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Discussion in 'Holland America Line' started by MARKandROGER, Mar 22, 2003.

  1. sage

    sage Guest


    I tried the direct approach as you did, and they said the discounts didn't apply to my sailing and it was only the PH that the discount didn't appy. I guess being so close to the holidays, and having sold two already, they are feeling very optomistic about getting full price for all of them. Oh well, you win some and you loose some. Thanks everyone for all of your help.
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    MARKandROGER Guest

    Just to let everyone know, my TA called me back and assures me that we did receive the 11000 promotion on our Penthouse on May 23rd, which we booked,paid for and have already received our tickets for.

    I am not sure what the rack rate is, but my understanding is that we did save 61% OFF the published rack rate. I assume that eveyrone is talking about discount off the RACK RATE and not off the Early savings Rate.

    Anyway, we are happy, and looking forward to being spoiled on the Rotterdam, the cruise is already paid for and I recieved 25,000 airline miles because I paid by visa!

  4. Hi Mark
    OK, I do not know this one, Why do you get 25,000 FF miles?


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    MARKandROGER Guest


    I get one airmile on British Airways FREQUENT FLYER program for each dollar spent on my Visa Card issued by the Royal Bank in Canada. I paid for the cruise in CDN DOLLARS which is approximately 1.5 to the USD DOLLAR.

    Even though the cruise is in USD dollars, when it is converted into our lousy weak dollar it becomes 25,000 thus 25,000 miles.

    Actually, just a hint (and I don't know if Americans can do this or not), but Holland America posts fares in both Canadian and USD dollars.

    So if you figure out the bank exchange rate you might be better to take the Canadian dollar rate instead of the American Dollar rate, or vice versa.

    It appeared to me that this time the CDN $ fare from Holland America was better than paying in USD and having the visa card do the exchange in Canadian Dollars, when the statement arrives a month later.

  6. jim vegas

    jim vegas Guest

    MARK and ROGER

    Did get the info about your table and 2nd seating,we are on the first seating and table for two.

    Will give you a call when we get on board i know your ph number.


    MARKandROGER Guest


    Roger and I look forward to your call when we on the ship, and we also look forward to toasting you and Maxine on your honeymoon cruise!

    See you on the ship!

  8. tomc

    tomc Guest

    You will see me at sailaway in the back of the ship, behind the pool, wearing a t-shirt with an RCA micrphone on it (like Larry King uses). Evenings, check the Lido for a guy reading. I'm definitely not the life of the party.
  9. tomc

    tomc Guest

    Here's the pax list as I have compiled it from CC and C@:

    lg davies
    james j feller
    jim vegas & maxine

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  10. MARKandROGER

    MARKandROGER Guest

  11. tomc

    tomc Guest

    We got another one, on the CC HAL board: jboydston. I posted to his thread and included him on the "Rotterdam New England 5/23/03" thread.
  12. sage

    sage Guest

    Now you make me wish that I was going on the May 23 sailing. You are going to have such a great time meeting everyone. Someone will definitely have to take pictures and give full detailed reports on the cruise.

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