Maw's Tuesday Office Ramble


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Well I am back, teeth ok except I have chipped a bottom front tooth, so he is going to fix it on the 17th. You should have head him I asked if it was going to be a big fix,,, like you know root canal or something, and he said naw,, I have some magic stuff, I’ll just pull it out and mold it up and then put it back in………..:hammer:

Anyway did a bit of shopping, but is it just me or are the fashions out there,,,,, UGLY,,, oh well, saved money.

Boy it was fun to read this thread with so many people checking in, Hi Everyone!!!! and thanks for the wishes for Ed, but he will probably pass you Lisa, as he can’t get out until Thursday at the earliest, as he has to drive into Boston from Bedford. He just told me on the phone, they already have 10 or 12 inches on the ground and they say they well get at least 10 or more inches tonight! Good luck Lisa, I hope all goes well for you.

Corky and Red I agree 100 percent!!!


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Oh I will go along with that Corky, and I hope that all the addict community have a calmer, happier year ahead of them too.
Enough is enough.

Absolutely, I have convince myself that 2011 is going to be the best year for all :doubleup::doubleup::doubleup:


Well it is 4:00 and still snowing. Looking at snow all I can think of is poouring water out of bucket-it just keeps coming and coming. Haven't seen anything go up road since 12:00. I am going for a bland baked potato tonight.

Talked to Daw --she even had worked some o verrtime last night had no trouble with roads going and coming home. They have closed the campus for tonight so she won't be going to work. That makes me feel a lot better.

Just hope everyone who has had to drive on this stuff got home all right. They have mentioned that they activated National Guard in Bolivar to take personal to hospital and pick up and m ove patients around.

So good to see everyone checking into day. Sending hugs Korina. Please everyone play safe.


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KathyC - we are hoping for a quick in and out. Although, he will be totally sedated. I hate that!! You be careful with the snowblower! :doubleup:

Be safe, Cycofan!

Cyndi - sorry about the chipped tooth, I hope the fix goes nice and smoothly for you! Please tell Ed hello from us!

Jeanie - thank you! After this, we are going to start more surgery, no more surgery...sure hope it helps. :biggrin:

Maw - thanks for letting us know that Daw is home and safe and sound!
How much snow do you think you have now?

Donna - dsw

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Hey everyone! Good to see so many posting - - I think I am # 46 or something like that - - 6 pages!

Had about 4 to 6 inches of snow and I had to go to work - - wish we would get the option to work from home.

Supposed to be worse tomorrow. Oh well, slow and easy! It sounds bad all over - - but we haven't gotten as much as they said we would yet. And I hope we don't.

Just hope they get this mess cleared up so we can fly out Saturday to our cruise.

Take care and be carerful - if you don't have to get out - - don't!

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Hi Kathy, do not overdo it with the snow blower.

Cyco at first I thought you had slid on your way home, glad to know that was not the case.

I love the ramble when we just use it like an ongoing chat through the day.

Maw, tell paw not to put so much hot stuff in the chili. A baked potato sounds like a nice option tonight.

Cyndi, then you will be beautiful just in time for the cruise.

Donna, I wish that you could work from home also when the weather is this bad.
Take it easy tomorrow on your commute.

I hope that both Lisa and Ed can get home soon.

[FONT=&quot] I have to go out and look at wall switches.. now doesn’t that sound like fun?:whistle:[/FONT]


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Donna, Ed and Lisa,,, we are going to tell the snow god's :madd::madd::madd:
And Den NO MORE YOU HEARE:sunny:


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Timber is 13 (68 in cat years according to vet). He still behaves like a kitten quite often. Thanks for the well wishes on his procedures. Will be hearing from the vet for scheduling tomorrow.

Corky, sorry to hear that Den needs more surgury. Sure hope this is the last he needs. I think he has been through enough already . . . .


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What a white nightmare! We have 14 inches of snow, which is a new record for Tulsa. The drifts in the driveway are literally knee high, so it's no surprise that I never made it to work today. I fully understand that hospitals are open 24/7, but I will NOT risk having Leon take me to work and get stuck somewhere. The wipers are still off, there were no places of business open today to get them fixed, and evidently we're doing something wrong, because they won't stay on. I have NEVER had a problem replacing wipers and neither has he, so something is wrong somewhere. One of the bosses at work suggested that I get out and go to the car dealership, which would have been exactly what I would have done if I had been able to see out the window. I told him he may not have had trouble getting to work, but that I had an idea that he might have a rough time getting home. Hmmm, let me see, so far there are 8 ambulances, almost 20 police cars, several fire trucks, 4 SNOW PLOWS, and numerous National Guard vehicles stuck, so why be stupid at this point? All the roads around us are closed. Oh well, this too shall pass! Maw, don't let Paw go outside for anything - this is ridiculous. It simply isn't worth it.

Korina, it's good to see you posting. Do whatever makes you happy and comforted.

Tobyn, I can imagine you were laughing, with the weather and snow you get! We do have a -30 wind chill right now, though. Tulsa doesn't have the equipment to deal with it.

Everyone, please stay safe!

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Jacquie.. you did the right thing in staying home, when I made the jaunt to work that I mentioned here.. it was a clear day and no more snow was falling. I would not have driven off the base if it had still been coming down.