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:cheer:Morning all!! Grab ahot cuppa and come and help me watch it snow and chat. There is oiver 4 inches of snow now and you can hardly see across street. Poor birds have really abt emptied the feeders. Last thing Paw did out side was fill them all. I have all kinds of birds taking shelter here on side deck at least we can get out and put more feed out there We have a blizzard warning weather man says it is only 2nd one since weather buerau has been keeping records. Just hope it stays snow. I worried abt Brenda getting to and from work last night. Paw looks like a survialist --he has his electric big flash light, propane heaters, propane stove,lanterns. He cooked up pot of chili which would heat up the whole state I think. He has stew makings so we will do fine what coime may. We just won't be going outside(I may have to fight him abt the bird feed.) He even got out his portable DVD and has it charged so he can have movies.

Just wish the news was better.

What is happening in your corner of the sandbox?


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Good Morning Maw & @ddict friends,
Maw so sorry that your weather is so awful, but you have the right idea, hunker down & just rest relax & stay warm. I have been watching the weather channel all morning & this is a whooper they say.
It stopped snowing here durning the night & now the cold is on its way. We have awindchill advisory for tonight & tomorrow morning. They say windchills will be -25 to -45 ( think I will be staying home tomorrow.
I need to get off of here & get ready to head out. My daughter & I are going to the casino & lunch today for her Birthday. Hope to leave by 9:00am, we will see.
Take care & stay safe & warm


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Good morning Maw and Ramblers. Cloudy and 31 degrees this morning. We had a little freezing rain overnight but right now nothing falling from the sky. Yesterday tThe Federal Govt declared today a work from home day though most of the precip wont happen till after midnight tonight. Looks like it will be a rain event in my area but DC north will be iffy....tomorrow's commute could be interesting.

Maw, sounds like you and Paw are prepared. Please tell Paw to be careful if he insists on refilling those feeders! Actually the birdies can wait till the storm passes!

Jan, Happy birthday to your DD and I hope you both have a great time at the casino and that Lady Luck rides with you.

Not much else to report here. Y'all in the storms path stay safe and warm. And everyone have a good day.


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Get ready, Maw! We have 10 inches of snow on the ground and it is snowing so hard, I can't even see the car in the driveway. When I went out at 3:00 this morning to clear the car windows, with the first pass of the car broom, the driver's windshield wiper came off. I went around to clear the passenger side, that wiper came off also, so I haven't been to work yet. I had the wipers replaced about a month ago, and I'm afraid they weren't done properly, because they weren't even stuck to the window. Regardless, I'm in trouble for not being at work, but it's impossible to drive in this mess with no wipers. Sure feel sorry for two of my co-workers who just got home from a cruise yesterday! Please tell Paw to stay inside and be safe. Have you had the thundersleet storm yet? That started everything here, and I have never seen it before. Once again, STAY SAFE!


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Good morning gang. I'm like you Maw, watching it snow. It is very light right now but wind is picking up. They say by early afternoon it will become heavy & conditions will deteriorate fast. Wind chills are said to be -25 to -35. They say the worst storm to hit here in over 30yrs.

DD is 911 operator at the PD. No chance of her calling in that she can't get to work as they have emergency plan in place with 911 operators at the top of the list for rides to & from work. She has been waiting forever for a "really big 1" so she is excited & loves working when things are really busy. Waiting to see how she feels tomorrow after working 2nd shift tonight.

My dryer broke last night; I think it is the belt. Repairman will try to get here Thurs a.m. & will call to see if my neighborhood has been plowed.

Not much else from here. Gonna venture out to fill my bird feeders. Everyone keep warm & stay safe.


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Good morning Maw and Ramblers

Maw, you sure have some nasty weather. We are lucky is our neck of the woods, it might be cloudy but it is sixty degrees & I love it. I hate cold nasty weather.

Jan, enjoy you day with your daughter

Corky, good luck with your SD card. I would be in a panic if I lost my photos.

Hey Denise and Kathy, stay warm

Last week was very productive, completed my insurance continuing education classes, taxes filed and had a wonderful visit with my sister & made a decision.

Not much on the agenda today except the normal household choices that we all do every day. Need to get back to the job search. It is so depressing but things could be worse. I am happy and that is what counts.

Reading all the excitement about the up coming group cruise makes me feel I am right there with you even though I am not going. The preparations is so much fun.

Hey to all

Take care
Catch up with you later
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Good morning maw. We were lucky here in the Pittsburgh area. We did not get the storm as bad as they were predicting. Woke up to freezing rain on the roads. It is suppose to rain all day with the temps going up to 36. Rain will freeze again tonight when temps drop. I'm gald I don't have to go out, but, I worry about my kids who have to go to work & school.

Everyone stay safe and warm.



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Good morning maw. We were lucky here in the Pittsburgh area. We did not get the storm as bad as they were predicting. Woke up to freezing rain on the roads. It is suppose to rain all day with the temps going up to 36. Rain will freeze again tonight when temps drop. I'm gald I don't have to go out, but, I worry about my kids who have to go to work & school.

Everyone stay safe and warm.


Gram, I remember those days when I lived in PA and New Jersey. Can be nasty. Believe me I do not miss it.


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Good morning fellow @ddicts! ! ! Took Timber in to see the vet for xrays. They found out for being an old guy, he is in pretty good shape. He does have a stone in his bladder, they will take care of that when they fix his tooth. The vet does not expect any problems.

All of you affected by that storm . . .. PLEASE stay safe. No sense in going out if you truly don't have to. And if you do, please take extra precautions. Jacquie . . . Sorry dear, but I laughed when I read about your wipers. I had a similar problem with one of my vehicles at work. The wipers were just not installed properly. Only took a moment to fix, but trying to find it in the snow pile wasn't as fun as it could have been . . . . .

Should be another quiet day at work.

Have a GREAT day everyone, and stay SAFE! ! !


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Good morning Maw and Gang,
Boy the weather sound like it is getting really bad, I hope everyone in the path of the monster storm stays safe and warm.
Ed’s flight back from Boston got canceled, but they are trying to get him out tomorrow late, we shall see.
Our weather is crazy, it is suppose to be 40s today but 70 tomorrow!
I am off to the dentist, for semiannual cleaning, and then I will do a bit of shopping… :biggrin:
Maw sounds like paw is taking good care of you :clap:
Red, would you please send me some of that energy you have, all my get up and go got up and went.

Check in later,


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Good morning...

Ummmm, this is Michigan, sometimes it snows in Michigan :whistle: It makes me wonder what people did before 24-hour coverage on TV?? So our TV is set to Andy Griffith reruns for today....:clap:

On the other hand, I really do feel for those like Jacquie, where they make you feel bad for not coming in on a day like this! With no windshield wipers??? I do hope you manage, but glad you decided your own safety is important too! I know you guys are getting it bad down there, and I hope it passes by quickly, and the weather calms down for a LONG while.

Maw & Paw, be very careful if you do need to go out there. It sounds like you two are very smart, and prepared. You've been through this before and you know how to deal with it!

Jan...go win a bundle today :boogie:

Denise....I hope they let you work from home tomorrow too.

Corky...hope you manage to recover your photos... that makes sense...let them arrange a ride for those who MUST go to work. That should go for medical personnel, too.

Jeanie, glad to hear you are having good weather, and not have to deal with this storm.

I'm just glad that DD will be flying out of here at the beginning of all the snow (if her flight goes?) and will be heading West away from all of it.

Hope all of you waiting to catch flights (Lisa & Ed) and picking up (Calgon) at the airport manage without too much trouble. Will keep good thoughts for all of you!

Be safe, friends...
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Cyndi, Red sure has a lot of energy, it is amazing what she does in a day.
Enjoy your shopping, Hope you came across some great cruise finds.

Hey Tobyn , have a great day.

Reggae, I really do appreciate the weather in Augusta, GA
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Good morning everyone. No weather issues here in Vancouver, but I stayed home from work today. Had a bad headache when I woke up and it hasn't gone away yet. Don't get them often, but once in a while. So it'll be a lazy day today.

Nothing else new to report - hope all of you in the storm's path are safe!


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Good morning everyone.

Well - we missed the blow. It was to have started to snow last evening - didn't. Instead the temperature stayed around 31 degrees and about 3 AM we got freezing rain. That lasted about 3 hours. Now -- nothing -- but the weather people keep warning us -- the worse is yet to come. All the power companies are on alert -- afraid that if we do get the heavy freezing rain and/or wet snow -- lines -- trees will come down.

So all we are doing is watching TV and feeding the birds and squirrels. At one point we had 8 squirrels fighting over the feeders - it has been a long time since we have seen so many.

Everyone have a good day.


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Morning,-8 here,dogs are freezing,brought John home,he is with me as I type this,been sitting with the urn a lot,dont want to sound crazy to U but it helps me,still so much hurt and pain,trying to find things to fill the day,but then I dont remember him as much and feel guilty,its another empty day but I can type this.


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Good morning. Hope all of you back east manage to stay safe! Heard the predictions on the news last night & I am glad that ddSandra moved west! It is a very cool sunny day here. And supposed to be nice tomorrow also & then who knows!

Terry sorry to read that you have a headache. Could it be a cold coming or a change in the weather? Enjoy a day off.

We had to get our outside taps fixed yesterday cause they were dripping. And I felt sorry for the guy doing the job as the wind was coming down off the mountain & freezing him. Better yesterday than today!

I never got to the dust bunnies yesterday but did get the kitchen cupboard doors all wiped down & the furniture polished. I am trying to do some spring cleaning. Shall see how long this spurt of energy lasts! I need to stay off the 'puter' & more would get done, even more reading.

Stay safe & warm.


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Good morning Maw, Paw & C@ Gang!!

Maw - you and Paw stay in and stay hunkered down. There is nothing outside that needs doing. Be careful...I'd hate for Den & I (yeah, right) to have to take your and Paw's place on the Grand P. :biggrin:

Janpep - have fun at the casino and Happy B-day to your DD!!

Hi Nieciez!! Enjoy your work day at home.

JacquieP - Phooey on your place of business...I wouldn't worry about it, your safety is the most important thing...not them!

KathyC - I wish your daughter well in her travels back and forth to work. Tell her to enjoy the Big 1!!

Jeanie - I am in a panic! :biggrin:

gram - it is always good to have some go and buy a lottery ticket. LOL

Tobyn - poor Timber baby. I hope he gets well soon.

Hi ya, Cyndi - sure hope Ed gets home sooner than later!! :sunny:

Reggae - enjoy those reruns...Andy is the best!! Thnx for the well wishes, I hope to be able to play with it tomorrow. I've already made enough messes for today. :whistle:

Hi Tango - sorry about the headache. I hope it goes away quickly today.

KK - glad you missed the snow, sorry about the ice. You and DH take it easy today!

Korina - it takes tiny steps. May you soon find peace.

Popcorn - don't feel guilty, the dust bunnies are going nowhere!

Well, I'm to be working on our taxes today and putting away stuff and I hope Pic comes over to work on glass. But before doing so, I thought I would call the rental agency that we use for our rental house down in Florida, to make another deposit because my girlfriends sent me money against the monies still due. I paid mine last year. Ha! Anyway, I messed up and accidentally overpaid for one of my girlfriends (she gave me a certain $ amt to pay, but I paid extra) so now she owes me more money. I hate to tell her, but I have to. The good news is that now she owes less once she get there. :doubleup: Everyone else is paid up. Yippee!!!

Happy Day C@'s!!


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Good morning. Like others, we are ready and bracing for what comes today. We are under a blizzard warning. We had ice yesterday and last night, some sleet this morning. We are as ready as we can be.

Maw, hope you and Paw stay safe during all this nasty weather. I'm sure the birdies can visit another feeder for a few days. Not worth the harm that could befall Paw if he would go out. You have a cruise coming up to keep yourself well.

Jan, those wind chills sound awful. Bundle up well for that birthday trip to the casino!

Denise, enjoy working from home today.

Jacquie, that is awful about the windshield wipers. I would be at loss, not knowing how to get them on unless it was something really easy. I take my car to a place here in town where the guys are so good about those things. Jules just had some put on his truck a few weeks ago. I hope your job is understanding.

Kathy, hope the dryer fix is an easy one.

Jeanie, good going on getting all those classes in. I have mine on Friday, if we can get plowed out to get there. I need to get cracking on that book and study.

Gram, hope you stay above freezing and miss the refreeze.

Tobyn, hope Timber does well when he has his procedures done. How old is he?

Cyndi, hope Ed manages to get back tomorrow. I have a friend supposed to come back from Mexico tomorrow. I don't think that is happening. He might as well stay a few extra nights and enjoy the sunshine.

Reggae, we are having non stop coverage on TV too. How many hours can you devote to weather? Apparently a LOT.

Terry, hope your headache goes away quickly.

KK, we have the same fears, that the power is going to go out as the winds start picking up. The lines and trees are heavy with ice. We have underground utilities in our neighborhood but that doesn't keep us from losing power.

Korina (((HUGS))) So good to see you here this morning.

Liz, hope you get to that spring cleaning. I would like to see spring very soon!

Corky, need to start on sorting thru my tax stuff. Can't do anything till they get the business taxes done though.

Seems like many of us here are in the midst of this snow storm. Everyone please stay safe.

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Good Morning Maw and ramble gang..
I actually made it while it was still morning today.. instead of evening like I did yesterday.

Lisa posted after me in the ramble at around 9. 45 pm, so I was not the last.

I hope that she is not delayed in her flight home.

Maw, it sounds like a true winter wonderland there today. I am so thankful it is not here.

We always make sure we have things on hand for storm emergencies. We have a generator, and the large propane tank, so can cook and stay warm .

Tell Paw to open the door and toss the birdseed out.. the birds are not fussy, they will eat it anywhere, without him risking himself 27 days before the cruise!:hammer:

Jan, I am pleased that you do not have to cancel your outing.. have a wonderful time.

Denise, they are saying only rain for us, and we could even get up to the high 60’s tomorrow. But right now it is 39* and cloudy.

Jacquie, that is awful about the windshield wipers.
Whomever put them on for you should darn well come out to the house and replace them for you. But I am glad that it happened at your home and not while you were driving.

Your weather sounds terrible also, and I give you the same advice.. open the door and toss out the seed.
Whenever we have snow and ice around here, the two hanging baskets just outside the front door become bird feeders, it does not take the birds long to find it.

Jeanie, Congrats on completing your retesting, and I am glad that you had such a nice visit with your sister.

Evie, the freezing of the water and the black ice is the most dangerous part of these storms, I am glad that you are staying in, and hope that everyone else will stay safe.

Tobyn, glad that Timber is doing well. Our dog “buttons†is almost 17 years old, and she is not moving too were these days, but she improved a great deal once we took her off the canned dog food. She gets her half a pill for the aches and pains, and usually by the end of the day she will run around for a min or two as if she were a pup.

Cyndi, our weather is in sync. I do hope that Ed gets home tomorrow.

Reggae.. “sometimes it snows†good heavens.. what a shock.
Einstein is from upstate NY.. and he also gets a kick out of the amazing amount of coverage they do down here for a two day storm.

Jeanie and Cyndi… actually my energy stayed in bed until 7.30 this morning… Doctors orders.. Dr. Einstein, who gave me a kiss and said to sleep in as “you did a lot of work yesterday†so I snuggled back under the covers for a while before the plumbing kicked in.. Once I am up.. I might as well stay up, so I have been doing the laundry and the usual household jobs.

Terry, I hope that the rest will make short work of your headache.

Yonnie, those squirrels are opportunists. Last week they broke my one bird feeder, I expect it was the weight.

Everyone have a good day, and stay safe and warm.


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Good morning @ddicts! It is so pretty outside but glad that I am inside today.
Blizzard warning here also though the snow is now heavy right now. The wind has picked up some though....definitely a good day to stay inside. We got very lucky and did not get hardly any ice before the storm started.

Maw, Steve filled the feeders late yesterday for the first time in a month a boy are the birds enjoying it today! THere must be 10 or more cardinals out there along with some Junko's and House Finches! There was a bird that I can't tell what it is, some sort of woodpecker or flicker. It is so wonderful watching all the beautiful birds eating in the white snow!! We have lots of bushes around the feeders and they are staying in the bushes in between feeding.

They closed practically the whole city down late last night before the snow even started. They are saying here also that this is the 2nd time in history that we are under a blizzard warning. The last one was last year on Christmas Eve.

Today sounds like a good day to do some baking, reading and jewelry
making :biggrin:

To all those who are experiencing this nasty storm, please stay safe today.