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Maw's Wednesday Office Ramble

Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by maw, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Cyndi

    Cyndi Well-Known Member

    Just stopped by on my way through,,, it is warm here too,,, almost 70! :madd:Wow, and high tomorrow of 40, ugh :(Gramma Ann, they used to say when I lived in Texas, that the only thing between Texas and the North Poll was a barbed wire fence :biggrin: hang in there cruise is coming in 28 days.
  2. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    Yonnie, The same thing seems to be going on here, as it was beautiful until the winds picked up. Now it is feeling downright chilly, and I see that we will be in the 30’s tonight.

    Whimsy, I am glad that you dodged the bullet, but that ice under snow is not a good thing. Be careful.

    Maw, I know that you are happy that the Mailman came, perhaps you will get some more goodies before the cruise.
    Oh how eagerly I am waiting for it.:beach:

    Denise.. is Georgie the poodle?

    Hahahahaha.. good luck. I remember my silver poodle and how she would fly out the door when it had been raining.. look for the first mud puddle and I swear that she would spread her four legs wide and belly flop into it.
    Well.. they are ‘water dogs†after all.:biggrin:

    Jeanie, I am glad that you want the list.
    When I offered it to you some weeks ago I told you I would have to edit it to take out some personal dates. I did it at that time, but there were a few things that I wanted to discuss with you at that time. Perhaps it is best if I just make a post about it and you will see some of what I wanted to talk to you about back then.

    Denise.. glad that it did not warm up enough to make you want to stay home

    Ann.. ah yes.. I remember it well. I think I had more power outages when living in Texas than any other place. Hope that you have a generator.

    I am finished with the shower cleanup. It sounds as if it was filthy.. But it is the grout! I know that one day I have to bite the bullet.. get out the dremal and remove a lot of the old grout and then seal it and then fill it and seal it again. Right now the grout must be stained down to the core, so it really is a job. I do not know why I am putting off the regrouting.. With the time I have worked on it this time.. I could have been most of the way through.

    And Einstein.. who finds out what I am up to by reading the board.. called and said that he was glad I was finished with dust etc. and that he figured that the attic was now as clean as the house.. not exactly.. but close.

    Our attic is walk-in, and we could actually put one master suite and another large bedroom/bathroom in it if we wanted to sink that much money into a house that we are not going to retire in.:whistle:

    You know what happens when you have that much space?

    You FILL it!

    [FONT=&quot]Well, the next thing on my list is a nice shower…..

    Jeanie, enjoy that warm weather.. ours has changed a lot this afternoon, and it may be coming your way.
  3. KathyC

    KathyC Well-Known Member

    Afternoon gang. Finally got almost everything cleared of the snow. A neighbor has a snow blower much larger than mine & did my front drive & main sidewalk. I tackled the alley & approach to the garage. In some areas the drifts were 3 & 4 ft high. Couldn't have gone anywhere had we wanted to as there were vehicles blocking each end of the alley. They say snowplows will not reach residential til tomorrow or perhaps Fri. There is 1 path down the street in front of our house; for the most part seems like big trucks & Suvs are the ones getting thru without difficulty on this street.

    So cold from doing the snow I took a hot shower to get warm & then a bowl of soup. Dogs are really happy to have a clear sidewalk.

    Temps have been dropping all day. Still breezy but not like last night! Supposed to be -10 tonight with wind chills of -25 to -35. Glad I called yesterday & canceled Iowa City for tomorrow. We were going to have to be on the road by 7:15 & with side streets still a mess & such cold temps best place for us is home.

    Korina, glad you are posting every day. It is OK to cry & it is to be expected. I was very close to my mother & even tho we knew she was terminal with cancer & she suffered terribly & I didn't want her to continue suffering, I was extremely grief stricken when she passed. Three months after she was gone, I was in the grocery store & broke into tears when I came across something she always bought (I used to take her shopping each wk). Your pain is still raw & it is going to take time for you to heal. I do think if you can manage taking the dogs out, even for just 10 min it would be good for you & them. Your days are especially empty because with John out of work for so long you've been used to having him with you 24/7 so it is going to be quite an adjustment. Some kind of volunteer work is a good idea; the trick is finding something you like to do. Perhaps help at a women's shelter, adopt someone in a nursing home that has no family & could use a visitor, maybe help with a foster child. Take a look in the yellow pages & call some social service agencies to see if they have any suggestions. You need help with filling your days & perhaps as someone else mentioned, volunteer work might lead to an income. Wishing you better days ahead.

    That's about it from here. All of you with ice stay safe & hope the power stays on!
  4. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    Very good words Kathy :doubleup:
  5. Lurline63

    Lurline63 Well-Known Member

    Good afternoon. I am home! As Denise posted, it was raining in DC this morning and then turned warmer. Boston also dodged much of this second storm, as it was also raining here most of the day. I was able to get on an earlier shuttle flight, and got home at 4:00 instead of 5:00. Actually, we landed 20 minutes early. Thankfully, I was on the shuttle that uses Airbus 319 jets... the other shuttle uses regional jets and they canceled flights today.

    Cyndi, I hope Ed gets out soon. Bedford is about 30 miles west of Boston, and I haven't been home long enough to find out how they fared in today's storm. Logan appears to be returning to normal operations, from what I could tell today. I forget where you live, yet I seem to recall it was on close to where I just was. I don't expect he should have problems tomorrow morning. Roads are clear, as I could tell from my ride from the airport. Tell him to leave a lot of time, though, as many commuters will be returning to the roads tomorrow after using the train system the past couple of days.

    Korina, vent any time, and please do not apologize. We are all friends here and want only the best for you. Thoughts and prayers continue.
  6. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    Lisa, I am glad that you made it home OK..
    now to get Ed home.
  7. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Good Evening Ramblers

    Ditto Red, some wonderful help

    Red, we had beautiful weather the past few weeks but the temperatures is falling to the low forties tomorrow. Crazy weather. Thank you for offering the birthday list. It will be a big help since the calander is not updated. Sorry we did not connect the last month, it was my fault due to personal issues. Crazy month.

    Take care
    Catch up with you later -- off to dinner
  8. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    Have a wonderful Birthday Evening.
  9. JacquieP

    JacquieP Well-Known Member

    Maw, I made it to work this morning, but one of the hospital administrators picked me up in his four wheel drive Jeep. Let me tell you, it was a WILD ride, and more exciting than any state fair thrill ride I've ever tried. None of our streets were touched until this afternoon, and that's very minimal. One of the engineers brought me home this afternoon, and it was only slightly less exciting. Our Lab manager was out picking people up all day, so it was just a case of someone with a four wheel drive vehicle telling the Scheduling department that they're headed in a certain direction and who could they pick up? I noticed on the evening news that Tobyn and family will have a higher overnight temperature than we will tonight. PLEASE stay inside!

    Korina, the tears will come, so go with the flow. We're here for you.

    Cruises sound even better to me this week! I wouldn't care where they were going, what stateroom I had, or what ship was on, I would just like to be somewhere warmer than we are right now. My two co-workers who just came home from their cruise Sunday still haven't made it to work. I can't imagine why! I understand they're having major withdrawal symptoms. Lots of you will be going soon, so I'm hoping all the snow and ice go away. You have ships to meet!

    Be safe everyone!
  10. red stripe

    red stripe Well-Known Member

    my sentiments exactly:biggrin: glad that you made it in and back safe today.
  11. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    I would take this anytime. As long as I am on a cruise ship:doubleup:
  12. Jeanie

    Jeanie Well-Known Member

    Good evening Ramblers,

    Thank you for all the birthday wishes, you made me feel very special. Rick took me to Outback for dinner. Had a wonderful shrimp, scallops and steak dinner with a few cocktails. Of course, they sang happy birthday. I did not need the ice cream dessert but it was good. Our special event (christmas, anniversay, & birthday) gift to each other every year is our yearly cruise.

    Have a great evening

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