Maw's Wednesday Office Ramble


:cheer:Good morning all!! Grab a hot cuppa and lets sit back and enjoy the white wonder land. It is no longer snowing but it has been blowing around. I know some of you are used to having these blizzard conditions but certainly not in Ozarks. the snow is drifted over the front steps if(and we sure wont) you walked onto porch snow is piled ev en with porch. Now it is cold cold cold so no snow melting. Across street the snow is piled against their bottom of their front windows. We must be in the 18 inch range of accumulation.

I was so thrilled to see everyone rambling yesterday like Red i love seeing everyone jumping on and chatting thru out the day.

Jacqie so glad you did not try to get to work any harder . Like this old couple you two just need t cuddle down together and watch the scenery. Corky so sorry to hear Denny has more surgery coming up. Itr is time he gets all better and planning on some type if trip. I think I am like you always looking at something for a quick getaway. Now days I have a hard time persuading Paw to run away with me. I used to call my mom or the girls and say lets and we would throw something in suitcase and be on the road in less than 2 hours. Paw has always been the home body.

As the snow and bad weather moves in your area please take care. Sure wish I was 50 something again and could brave the cold and snow. Hope ED, Lisa 63 and others traveling get home safe.

Good health wishes to all. What is happening in your corner of the sandbox?'


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Good morning Maw and Ramblers. All we got from the storm was a warm steady rain that has now moved on. Temps never got below 35 degrees last night so no freezing this morning. The Federal Govt allowed Telework again today but I don't believe it was really needed. That said, I am working from home but it is my scheduled Telework day....Leatherneck whimped out and is working from home too since it was allowed LOL.

Maw you are up bright and early. I am cold just thinking about all that snow you got. Hope warms back up it melts quickly for you all.

Had Chris and the boys over last night for dinner. The boys will be back tonight for dinner with their Momma. Jenny's Nate has left for a month in Kuwait so I told her she and the boys can come to dinner on Wednesdays after she picks them up from their sitter.

Not much else to report. Hope all of you in the path of the storms stay safe....thinking about Jill and those in Queensland too! Y'all have a good day.
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Good Morning Maw & @ddict friends
Maw we didn't get near the snow you did. They say we are right on the north end of the mess, after our 5 inches we got Mon. into early Tues it just turned bitterly cold with high winds. We are still under a windchill advisory. The temp is 0 now & the windchill is -15.
I have a hair appointment later this afternoo9n but don't think I will make it out.
Me & my daughter had a great time at the casino yesterday. Neither 1 of us won anything to speak of but had a great time & a great meal. I sure was a long day for me & I was whipped when we got back. She came in with me & did a few things so that I could just get up the stairs & rest.
Maw I'am glad you & Paw have everything you need & don't have to get out in the misserablke weather.
Hope everyone in the path of this monster stay safe.
Take care & stay warm


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Good morning everyone. Well headache is a bit better so going to work today. I think it's time for a chiropractor appt. again - that always seems to help when I get these headaches.

I was thinking of Jill last night when they were showing Australia on the news and everyone preparing for the cyclone. Hope they all manage to stay out of harm's way!

My sister in Southern Ontario (Canada) said they hoped the worst of the story would pass them by too - hope to hear from her later today to say what happened.

Hope everyone has a great day and stay safe!


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Good morning everyone.

We escaped a second round of bad weather -- just got rain overnight. Right now the temperature is 48 degrees and the winds are getting bad. Sadly the snow is not melting away. The temperature is to drop all day. No telling what we will get tonight.

Hope Phil is right and that spring is just around the corner.

Everyone have a good day.


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Good morning Maw and Ramblers

Maw, stay warm and enjoy the snow scenery. Snow is always nice to look at but not to drive in.

Boy there has been some nasty weather across addicts land. I feel bad mentioning that it is 61 and rainy in the Augusta area.

Not much on the agenda today, just the normal house hold chores.

Corky, I am so sorry to hear Den needs surgery again, that is the pits.

Groupies, your cruise will be here before you know it and I bet the suitcases will be out soon. I want to go but I always want to go on a cruise.

Hey to all
Catch up with you later


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Good morning Maw, Paw & C@ Gang!!

Maw - I wish Den & I could be holed up with you and Paw. We could be doing puzzles, and playing dominoes!!

As it is, it is 26 and sputtering snow and the wind is whipping around like crazy. We'll get nothing as far as accumulation. But it is pretty to look at as a flake or two flies by.

Thank you for Denny's well wishes. I know this is going to be it for the year, I just know it!! :doubleup:

I am just puttering around today. I came up with a new design for a stained glass piece yesterday. Well, not really a new design but maybe a new method. I have it drawn out and will start working on it here in a bit. I need to be in my studio today! I hope it works out, and if it does, I will post a pic and let you all see it!

Other than that, I wish all C@'s well today, and for those of you with all of the snow and ice, and JillB with the cyclone. Take care!!


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Good morning, Maw and friends...

We got it here too, Maw....the problem is the huge drifts. Can't get out the front door. DH is out now doing the back deck, then he'll work his way around the front.

Rudee is going nuts! He loves running in the snow, and he will have loads of fun today!

DD called around 9 PM last night. She was at the airport and said that it was nearly deserted. On the board, about 80% of the flights were cancelled....but her flight to Salt Lake City was on, and they did go, and they left on time too!!

Now for the rest of her trip, well it will be interesting. She said that the planes and crews were all delayed and not where they are supposed to be she expects a lot of chaos over her next few days :whistle: It will take a while to get all the planes and crews back where they belong....

Hope all those traveling get back home soon, wondering about Lisa, Ed, Sunflower???

Very glad to hear that Phil brought us good news today :clap:

Stay safe!



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Thank you, Jeanie!! We think it is the pits, too!!

And a Hearty Happy Birthday to you!!! :cheer:

KK - glad you missed the storm, we missed the ice and are so thankful!! :doubleup:

Tango - glad you can make it to work today. Have fun!! :boogie:


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Reggae - glad your DD is safe and on the ground. Does the airline put her up in a hotel?

I have a GF stranded in Chicago, thank goodness that is where her mom lives, so she at least not stranded at the airport. :doubleup:


i meant to mention Interstate 44 was closed last night from Tulsa to Springfield. Pictures they show looked like one big long parking lot of trucks. They also said Hwy 13 north o Springfield was near impassables to KC.

No traffic going in and out this morning. Neighbor down road did go by yesterday a couple of times with his snow blade on.

Just wish we had more comfort food on hand-need noodles- right now the best thing I can think of is hot bowl of oatmeal. Gotta get my tummy and mouth in good shape for cruise.

Jan I envied you so going to Casino yesterday. I have hair appt Friday but may have to change it doesn't look like Maw needs to be out and abt.


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Morning all! Lots of snow and COLD here! School is cancelled and my work is starting late - I've yet to decide if I'll go at all. It's nice to get a slow start to the morning, anyway. Maw, I sure wish I could sit and watch the scenery with you! I haven't checked up on your reading list lately - I just finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo series.

Travel safe if you have to - otherwise follow Maw's advise and take it easy!


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Reggae - glad your DD is safe and on the ground. Does the airline put her up in a hotel?
Yes, they do, Corky. They arrange all the hotels and she knows where she will be staying each night. She is on a 5-day trip, I think tonight she ends up in Washington DC or Atlanta...not sure. She'll probably call me today and let me know how it's all going.

It seems my kids have no problem calling us when there is something bad going on......we know that if we don't hear from them for long periods of time, everything is going exceptionally well ! DH's motto "no news is good news"


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It seems my kids have no problem calling us when there is something bad going on......we know that if we don't hear from them for long periods of time, everything is going exceptionally well ! DH's motto "no news is good news"
I think is the same with most kids these days


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Good morning, Maw and the rest of the @ddicts Family, from central Joisey where it's a drizzly 31 degrees. They claim we're going to get up to 40, but I'm not sure. If we do, hopefully it'll get rid of some of the krappe here in the parking lot and out front. Our grounds crew did a terrible job this storm. :madd:

Sidewalks were really slippery this morning, so I just took my time getting out to the car. Once we got on main roads, it was relatively smooth sailing as they were just wet and not frozen.

Mal and I both went for tests yesterday. I had an EKG in order for my Dentist to know if he can use "twilight sedation" on me the end of the month. Mal has been complaining that he's legs feel heavy, so his Cardiologist sent him for a test where they monitor pulse rates in three parts of the leg; the thigh, the upper calf and the ankle.

Cyberhugs to all those in need of them. {{{{HUGS}}}}

Hope everyone has a nice & safe day! :thumbup: :thumbup:


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Did buckets of crying last night,couldnt control myself,i miss him so,the house is so empty,the weather is so cold cant go anywhere,worried that the dogs arent getting any exercise,sister-in-law called,sent me pictures of when they were here,John always wanted them to come out,he got his wish but didnt ever get to see them again,why do we do that,only visit when someone dies.Im okay when I have something to do,but the other hours just slowly go by,talked to Ellen,she helped some,she has her mother to look after so she has a purpose,I just dont see mine yet,doing for John was my life,I have been trying to keep the house clean cause he would of wanted it,but it seems pointless,everything does,sorry to cry again poor me but I am trying to put into words each day how I feel,thanks


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Good morning gang. Just quick in & out here. From Moin eve til 6 this morning we got almost 18 1/2" of snow. Winds are still blowing but not like last night. Snow drifts are huge. Our metro area is almost shut down & out lying areas have it much worse than we do.

Was out with shovel earlier to clear a spot for the dogs--no way my little Yorkie get thru!

Headed out to use the snow blower for a while.


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Good morning fellow @ddicts! ! ! Sipping on my cuppa and reading through the ramble. Nothing special to report from up here. Just want all of you in the path of that storm and the aftermath to be safe and smart. We are supposed to get some snow today, but not much. May have to break out the snow scoop to clear the driveway.

Have a GREAT day everyone, and stay safe! ! !

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The winds have really gotten bad -- 50 miles per hour -- and getting stronger.

Watched the neighbor's garbage cans go down the street and around the bend -- they are out of sight. There is nothing wrong with them getting their cans once the garbage truck is here -- shortly after 6 AM -- neither of them work even though they are in their 50's. Everyone else has taken their garbage cans into their garages.


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Good morning @ddicts! It sure is beautiful outside today now that the Blizzard of 2011 is over. It is so very cold, the sun out is very deceptive :biggrin:
It looks like we got about 13 inches of snow which I feel is quite enough and we do not need any more this season :biggrin: Steve cleared a path for the dogs so that they could at least go on the deck but one of our dogs is going crazy because she can't get through the drifts to go romp in the backyard, lol

Maw, this 50 something year old is not going to go venture out in the snow and cold, even my 19 year old is not going out (they cancelled college again today)

Jan, glad that you had a fun time at the casino.

Denise I am glad that you did not get hit with this storm and that the temps stayed above freezing.

Jeanie, Happy Birthday my friend! Hope you have a wonderful day, hugs.

Terry, Krazy Kruizers and Cycofan, hope you all have a great day.

Corky, so sorry to hear that Denny needs more surgery. I hope all goes well and he heals quickly. I am looking forward to see you stained glass work!

Reggae, I know what you mean by huge drifts! I wish my dog could get out and play like yours as it is driving her crazy. There is no way that she can get through any of the drifts, she would be buried alive, lol

Judi, hope you and Mal get good test results.

Off to use the treadmill...

Hope everyone has a wonderful day. Stay warm and safe.