May I ask for a prayer, please?


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An update on Melinda - the stent was placed on Friday, and she was able to return home yesterday. To her surprise, her daughter and her (the daughter's) girlfriends cleaned the house so it was sparkling when she walked in. She said the furbabies (dogs and cats) were all over her when she returned.:)

She and I again thank you for your prayers and good wishes. I believe she'll have surgery next week when the irritation subsides.


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Please let us know how she does with her surgery. Not a fun thing to go though. What a lovely thing her daughter and her friends did!


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I apologize for getting back here so late, but I thank you for your interest in Melinda.

She is feeling better and looks much better after the stent was placed to ease the irritation. Tentatively, surgery is planned for September 29th, when the stone will be broken up by laser and allowed to pass. It should be an outpatient procedure, but she might have to remain hospitalized overnight.

Thank you again for your concern and prayers. I'll update again once the stone is "removed".


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Thank you, Yonnie, Tobyn and Meg. Melinda was here working today.

A stent was inserted almost 2 weeks ago. The kidney stone will be broken up by laser and removed on Monday. Another stent will then be inserted, and removed about a week or so later.

Again, we appreciate your concern and prayers.


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Thank you, all. Melinda had the procedure yesterday to remove the stone. She said she's a bit sore, but what's most uncomfortable is her throat. I should be seeing her on Friday.

Your prayers are most appreciated.