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Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by MARKandROGER, Mar 22, 2003.


    MARKandROGER Guest

    When I look at the availability of cabins on our cruise (almost all categories available) and look at other cruises around the same time which show a lot of CLOSED categories I wonder if Holland America ever cancels a sailing because the ship is under sold?

    Or do they eventually discount heavily and just fill it at whatever it takes.

  2. The 2nd one

  3. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Prices will be dropped if they ship has too many empty cabins. It is most highly unlikely the cruise would be cancelled....not because of low bookings.

    MARKandROGER Guest

    GOOD, because we are looking forward to cruising,
    especially after all you nice folks are so passionate about Holland America and cruising.

  5. tomc

    tomc Guest

    I'm on that one, so you know there's at least one other person. basenjii from the CC HAL board is also booked, so there's at least four of us.

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Glad to know we are not alone! Welcome on Board!

    Still a lot of bookings open for our departure date,
    and the prices have not fallen on the HAL website.
    So either we are going to have lots of room on the ship,
    OR the prices will drop through the floor.

    Any speculation!
  7. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    Call HAL.....ask about "Promotion 6". It has provided great discounts on some cruises. It may or may not still be effective....and it may or may not apply to PH.

    Good luck....let us know if you get a reduction using that code. (I suspect it won't apply to PH but maybe Tomc can save some money)
  8. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    I called my ta and the promotion is off so i couldn't get it for our cruise.

  9. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    I think you forgot about somebody else.

    JIM and MAXINE
  10. Hi Jim and Jim&Maxine
    The PROMO 6 that I saw was only listing the Zuiderdam.

    Good Luck

    Post Edited (03-26-03 09:46)
  11. MARKandROGER

    MARKandROGER Guest

    Promo 11000 does apply to all cabins on the Rotterdam May 23rd, New York to Montreal.

    I have my Ta checking to see if it still applies to our tickets which have already been printed and sent to our TA as of yesterday.

    Will let you all know if we are successful.
  12. sage

    sage Guest

    I'm feeling very left out here, or have been under a rock, or missed a mailing. What is promo 11000, and does anyone know if it applies to the Rotterdam Dec. 8th sailing? I was told that they don't reduce the PH suites, as they tend to all sell out. I noticed that they reduced all the categories on my sailing except for the PH.
  13. Hi Sage
    PROMO xxxxx is only for the May 23rd sailing on the Rotterdam, I think.
    I wish I was a T/A and could help you more, but I am NOT.


    Post Edited (03-26-03 09:48)
  14. sage

    sage Guest


    Thank you so much for the information. I will try the PROMO# 3019 and see what I can come up with. I think the problem with my cruise is the it is so far away, and they have sold two PH, and probably take that as a good sign that they can sell the rest. Thank you again.
  15. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest

    MARK and ROGER

    I just got through talking to my ta and he said that HAL told him we were discounted as much as they could for our s suite and promo 11000 didn't apply to us.

    Where does everybody find these deals so to speak?

  16. tomc

    tomc Guest

    My TA keeps up on stuff and had called HAL just this morning before making my final payment. She holds off on finals until the last minute, in case there is a rate reduction. I mentioned promo 11000, she called them and got it! More money in my pocket!

  17. Mark, Tom and Jim:
    I hope you all have fun on your 5/23 Rotterdam Cruise.
    Oh yea let's not forget Maxine Sorry


    Post Edited (03-27-03 12:51)
  18. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest


    Thank you i am sure we will be spoiled,and we are ready.

    When is your next cruise maybe we can meet sometime?

  19. MARKandROGER

    MARKandROGER Guest


    Funny, I called HAL directly and told them were booked in a PH and wondered about the promotion. Though she would not tell us whether we would get a refund, she did tell me (though I am sure she wasn't supposed to) that the PH and ALL SUITES were included in that promotion, and that I should talk to my TA.

    So, I guess the information wheel spins, but we never know where and how long it stops on the TRUTH!

    Nevertheless I understand why BUSINESS makes these type of decisions. Promotions and discounts are marketing tools to get the maximum profit and to fill their ships. I don't think it is to their financial advantage to give everyone the BEST DEAL.

    It would be nice from a consumer perspective, but not realistic. Even in our large grocery chain called Safeway, they have different prices for the same items, depending upon the city and even between different stores in the same city. It's called marketing. Frustrating, but real.


    PS. Jim you got my e-mail about our 2nd sitting and table #?
  20. sail7seas

    sail7seas Guest

    That is why I started the other thread, Mark, re: US, AS CONSUMERS, sharing the info with eachother.

    If I hear of a Promo Code, I will post it as it may help another cruiser. And anyone who thinks that they hear about all of them, and decides to keep theirs to themselves....well, that isn't very sharing. :) They may be surprised to find there is one they did not know about that applies to their booking that someone else helped them with. :)

    Nothing wrong with helping eachother out.......

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