cool temps are moving in for sure.

Jim has been doing the yard work also – we have a lot of trees and being on a corner lot – we get leaves from all sides. Every fall he talks about getting a smaller place with less land – then when I suggest we go look at places – he says no! lol

Had another workout last night as we had to move all the furniture out of the living room to the dinning / kitchen area. They should be installing new carept as I type. Then tonight after work I get to move everything back! Lol You would think I would loose some weight off this! Mil was all upset about strange folks being in the house. She is too funny sometimes. Glad Jim is home with her today! Lol

Got another discount on my Feb cruise yesterday – and since we are paying for two cabins that is a good bargin for us! Every little bit helps.

Hope you all have a great day – be careful and enjoy!


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Good morning, nice day outside, but cold! There was frost on the ground this morning. I had overnight company last night and got up early to see them on their way. They planned to eat breakfast out, so I have not had mine yet. I am heading in there now.

I actually found a cleaning lady, and she is coming today for her first visit. Hope she comes back next time after seeing how bad it is this time, lol.

No more news from clinic, still anxiously waiting.

Maw, glad you are feeling better. my legs are much stronger now after all that PT, and the pain level is down.

Jan glad to see you up and running around. Have fun with your little one.

Connie, hope your dad is OK. I think when the parents get older, they do things like that to pay us back for scaring them when we were kids.

Corky, that bread sounds wonderful. I have a bread maker, but I don't use it for just me. I would eat the whole loaf! I love warm bream, just baked.

Donna, be careful moving furniture, Don't want you to get hurt. Enjoy your new carpet.

connie seabee

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Maw, and Corky, My Dad much like Paw, always loved working in the yard. They have a wooded area behind the house, therefore they have lots of leaves that fall, and deer that roam.
My brother was outside putting the leaves in bags when Dad took his fall. We don't let him do much anymore. He turned 90 last July and has the start of dementia. Fortunately, he knows all of us, and still has a great sense of humor.

Corky, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you're able to find better airfare for your son.

Donna, great news on the cruise discount.


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Good Thursday morning ramblers, it is a chilly 47 and rainy at the moment, might warm up some where around 57 later in the day,

Corky, sorry about Christmas and your son not coming home. It is very hard when your children become adults and live so far away. Adjusting to the fact that you will not be with your children during the holidays is very difficult. I for one can attest to that. Couple with the expense of travel, all five kids & their families living all over the place, we never get together for the holidays unless we do the traveling. So who do you pick. Difficult. We moved to SC eight years ago, job oriented & not one of our children been to our home for the holidays, We hear every excuse possible. So totally understand how your are feeling. I would give anything to have Christmas dinner with all five kids but come to realize that will never happen. Those of you that have families closed and can celebrate together, cherish it as the best Christmas gift ever.

Paw, glad your knee is feeling better and hope all addicts under the weather the same.

Have a great day, nothing special going on here in SC
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Gramma Ann

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Good Morning all. It's cool and foggy here this morning. I think I'm about back in the swing of things. I've been doing clothes for 2 days now. Today is MIL birthday and we will take her out to eat ( if she feels like it that is. :shrug: )

Debbie is paying for a lady to come in and clean the house, but I'm waiting untill I get all the post cruise stuff put away. So Maybe next monday or so.

OK Oscar just turned on the TV, so I need to get him his cherry pepsi :cool:. Plus my cup is empty again!

Hope you all have a lovely day.
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Good morning everybody... :)

What a lousy weather day here in NYC... cloudy, damp, cold and WINDY... :(

Been busy doing this and that this past week, so I was just able to pop in to lurk...

I have OFF today... :clap: (I always do my best to take my birthday off) ... and we're planning to go out to dinner tonight. It'll be just JoAnn & me and our daughter Stephanie and her boyfriend Andrew. Nothing fancy, but we won't have to clear the table and wash dishes :D

Other than that... life goes on. JoAnn has been battling an earache, which is not an infection, rather caused by a fungus... so NO water in the ear, and she needs to get it cleaned out a few more times. She wondered how she got that, the doctor says it just happens.. could be some water remained in her ear too long at one time and that started the whole thing. She's also going for a mammogram recheck today. Last weeks films did not come out clear and they need to be redone.
Stephanie really enjoys her new job in Manhattan at the Animal Medical Center. She just has to get used to taking the subway to work, instead of her comfortable Nissan Altima...

Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes ... what a nice way to begin the day....


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Thank you Maw, Connie seabea and Jeanie - I am pretty much sick over the whole fiasco, but I have to remind myself that I do get to see him over Thanksgiving, so that will have to do me. I have all of his Christmas done, except for a piece of stained glass I am making, and, if we can't find cheaper flight then I will just ship it all to him and order him a Honey Baked Ham Dinner to be delivered. He likes those. :)


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Morning Maw, Paw and Ramblers ....

Things are slow today up here in SE Michigan. Have a day off! Yee-Haw! Doing a litte shore excursion looking for our Alaska in June, and trying to convince Globug and Gordon to join us. That would be cool!

Also going to start doing a little research into the possibilities of the "End Of Days" cruise for December 2012. Looking for which lines, normally, do 7-10 day cruises of the Mayan area, over mid/late December. Who know? If I can find something that would meet the criteria and has a nice assortment of prices/cabins, then maybe we can get it set up as another Duck Cruise?
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Maw, sorry about the typo error on the above post, I meant Maw not Paw that your knee is feeling better today. I guess I know what kind of day I am going to have,

Corky, praying that the airfare drops so your son can visit at christmas, the current fare is way to expensive. For us to fly anywhere, you have mulitply that by 2.

Congrats to all the addicts that book the duck cruise

Have a great day

red stripe

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Good morning Maw and Ramble gang..


we timed that phone call just right yesterday.

After I talked with you I talked with Jeanie. We would talk about 10 min and then get cut off. I think this happened 3 times. Then we had a nice stretch of time with no interruptions.. but I told her that if the electric went out again.. I would not bother calling back. I no sooner said it when the electric went off/on/off/on/off/on about 20 times in very quick succession.. although we have “Apac†battery backups on all the large equipment.. I still felt that this was bad enough to warrant shutting down the computers etc. so I was scrambling to get it done.

Then I was left with three battery backups beeping at me. Lol
I had to call E on the cell phone to ask how to shut them up.
This time the electric stayed off for a few hours.

But I was lucky.. When I was talking with you.. I had a loaf of bread in the bread maker on the “dough†setting. It finished about the time we got through, so I turned it out onto a floured board and shaped it into a loaf and placed it in a loaf pan to rise one last time.
At one point in the power outages, it was fully risen, and I took a chance and placed it in the over to bake for 39 min.
It had just finished when the power went out for hours.


in my opinion.. most bread makers these days are only good for that dough feature.
I once had a bread maker from Canada.. The door opened sideways, and the pan was long. It produced a wonderful loaf of bread. But I have not seen one like it since loosing that one.
Anyone wanting one to do this ought to just go to the local thrift shop and look for one.
We have a “guardian Angel Thrift shop here.. and I picked up a second one (for Christmas and entertaining) for $10 and it either had never been used.. or perhaps once.

do NOT overdo it today. Baby that knee.. Nothing is that important.


I hope that you get to take your outing today.
The weather here is the pits.. as the remains of Ida sits here.
We got tons of rain yesterday, and high winds.. and it has not let up yet.
Right now the wind gusts are only 26mph. I have candles standing by.
It is pouring down.. and the little dog does not like storms or rain.. so getting her outside for a potty break is a real chore.

Hi Connie seebee

I am sorry to hear about the ruined plans for Christmas.. you will just have to have Christmas early… But do not give up.. sign up for fare notification. Something may open up.

all that hard work will pay off when you come home and see your new carpet.
I remember what an amazing difference our new carpet made to the house when we had it installed.
The place seemed so much bigger and brighter.

Glad that you found a cleaning lady. I hope it all works out.
Wow on your type.. I could read your post from across the room :cool:
Einstein’s font on his computer has me scrambling for a seeing eye dog..

And a suggestion on the bread maker.. make a loaf.. cut it in half and freeze half.
That will put temptation a little out of reach.


meant to tell you ..
You remember my killer tomato “tree� well it is STILL producing.
I have about 10 large tomatoes in the house ripening.. and there is about 30 more out there that hopefully will survive this rain and wind. I also must have about 10 bell Peppers also. And the jalapenos are still going strong.

Everyone take care..


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Maw, I wish I could say I'm back to work, but I'm not. At least the chest xray showed no lung disease, but I definitely have pneumonia in the upper lobe of my right lung, and I still have lots of sinus drainage. I think I'm going to be proactive and culture it on my own, as the doctor doesn't seem interested in doing it. Darn, I'm tired of this, and I think I need a cruise!

Glad to hear that Jan and Connie are better, and prayers for all in need.

red stripe

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Wow1 while I was typing a lot of you were posting J


enjoyed talking to you yesterday between power outages.

Gramma Ann..
welcome back to reality.


enjoy your Birthday dinner tonight. I hope that JoAnn’s ear heals soon
I put slightly warm caster oil in mine and follow it with some cotton wool to hold it in. works for me..

enjoy searching for an “End of Days†cruise.. just think.. if it really comes true.. you will not have to pay those cruise bills.

I am glad that it is no lung disease. I do hope that you get over this fact. It can be very draining.. no pun intended..
Also.. while going through my desk yesterday I found your package and the disc.. It must have been hidden among all my “stuff†I look forward to viewing them, and thank you.


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Good morning @ddicts! Another beautiful morning, cool but the sun is shining
and temps back into the 60's today!! This weather puts me in the best mood!

I am going to go out and about for a little while today and then come home and work on some more Kumihimo. I will be attempting a bracelet with beads this time. If I can't learn how to do it myself today there is a class that I can sign up for on Monday :) I was downstairs last evening looking for fibers to braid when I came upon all sorts of "lost" craft stuff :eek: This has to be a project for this winter, to clean my craft room up!! I guess it would help if I would stick to one craft at a time but I sure enjoy experimenting with different things.

Maw, glad that you are feeling better and that Paw is almost done with the leaves. At least Paw had something to keep him busy for awhile :D

Jan, sorry that you did not get to go out for lunch yesterday. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

Connie, sorry about your Dad but glad that he was okay.

Corky, so sorry that your son may not be able to spend Christmas with you.
I am surprised that Southwest prices had changed so much!! I am glad that at least he will get to be home for THanksgiving.

Donna, Congrats on your cruise price drop! I love those kind of things.
Good luck with the carpet install. We are at the point where we want to rip out all of our carpet and put in either laminate on hardwood flooring throughout the entire first floor. Not in our future plans though :D

Connie, congrats on getting a cleaning lady. I am sure that you will love having her help you.

Herb, Happy BIrthday! Have fun tonight with your family. Hope your daughter is feeling better soon.

Red, you still have tomatoes?! We still have Knockout Roses!! Unbelievable for this time of year here. Better luck with your electricity today.

Jacquie, Please go see another Dr!!! This has been going on long enough!
Please take care my friend and feel better soon - hugs.

Jeanie and Gramma Ann, good morning to you both. Have a great day!

Hope that everyone has a wonderful Thursday (that is what day it is isn't it-I keep losing track of the days) and to those who are not feeling well, I hope that you are all feeling better soon.


I am taking it slow and easy this morning Paw was a sweetie he was awake and moving earlier than me and he had two loads of washing done when I went in for breakfast. I only have one left to put in when this load is done. He had even striped his bed and got those sheets all washed. I will try to sweep out a little when he goes out to play leaves, He has cleaned kitchen up. He is so afraid I will fall as am I.

I wonder if all my bread machine is stil here--I had one before Paw took over the kitchen. I found my kusinat in closet here in family room. I love hot bread way too much. Paw makes good bread from scratch not that he has done it lately.

Paw's electric wheel chair looks like a brand new one after the overhaul yesterday(it should be gold plated with what it cost.) He had not realized how broken down it was until he got in it yesterday when guy was done. Maybe now he will be more careful and keep it for inside only

Connie wish I could find a cleaning lady-didn't get our paper yesterday so could not check the ads.