Med Private Tour Guide Recommendations



We just returned from the Med on the Golden Princess July 28th cruise.

Based on positive comments from others, we made prior arrangements for three privately conducted tours. There were 6 adults in our party traveling together on these tours.

Based on our experience, I can make the highest recommendations for these people:

Athens: Petros Petrou,

Naples: Mariano Fiorentino,

Monaco: Alain,

Note that Petros works by himself. Mariano is a partner of a fellow named Emilio. Alain brought along a colleague named Jean Marc to do the driving. Alain had his driver's license suspended for a month because he got a speeding ticket. Either Alain or Jean Marc by themselves could do a wonderful job for you.

Any further questions about the tour guides or the cruise in general, just ask.


We used private tours this July. Including Alain. You can read my trip report on


How much would a day tour cost? For example Villefranche to Monaco) Is it by the hour or person or destination? I am trying to decide at all ports of call (Barcelona to Venice Celebrity Millenium) what I want to do at each port. Our group is ten but will possibly go out in twos or fours. Please let me know what currency you are quoting. Prices that look great in american dollars look less so in Canadian! This is a first cruise so I appreciate your assistance.

Mike Andrews


Private Tours from Med ports vary with most tour guides charging in Euro's which is currently about 1.65 $ Canadian. I know that for example an average cost for four people from the Port of Naples would be around 500 Euro's ,that would be for a full day tour visiting Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. As above I would recommend

For currency conversion go to

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My wife and I did a cruise on the Golden last summer and had an excellent guide in Florence. Her name was Paola and her website is:

We did the tour with 3 other couples and had a great time and Paola did a great job. I would highly recommend her.

In Naples we also used sorrentolimo. They provided us with a driver and a vehicle rather than a guide but also arranged for us to get an official guide at Pompeii. We had a good time there and at Herculaneum as well as being able to tour Naples and see the archelogical museum where a lot of artifacts from both the above sites are on exhibit. I would also recommend them.

We did Venice on our own as we ended our cruise there and spend an extra 3 days after the cruise enjoying that fantastic city.

We didn;t go to dobrovnick, corfu, or cevitaveccea(rome) so I can't help you there.

We did do Monte Carlo where we used dreamtours.

They also did a good job and I would recommend them also. They were also the only independent guide we dealt with that took credit cards.

Have a great cruise.