Maw's Tuesday Office Ramble

connie seabee

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Good Morning Maw and gang,

We had a dusting of snow last night or early morning. The storm is heading our way today around 3:pm, with blizzard conditions.

I told my DD Gina to leave work early as she works over an hour away. The rest of the family will all be home before the storm hits.

Maw, tell Paw to please be careful outdoors in that snow. You both just stay indoors and take it easy.

Jan have fun at the casino. Hope you win!

Gram, so very nice to see you posting. Hope all is well with you and Joe.

Reggae, I think the weather stations are becoming more like the drama channel. It's non stop coverage.

I decided to just stay home today and perhaps bake a cake. Yesterday I tried a new recipe. Lemon butter sauce with angel hair pasta and chicken breast. It was good.

Everyone have a safe and good day.


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Hey JK, nice to see you posting. You might be snow in now but you have a fantastic cruise coming up in May. That is something to look forward to.

Hey Korina, take care and relaxed today & enjoy you memories, they are important. We love you here at cruise addicts

KK, glad to hear you miss the ice & snow

Terry, sorry you have a headache, headaches can be nasty at times

Popcorn, those dust bunnies never stay away

Red, glad to hear you got rest this AM.

Connie, your new recipe sounds yummy

Corky, good luck with your taxes, I am so happy that ours is done and filed. Now I waiting on the refund.

Have a great afternoon

red stripe

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Something about the windshield wipers and them expecting you to work reminded me of a story..

When I lived in New Mexico, I lived on the base and worked at the hospital downtown.
The base was out in the country, and it was a long straight shot down the road to the small town.

One morning when I got up, we had had a really bad snowstorm, and the world was solid white.
I looked at the roads and figured that it was best to drive on a foot or two of fresh snow before it got packed down.

So off I went. My car made the very first tracks on most of the bases roads. I get to the main gate and all I see is a world of flat white. You can not see where the road ends and the fields begin.
The guy in the shack kinda shook his head. I was the first out the gate, so no tire tracks to follow.

I just felt that all I had to do was stay straight and I would be fine.
It honestly was no real problem, although a few times the snow was rather high.

Anyway, I am in work and making my rounds when I bumped into Mrs. Holden the chief of nursing personal.
She stopped me and said.. "Valerie, did you stay in town last night?" I said no. She then said. "but don't you live on the base?" I replied in the affirmative.
She said. "so you drove in this morning?" yep.. "How was it?" I said it was OK, and that I had been the ground-breaker though.
She smiled and walked away.

The next day I am in work and Oh BOY.. am I getting my butt chewed by a lot of nurses... They told me that the next time we had a storm like that and I decided to go into work.. I had best call them so that they would not call in and say they could not make it.:hammer:

I guess that Mr.s Holden had given them an earful.:biggrin:

Krazy Kruizers

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We have our beed feeders hanging by wires -- yes -- some of the birds are bottom heavy -- they eat too much!! We have had a couple of bird feeders break over the years as well.


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Morning Maw and Ramblers all! It is a beautiful morning here! Clear and very, very cold.....-26C/-15F! I love seeing sunshine and that blue blue sky. The mountains are lined up on the horizon gleaming white and the snow on the ground is glittering with "diamonds".

DH didn't take the little fur baby outside this morning and even the "big" dog finally had to be picked up and carried home!

Nothing but a load of laundry on the agenda today so lots of time to read, daydream, work a jigsaw or scrap! And of course post the TERRIBLE TWENTY...look for it!

All of you in the path of the "monster" storm do take care. Stay inside where it is warm and don't try to do the shoveling all at once when it is over.

Have a wonderful day everyone. Stay safe and be happy in it.


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Feeding birds
Trying to get dog outside to do his duties
Snow -- more snow
Stay inside -- not worth going out!
Planned for today? Relaxation

Gramma Ann

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Well, I'm back awake for now. Thunder woke me about 1:30, sleet began about 3, by 5 I figured might as well get up. Along about 8, I curled up again in bed, adn didn't wake up again until 10.

Hay, Guys, it COLD out side, and there is this frozed white stuff all over the ground. Logen doesn't like his feet to get wet, much less cold with snow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I just watch him try to hurry and keep feet off the ground - SO FUNNY!

The only thing on my agenda for today is to make 2 peach cobblers for Debbie's work luncheon tomorrow.

OK, time to get moving, talk again later.


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The Federal Govt just gave us the option to work from home again tomorrow or just take the day off. I live 70 miles south of the city so it is suppose to start as freezing rain but turn to all rain but worse as we go north so we will not attempt to head up there. SO many people are working from home today our remote system to get "Into" the office from home keeps crashing and we are constently having to log back in. It's funny though....Leatherneck and I are getting kicked out at different times.

red stripe

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Wow. A lot of you were posting while I was typing.

Good morning Korina, Glad to see you posting.
Right now you use whatever gives you comfort. Do not feel guilty because every now and then your mind gives you a rest and a little time goes by where you are not thinking of John. This is natural. We would go mad if we just totally stayed 100% thinking about the loved one that we had lost.
Just keep putting one foot in front of another.

Liz, those dust bunnies thank you. Just keep in mind how quickly bunnies multiply.:biggrin:

Corky, instead of taking their places.. how about just joining us?

Whimsy, how is the house coming along.

Janice, I think you have made a wise choice on how to spend your day

Connie.. “and perhaps bake a cake. Yesterday I tried a new recipe. Lemon butter sauce with angel hair pasta and chicken breast.†Hopefully that was not a cake too.

Yonnie, they actually separated the roof from the base. The wire is still intact.

Beryl.. speaking of laundry.. I had best check that last load.


Ann, send some cobbler this way.

WOW! There are a lot of addicts birthdays today. Lady Jag, Heather BC, Kathy K, and shipstern..

I have not checked Jeanies list to see if I have missed any others.

Happy Birthday to the lot of you.


Well gang it is still snowing in Ozarks and is supposed to continue until in the morning.. Hav e a good foot of snow on back deck. My tummy has been kinda upset think it is that 10 alarm chili of Paws so I settled for a bowl of oatmeal for lunch--just right for a snow day..

I've been going around getting everything on charger-woukl hate to run out of a charge on Kindle. Plan to get in chair and put feet up this afteernoon and read. Doubt if we will get our mail in house today unless an angel neighbor checks it. Saw the pharmsist down hill go by on his little snow plow so maybe he will come by.

Paw alternates between playing games on computer and watching movies. I am checking back here prfetty regular soi nice to see so much rambling.

Don't go out in the snow and ice if you don't have too. Paw and I will stay in if need be until.Feb. 26 but I am going to KC airport then. That cruise sounds better and better. Corky I won't need clothes so you and Denny meeet us to travel as our luggage. Hugs all. Glad you can work home Niecie sorry you won't get to meet Lisa 63 though.


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Corky, instead of taking their places.. how about just joining us?
Red - I would give my eye teeth to join you. And would, but, A) Den is burnt out on the Caribbean quite at this moment. B) Den has to have more reconstructive surgery on Feb 15th. And, C) he is just not ready to leave home for a bit to go anywhere, believe me, I'm looking just for long someplace to go over a long weekend. :doubleup:

Cruise cutie

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:whistle:well I did get here..did 45 hours on duty the last 3 days...I'm dragging a bit..=/

this AM up, coffee.brekkie....pressed 21 shirts, got in the car;3 hardware stores later..
found a kerosene heater, and 5 gallons of kerosene,got to tanning appt..
got to the grocers for pick up stuff, to the car dealership to get the oil changed, and am now home, need to eat..and get my wrists in splints..

sigh and get the house attended to..and on duty the next 9 days..hoping I don't get backed into a 24 hour stretch; as we are in betwixt 2 storms colliding!!..and we shall's expected we get 24-36 total by Thursday Noon.been 6 years since a really bad N'orEaster here in Vermont...back as it works...Joanne

red stripe

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Maw.. the good thing about books is that they do not need charging:biggrin:

Corky, I understand.. And I hope that the surgery goes well on the 15th

Cutes.. "dragging a bit"? get off your feet!

talking of cruises.. Einstein is already looking at prospective cruises for us. :beach::beach:


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Good afternoon from a very overcast Washington, DC. Our conference ended a little while ago, and I am hanging out in the hotel until it is time to meet a friend for dinner. It's been 20 years since we last saw each other, and we reunited on Facebook a couple of years ago. It will be fun to catch up!

I expect my return flight to Boston to be cancelled tomorrow, so I booked an additional night at the hotel, just in case. I'm on a shuttle that runs every hour, so I'm hopeful to get back on Thursday. Tomorrow, I will go to the office as scheduled (for those who don't know, the firm I work for is in DC)... just two Metro stops from where I'm staying. I just hope I find out about my flight status before I go to the office. I wouldn't want to schlep my bags with me unnecessarily.

Cyndi, I wonder if Ed and I will pass each other in the air!

I'm sad to miss Denise for lunch, as we had planned, yet safety comes first. The ice is so dangerous... this is what will likely cancel my flight tomorrow as Boston is expecting an ice storm around the time I'm scheduled to land.

Korina, it's good to see you posting. You are in my thoughts always.

Wishing all a good and safe evening.


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Corky, I understand.. And I hope that the surgery goes well on the 15th

I know you do, Red and thank you for the well wishes. What I'd really give my eye teeth for is for Den to have no surgeries, injuries, complications, etc...for the remainder of 2011. He needs a break. :doubleup:

red stripe

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Oh I will go along with that Corky, and I hope that all the addict community have a calmer, happier year ahead of them too.
Enough is enough.


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Good afternoon gang. The storm moved in here full force after lunch & it is nasty out there.
Winds to reach 50 mph as the nite goes on.

Corky, hope Den does well after this surgery. Too bad things never seem to go nice & simple.

Glad to see Korina is making a post every day--it is a start for her as she moves forward.

Doesn't look like I'll have any little ones tomorrow as the parents are taking the day off. I'll be spending my day working the snow blower in spurts as it will take me all day to get rid of this mess.

So thankful it isn't ice. Everyone please be careful out there.


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Slid my way home from work a bit early. Snow supposed to come down all night with 45 mph winds. I SO love Iowa.....and we aren't even getting the worst of it. Love getting back on the board and reading the morning's nice to know what others are doing with their day!

Stay safe and warm everyone!