Maw's Thursday Office Ramble

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Good Morning gang..zooming in..have errands to get to and work 3-11PM..want to share a boondoggle of a night *event*..

and you wonder why I am still in nursing.??.:whistle:..:no:
first time this happened (and hopefully the last)
..a 78 year old pt of mine was in mode of not too happy to be bothered while resting But basically OK..
so I hand her the meds after a few treatments then said OK Phyllis I have your meds...
next in a Linda Blair Exorcist tone she states..
I guess I don't want to take them
and threw them on the I bend down to pick them they aren't there to have housekeeping "get" and then bring to nursing, or another resident eat etc etc..and the next thing the patient does are you ready????.

she proceeds to POUR a big glass of milk down my hair, neck, back, down my shirt, scrubs into my undies etc it's 8:30 at night, and I get to wear milk for THREE hours till I get home, my hair is stiff with it, I dry with it ON me..and OMG I wanted to MURDER her *ss..:bbat::bbat::bbat:
but I simply got an LNA, we cleaned up the room in the midst of her shrieking, so no one would slip and break bones..:eek:..and we left her alone..
lemme tell you a first and a LAST not to be repeated....Um Power Ball anyone.?? I would So be done with that and do fun stuff..:D...and no you simply "cannot" make this crap up ~EEEKKKKKK...

off to get errands done!!!..TTFN..:)..Joanne


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I know a cleaning lady sound like a luxury for rich people, but I have been told not to vacuum or dust with my allergies, it is safer to leave the dust alone and not stir it up. So, when I couldn't beg someone to come vacuum for me, and I would break down and do it anyway, I would get sick every time. So now, since I cannot do anything strenuous I am going to pay someone to do it. I have a teenage kid who takes out my trash for me, and he will even change the litter boxes and carry heavy things, and a yard service, so I am sitting in the lap of luxury. Of course, that money could be going on a cruise........

red, is this size better? That'll teach me to preview first before I post.



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Good morning. Wow! Everyone is up and atem early today! What busy little beavers you all are! Maw do take it easy now that your knee is better. If it is like mine, it will return often!

It is a lovely but cool morning here. Today the sun is shining brightly. A perfect day to travel down the highway to Vancouver for Alf's appointment. But I think the nice days are coming to the end. There is lots of snow on the surrounding hills which look really pretty with the sun shining on them.

Take care.


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Good morning Maw and Gang,
Well we are having a real nor'easter here in this area,,, there is a lot of flooding in Virginia Beach and Norfolk, but not too much around our house in Williamsburg. Thank you God.

We have lost power, this morning off and on, but mostly on,,, again Thank you God. Ed was working from home as Langley is closed, now he is at his dentist office for an appointment.

I am working from home too,,, sewing and putting together the house for Christmas, slowly getting out the decorations.

I hope all have a great day, oh all you bread makers, if you have a kitchen aid stand mixer, it dose a great job of kneading bread too. :)


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Good Morning Maw and Ramblers all....Wow ... there are already 20 replies on this thread and I have barely rolled out of bed!

Yesterday when I got up is was snowing and I thought our Remembrance Day was going to be wet, white and miserable...but by 10am the skies had cleared and it was a beautiful day. The turnout was wonderful...the largest seen here for many, many years...which, sadly, is probably because there is a war going on right now. After the service we came home for lunch, went out for coffee and took a little drive in the country and then just vegged in front of the fireplace talking and reading. I have no plans whatsoever for today so I will take it as it comes....This morning the sun is shining, the skies are clear, the mountains are wearing their winter white gowns and it is a chilly 18F. I was hoping Christmas lights might be in order ... or we might put them in order but it might be a bit chilly on the hands this morning...perhaps it will warm up this afternoon!

Maw...glad your knee is feeling better this morning! I sure don't envy Paw dealing with all those leaves. You both be careful! Maw, did you see the photos of the handicap Lanai cabin that I posted on the Holland America board?? I haven't been back to see if you've been there yet today.

Corky...sorry to hear about the ticket foul up...keep your eye peeled for a special! Can you get signed up for e-mails from the airlines for specials?...I get my son for an extra day this year! He told me he would likely be home on the 16th but when he sent the itinerary yesterday his flight home is the 15th! Christmas does not arrive here until Ian does so Christmas comes early for me this year! And so does the homemade bread! I make it once in awhile during the year but it is the only kind of bread we have when "the boy" is home since he just loves the homemade bread!

Herb...hugs for JoAnn...I hope her ear feels better soon and I'd like to smack whoever did her last mammogram. It's hard to steel oneself to get it done in the first place...for heaven sake they should get it right!!! Oh...and have a wonderful birthday!

Oh Jacquie...I am so sorry you are feeling so yourself along and get well soon!

Joanne...brings new meaning to the song "Oh what a night"! I'm sorry that happened and I pray that I never come to the place of that woman in my life. It is such a sad thing to see...and I'm sure if she really "knew" what was happening she would not have done it!

Hugs and Hellos to everyone...including those I've missed here already...such a busy thread this morning.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Stay safe and be happy in it!


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Wow, while the power was out once again,,, there is a gang here... :) Joanne..... I can't believe that people can be so cruel, to people trying to help them. Hang in there honey, you are an angel


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Good Morning Maw and all the other C-@'s!
It's been just too long since I've been here, found myself with 3 consecutive days off and thought I'd make the time to stop by and see how everyone's doing.
Today's starting off pretty nice for up here- a balmy 20 above zero, with the promise of another big snow dump later in the day. Oh well. I'll use the time indoors to get chores done and concentrate on my new job as a medical transcriptionist. I'm very excited about this opportunity and hope it works out.

Maw- hope you take it a little easy today so that your knee heals up good
Jacquie- hope your pneumonia clears up soon!
Joanne- I just can't belive some people! That surely beats any bad time I've ever had with a guest. Yikes!!

To everyone else- hope your Thursday goes well- stay safe and enjoy whatever plans you have for the upcoming weekend ^_-


Joanne does sound like you had quite a night. Right out of school Daw went to work at nursing home on evening shift and she had some tails to tell . Believe anything you tell. One of girls I work with was visiting her mother one night and whhen she checked Brenda was having a race with a 90 yr old in the hall-they had her carrying a bed pan as a handicap. She had another couple who gave her quite a time. An old bachelor decided a woman wasd his wife and she did not argue Daw had to keep getting them out of each others beds. Often wondered how wandering their brains were. He had lived on an adjoining farm to her all his life.

Looks like Christmas and coming holidays are entering more of our minds now. Donna nice new carpeting I am with JK if I could I would have laminate or hardwood floors put in, but rather spoend money on cruise.

Good to see so many oiostiung today.


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Good morning...

Wow, a lot of rambling going on here today :boogie:

Corky, I do know how you feel.....our DS will definately not be home for Thanksgiving....Christmas? Probably not, either. He has a big snowboarding trip planned for Lake Tahoe with his friends from home. So, I guess you and I can be sad together :( (Jeanie, you'll have to give us tips on how to deal with this?)

Red...oh yes, there's always a bread machine at our Thrift Store. I have one already, but I'm watching for one that makes the longer loaf at the Thrift.

But I did find something there the other day, and I bought it for $9.99....If anyone is interested in this, let me know. You can have it just for the shipping...I bought it on a whim :duh:.... It would be great for tailgating or camping, etc. These pictures were taken at the Thrift Store before I bought it.....Here ya go....

It's a Coleman portable blender. The car cord and electrical cord store in the bottom. It looks like it's never been used. (Just a's quite heavy, so not so great for taking on a cruise :)) If you're interested, just PM me and I can give you more details)

Well, have a good day all...


Now I can see E grabbing that up Regaee. Noonook girl so good to have you joining us. Now transscribing medicals would be quite a change. good luck with the change.

No one has to worry abt me doing to much as you can see staying on compouter.


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Update on DW JoAnn's mammogram... the reason they needed for JoAnn to come in again for retest is that they wanted to take extensive Xrays since it was many years since here last test... and they always compare the films from previous year to the present. All was ok :)


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Joanne, I see that you failed to mention your excitement when we talked a few minutes ago :eek: You have more patience than I do but then that is your job.
Sorry you had such an awful night!

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:D..Oh I wanted to Murder her..problem is with her dementia 10 minutes later she would not remember *ANYTHING OF IT*..:duh:

but oh did cross my mind to manage to slip with the water jug sitting on the table( on her)..but Oh boy not NAH you gotta let it go...:hammer: however the water went anyways to the floor not her.. she then DUMPED in the melee; on the floor too... and we still had to clean..but NO elder abuse even with water is a nono and I did manage to restrain myself..sigh..but hmmm yeah life certainly is.....hehehe
as I've said for a few years ...
in my next life I'm going to sell books in a book store I own../or be a Librarian in a college library...:D..... yup that's for me....


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Good morning fellow @ddicts! ! ! Holy cow! Even nanookgirl got here before me! ! ! 20* above? Must be nice to live in town . . . .LOL 10* at our house. We had 'frost' this morning as well. . . . about an inch of it!

Had a nice day yesterday. Got some major Christmas shopping out of the way. Still looking for a wishlist from other members in the household . . .hint, hint, hint! ! !

Joanne, I seriously don't know how you do it. . . . .

Herb, HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Hope you have a FANTABULOUS day.

To everyone else on this busy ramble morning. . . . I hope you all have a great day, and stay safe! ! !



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Okay....I have to say it! The woman has dementia....if she were in her "right mind" she would not have behaved this way. She is not to be blamed or shamed for her behaviour. It is the type of behavious that is expected of patients who have this kind of problem. It is why we put our loved ones with this behaviour in "homes" (right, they're real "homey") where we expect they will be cared for like we would care for them if we had the necessary skills. They do not do these things on purpose! It isn't nice but it isn't unexpected behaviour either. I find it abhorrent that anyone would make fun or complain about these poor people! Should any of us end up with this horrible disease I hope that everyone who is charged with caring for us will be kind, gentle and compassionate and will not "gossip" about us when they are not at work!!!

I know it is frustrating sometimes and I don't envy the nurses and care givers their work but it is the work they choose to do! Put on a smile and be kind please!


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A very late good morning all.

Being an ER nurse I can sure understand the situation and feelings and I have to say that sometimes thinking and talking about those things are the way we cope and we would never mistreat a patient but at times we do have to vent and it's human to feel that way - the key is never to act on it which I know Joanne would never do. We are human also and have feelings and frustrations but never act on thoses. OK I'll get off my soap box now.

Nice day here today with not much else on the agenda but work again tonight.

Everyone have a great and safe day.


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They are many special folks in this world, nurses, aids, children of parents and others that take care of our elders and sick & even those that are not of sound mind. My hands go out to those who can handle the challenge and do it. Many of us can not or don't. But you have to remenber these special folks who take on the challege are human and they need to vent to continue their amazing work. I do not think anyone on the board meant any harm especially since they really did not know the patient illness. They were only feeling sorry for a special nurse who cares very deeply what she is doing. Everyone has compassion in their heart and do the best they can. Cheers go out to all our caretakers.


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Thanks Jeanie for you comments. So many don't appreciate what we do and at times it can get very hard. I hope no one took my comments the wrong way and I meant no disrespect or hard feelings as we all have the right to their own feelings. If the powers that be feel the need to delete my post please do so.

Red I too feel sadness about the situation you saw and don't understand but I do feel things (or I hope) are getting better in such situations. I am so thankful that I was able to take care of my Mom at home and she was able to pass in her own bed.


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Thanks Jeanie for you comments. So many don't appreciate what we do and at times it can get very hard. I hope no one took my comments the wrong way and I meant no disrespect or hard feelings as we all have the right to their own feelings. If the powers that be feel the need to delete my post please do so.

Red I too feel sadness about the situation you saw and don't understand but I do feel things (or I hope) are getting better in such situations. I am so thankful that I was able to take care of my Mom at home and she was able to pass in her own bed.

Your post does not need to deleted, You are human and have feelings & doing the work that many can not do. I am not saying that folks are refusing, they just do not have the make up. Each one of us are individuals & we need people like you in this world .