Maw's Wednesday Office Ramble

Good morning.

Another busy morning here at work but at least we didn't get any snow. Should be up to close to 50 degrees today before it gets cold again. We are headed to Florida next week to watch my daughter play in a nationwide field hockey tournament. We are all looking foward to getting away from the cold for awhile and into the bright, warm sunshine.

Everyone have a good day.



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Hi again. Korina - maybe find something to volunteer for like one of our addicts does? Looking after a senior or just sitting with one for a few hours? Might give you something to keep your mind of other things for a bit.



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well not much happening here we are expecting high winds today it was cold about 30 when we took blue for walk.
So far dd job is going well she will be heading to St Louis for her training on Feb 13 I hope that the storms will be over by then.
Going over there to help her unpack this weekend it going to be warm again the weather man says.
I got my hair cut and nails done yesterday after noon I feel like a new person.
Everyone that is in the bad snow areas stay safe and keep warm.
And everyone else have a good day.


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Hi again. Korina - maybe find something to volunteer for like one of our addicts does? Looking after a senior or just sitting with one for a few hours? Might give you something to keep your mind of other things for a bit.
{ { { {Korina} } } That is a great suggestion Terry. Another great place for volunteer work is your local hospital....sometime volunteer jobs can turn into paid positions too.


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Morning Maw and Ramblers all.
...and a special hello and hug to Korina this morning. It is so nice to see you here even if it is with tears...they are not unexpected! It is very early days steps!

It is beautiful here this morning. Only a few high clouds mark the blue sky and "smoke" is lazily escaping from chimneys. It is nice to think of everyone sitting safe and warm in their little nests. It is a chilly -23C/-8F outside. The little dog didn't want to go out this morning but our big fella, all 12lbs of him, braved the winter weather....but not for long. He had to have a "lift" home! :biggrin:

Our scrapbook shop has changed hands and is closed for a couple of weeks while the new owner takes charge, makes changes and puts her own stamp on it. It's going to be a long couple of weeks for our little group. Some of us are going for lunch today...just because :biggrin:!

Hope you all have a great day. Stay safe and warm and be happy in it!

red stripe

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Good morning Maw and ramble gang..

I just emerged from the attic. I have spent a very interesting morning.. First I went into E’s shower and used the electric scrubber that TC told me about years ago.. thank you TC..

and with Barkeepers friend.. I proceeded to scrub those 6 inch tiles.. oh how I HATE tiles.. OK.. GROUT. :madd:

The charge ran down after I had done two sides.. so I put it on recharge and then went upstairs into the attic.

We have an electrician coming tomorrow to move some switches etc.
And I wanted to make his job a little easier, so have done the measuring for him in finding out where the old switch wiring is.
So while I was up there.. I cleaned it and organized.

I now have a bunch of things at the top of the stairs to take down. Most of it can go right in my trunk.. and make the journey to Goodwill. So I am hot, tired and dirty. And in an hour I will finish the last shower wall.
I needed a break and so here I am.

I was supposed to post a Happy Birthday for Jeanie and also Aussie travler.. But you can see that I forgot.:hammer:

I really need to pass on my list of the cruise addicts birthdays to someone that would like it.

It is 66* right now, and they say we will get into the 70’s I have a window open in every room, and the breeze is airing out the whole house. It is lovely.

Maw.. I did not like the snow at “50 or something†I just do not think I am cut out to live up North, and wonder how my sister manages.

Denise, I am glad that you get to work from home, in this weather it is a real plus.

Jan, I am sorry that you did not win a bundle yesterday, but I am glad that you had such a good time.

Terry, my sis is up that way also, and Einstein said this would be a great day to call her and rub it in.:biggrin:

I am also hoping that Jill and everyone stays out of harms way.

Yonnie, I hope that Phil is correct also.

Jeanie, now we know that this is not just another day for you.. Let us know what treat Rick planned for you.

Reggae.. I sure wish that Buttons was more like Rudee

Cyco.. I vote for you staying home and reading..

Judi, I hope that mals tests provide a solution. That is nasty to put up with, and could be PAD.. good to find out fast so that it can be corrected.

You need to take the dogs out for their walks, just as John would have wished it. And perhaps our purpose in life is just to make the most of the gift.

And you need to do the housework for YOU.

When my uncle phil died, I worried for my Aunt, because they had been together for so long, and there was really only the two of them.
Naturally I went hope when he died, but then I went home about 6 months later. I was thrilled to see that she still laid the table as she had done when he was alive. I asked her if she was just doing it because I was there.. and she said that oh no.. she always did it that way because it was “proper†it was not only “proper†it was healthy. We all have value and should treat ourselves right and not just others.

Kathy.. I can imagine that Yorkie tunneling through snow

Ah Tobyn.. the one that takes all that snow for granted:whistle:

Janice, You are a smart 50 something.

Spots.. I wish your daughters team luck.

Audrey, nice to see you.

Everyone have a good day and stay safe.


Good morning again. It is getting nice and sunny here with the green house doesn't much matter how warm it isa outside if we have sun . Paw can hardly stand staying inside. He put on his outside clothes and went and swept off porch actually has found sweegy does good juob of clearing it off. He stood at top of ramp and steps and got them cleared pretty well. He has put out teh ice melt so we should have clear steps and ramp soon. He is wanting to get around front and clear off the green house glass the wight of snow on it worries him.

Kids and Paw's brother have all checked on us to see if we need anything and are all right. They worry this all electric house will loose power.

Don't think I will be doing any washing until it warms up . Did settle down and write checks for bills this morning-course doubt if mail man makes it again today. Do have somethings ordered that I need so hope he can--

Paw closed back bedroom door so it is too cool to work bac k there(well that is as good a excuse as any other. LOL0

Korina I am with those who think volunteer work would be a good choice--I alwasy thought I would enjoy working in a musem or some ones old house which was on show. Course a volunteer in hospital would be nice. You can visit so easily with people you wou,d be a great cheerer up person. Korina we all support you and just keep osting. Hugs.


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Good morning. We have another nice day on tap. It is not sunny - yet - but it is not raining or snowing - yet!

Alf had an appointment in Abbotsford real early, so I just snuggled back under the covers until nature called. And continuing our 'social' life I have a physio-therapy appointment this afternoon.

Good to see Korina on the Ramble each day. And the idea of a volunteer position is a good one. I know of several women & men who have lost their partners who volunteer at the Y. Or their Church. In fact I have come to think that this town would fold up if it weren't for the volunteers!

Hope all have a good safe hump day.

Donna - dsw

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Hello everyone!

Ice, snow, and cold - - well that is about it here! lol Oh yeah and I had to drive to work the am. Went real slow and it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Only had 2 guys out of 35 take off, so that wasn't bad either.

Tonight is color hair and tomorrow is mani and pedi - gotta get ready to cruise and head to warm weather! :doubleup:

Good to see so many posting.

Red - why don't you give that list to Jeanie - as she posts the birthday's daily anyway! :clap:

Well, off to get some lunch - hope to have time to post tonight

You all stay safe and warm - - be careful and enjoy!


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Well the Blizzard of 2011 is over, just finished with the neighbors in getting driveways shoveled. Took us 2 hours but I should now be able to get out of garage and down drive way, there was a 3 ft drift at the garage door, and of course it was on my side. Jim had some minor surgery last Friday on shoulder and isn't able to do the shoveling. Since it appears goverment is giving me another night off thought the least I could do was the shoveling. Then the neighbor down the street and her daughter came and helped me. When we finished moved next door and help that neighbor finish his. Our neighborhood is known for our impromptu block parties, so today was no different even if its 9* but :sunny:.

Everyone stay safe and hugs to those in need.


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Good afternoon Maw and Gang,
I too am cleaning out, but not as big a job as Red, I have started in our bedroom and if I keep it up it could turn into a BIG job, if I get in the closet  but now it is just the desk and some drawers.
Talked to Ed this morning on Email as he is stuck in the hotel, and they don’t maid service today, and no food service normally except breakfast. It is a Hampton inn… limited for sure. He is getting take out delivered, and giving good tips to those guys doing the delivery :doubleup:
This is what he said about the snow……Hi from snowy Bedford. It started snowing at 4am this morning and is doing pretty good right now. The local stations indicate it will be clearing after 2pm this afternoon with rain, sleet and some freezing rain due to all the snow. The air will be warmer than the ground. The hotel will be having a limited staff here with the kitchen and management staffs present and housekeeping not coming to work. So I’ll be in the room working on my computer. The snow pile range between 8 and 20+ feet in all sectors. The parking lot rows are separated by snow pile lines 8+ feet. You can’t see the other row of cars. And it is still snowing. Where is that cruise??? I just hope he can make it to Boston in the morning, it will be another early get up as his flight is due to leave at 9:29 and he has at least an hour drive… ugh.

Looks like all of those in the snow are digging out,,, stay safe everyone.

Korana, take it slow, its OK, you need some time, this is a big adjustment, you are in my thoughts and prayers.


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Beryl, lunch sounds like a great excuse.:biggrin:

Maw, I sure hope that you get your wish list complete before the cruise.

Liz.. I think you are right.. up until a few months ago Einstein’s parents did a few days a week volunteering at the hospital. His dad drove the golf cart taking people here and there.
And he is 88 years old.

Donna.. I offered.
Are you going a different hair colour for the cruise?

Brenda, it sounds as if your neighbour makes lemonade out of lemons,.
I hope that Jim is doing well now, and that the surgery solved the problem.

Cyndi, Poor Ed. And that weather sounds brutal!

I have had enough of this fun and am heading back to do “shower part twoâ€.


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Good morning everyone.

We managed to dodge the blizzard that they spent all day talking about. Not that we are not messy and hazardous but it sure could of been worse. We had ice, about 4 or 5 inches of sleet and then a few inches of snow. It's snowing again, hopefully not going to accumulate to much.

Everyone stay safe and inside. I have to get caught up here at work. We closed yesterday.


Thqnks goodness our postman made it out today. He was in abig high pu driving. He had a young man riding shotgun who jumped out and brought mail to house. He also took the bills I had ready to go. Billy said they had not come in his subdivision. They go there usually before they come here.

Guess I will dream abt what catlogs are showing that came today. Lovely natural heat coming out of green house sure does help that electric bill.

Snow has now slide off the big windows.

Good to hear everyone is finding something to keep busy. Sure wish I had last weeks energy.


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Maw, our day is warming up nicely here too. I couldn't believe how warm it was when I let the boys outside a bit ago....we might get up to hear to 60 at this rate and the snow is melting FAST....unfortunately now the yard has standing puddles and will be mud...not good for white Georgie.


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Good Afternoon Ramblers

The day is going by so fast. went to the gym, housework etc. Times flies when you are having fun

Red, you can send me the birthday list, I have lots of fun posting the birthdays,

Hey, Donna, Popcorn & Beryl

JK, smart move staying in.

Cyndi, poor Ed, being struck in a hotel during a snow storm does not sound like fun but at lease it is not the airport, that would be the pits. I bet he is really looking forward to the cruise after this ordeal.

Brenda, wishing Jim a speedy recovery.

Korina, take care, time will heal, you just need to go thru the process. John will always be with you but it will become easier


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WOW I just took a break out on the deck. This morning it was completely snow covered and now it is almost clear. We are at 61 degrees and I am loving it....BUT I am still looking foward to getting away to the Southern Caribbean LOL!

Gramma Ann

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A quick good day from frozen Texas!!!! We are having rolling blackouts throughout the DFW area. Power on about 3 hours and off for 30 min. So it is about time to loose it again. Still cold out 17* last time I checked, so no melting around here. May stay frozen through Friday.

We're blaming it on the Super Bowl!!!!


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WOW I just took a break out on the deck. This morning it was completely snow covered and now it is almost clear. We are at 61 degrees and I am loving it....BUT I am still looking foward to getting away to the Southern Caribbean LOL!

Denise, can you put me in your suitcase?

The weather is gorgeous in the south