red stripe

Sis and bro live on a farm.. and sis keeps 11 chickens for the eggs. and 11 chickens can produce more eggs than they can eat :lol

Look at where the girls live.... the pond and weeping willows are on the left, their barn is ahead. They have roosting boxes and perches.. they have more room in there than in my dining room :grin and they have music.. yep.. music plays 24/7

You can see that they love a good snack

I feel like the pied piper....

Look at those little windmill legs go.....

Now I never thought much one way or the other about chickens, but they are amazing.. Let me tell you the story of chickens as told to me by sis.

She was down to 5 chickens, so ordered 6 more. now these are young chickens and not those cute yellow balls of fluff you see around Easter.
So the man points to a small cardboard box, and there are 6 chickens crammed in shoulder to shoulder.. She puts the box in her car and off they go. Once home these very lucky chickens had to be taken out of the box and stood on the ground.

This is the first time in their lives that they have had freedom.. the first time their feet have touched the ground. They do not know how lucky they are. If sis had not bought these.. their lives would have been to stand in a cage in wire suspended in the air so their droppings could fall through.

They would have laid eggs until around six months of age they may have started to produce non perfect egg shapes.... At that time they become frying chickens.. Thats it.. six months life in a cage and then they are killed.

You do not want to know what happens to baby cockerels.......

Chickens (and cattle) raised this way are often fed not the grains they ate for centuries, but grain AND often the ground remains of other chickens or cow parts.. in other words, we make unwilling cannibals of them.. and you wonder why we have so many health problems... think.. mad cow disease.....

Anyway, these liberated chickens stand there, scared to move.. only their eyes move as they look from side to side..
Then after a few hours they pluck up the courage to move. Gradually they get confidence.
Once that happens there is one heck of a fight, as the new chicks and the old chicks mix it up to re-establish the pecking order.. Then life calms down. They get fat, their feathers shine as if they are polished, they look feel and smell clean, and they are in heaven.. free to live out a natural life.

Sis says they are no trouble to keep. a little water and grain, and for this they give you wonderful eggs..
eggs that the yolk stands up when you crack them into a frying pan, and do not pancake out like other eggs.... eggs that are a dark yellow.. eggs that taste like eggs :grin

and yes, the eggs are not all the uniform size you see in a store. Nope.. they are brown eggs that are different sizes.. some are really big..

and I saw plenty of much larger eggs, One was big enough to be a real Easter Egg :grin

Oh yes.. chickens do not need a rooster to produce eggs, a rooster is only used if you want fertilized eggs that hatch chicks.
Also.. if you put out a hand to pet them.. they will squat down and kinda broaden their backs to give you more area to pet.

Sis.. if you see this.. I would love a picture of you petting one, so everyone can see.

Einstein cut the grass out in the pasture, and they will not get out of the way of the mower.. They love to catch the moths that fly up in front of it. So you have to be very careful or you get minced chickens :grin and if you stop the mower.. they jump on board.

Carole's "girls" are very lucky.


Oh does that bring back memories of picking up the eggs at my grandfathers farm,dont think they had has great of accomendations,lol,but it was amazing to watch them run around,and yes you can pet them,my mom was always afraid I would get pecked but never did. Lovely pictures,it looks like you and E are having such fun!

Looked at several pics of Lady by the way,only a couple where her eyes are not green and she is facing the front,will send one soon,thanks again so much.

Enjoy those chickens!


Thanks Red, that was a very interesting read. Nice pictures too. Being a city boy, lived in Boston or within 5 miles of it till I was 30, I love the country setting. Now that we live in the woods:D I always tell DW that I would love to raise some animals (other that our chow chow) She thinks I'm kidding but I may surprise her someday with some ducks or something bigger!::eek: (would love a horse)
Enjoy those eggs.



Fascinating, Red. Thanks for sharing this. Do "the Girls" have names (can one be distinguished from another?)?

Cruise cutie

=love... and so far that's the ONLY critter My Momma ,and Poppa have NOT raised in the 30 years on their 200 acres in Maine..Hmm May have to send a written print out to them.. thanks for the lovely share..sigh and I miss Carole, and Martin, please give them our hellos ..:)..Joanne

Donna - dsw

Love the photos and the story of the "grils". Jim's brother had chickens for awhile - they got to be too much work. They sold all the farm pets and got a camper! lol

red stripe

Jim, provide them with a shelter.. put a few beams in it as perches, add a few nesting boxes (simple cubes of wood) with some straw in them.. buy some grain, and that is it.
Hopefully sis will GET OUT OF BED! :grin and tell you more about their requirements.. but she said it was simple. And they love some fruit and vegetable scraps from the table... She can tell how many eggs they usually get in a day.
lamb.. This was the first time I had been this close to them.. another fact.. one of the hens has gone "broody" so when one of them lays eggs, she will sit on them trying to hatch them.. (fat chance) so I got to push my hand under her body to retrieve them..
Now I confess... the first time I did this, I went more to the rear of her body :grin but they are not there. So if ever you are in a position to remove eggs in front of anyone.. look like an expert and reach close to the front. they are just under her front breast. and MAN!!! are they hot. I was amazed at how much warmth they produce.

Oh yes.. one other fact that sis told me.. those eggs we buy in the stores are 6 weeks and older.


That was a fun read, red.

I'm fairly familiar with chickens, as a good friend in Petaluma, CA raises chickens. His girls had a huge pen, a huge fenced in yard, with a vegetable garden smack in the middle of it. One great memory is of when DD Sara was about 6 yrs old. She would always chase the chickens when we went to visit Mace, and thought it was great fun to see them run in front of her. Once, we heard screaming, and turned around to see Sara running around the veggie garden with a rooster in hot pursuit! LOL! It was soooo funny! As soon as she got to us and stopped running, so did the rooster. Job done, he strutted back to his girls.

red stripe

Donna.. forget the camper.. When I moved to houston, sis and M decided that as we had always talked about the joys of camping.. they would buy one and drive it down to visit us.

Carole told me that her idea of camping is to have a liveried man carry her bags to her room. :lol


[quote red stripe] Oh yes.. one other fact that sis told me.. those eggs we buy in the stores are 6 weeks and older.[/quote]

=eek And to think I keep them in my fridge for 3 weeks or so....I always figured they were only a week old at purchase.

GREAT share Red....looks like you really enjoyed the visit. My DD Mindy's neighbor raises chickens and Mindy gets a never ending supply and I've have been given some too and they are wonderful. And then my vet has what she calls a "Farmette" and raises what she calls "Happy Chickens", who give Happy Eggs. Looks like we call say the "Girls" are Happy Chickens too.


Dont know how old the eggs are but we have our dairy delivered from our dairy company and they are always brown eggs,John says they taste so much better,me I hate eggs,hate cooking them,the smell,but my whole family loves them,cant wait to show him the pictures!


Loved reading the story of chickens Red and loved the pictures. Chickens are a very smart creature and are very much underappreciated!


[size=medium]Enjoyed seeing this post very much. Loved the pictures and the story to go with them.[/size]


:D well I guess I should of expected something like this from you in a post so named.....

Now if it had of been Bruce or Mal hmmmmm.

Funny what we take for granted around here causes a stir from city folk. The Fraser Valley of course is the breadbasket of BC and Western Canada for that matter. Jude bring eggs home from a lady near her work that you can't close the lid of the biggest carton on for fear of breaking them......and the taste.!!! No comparison to store bought eh!!
Nice to see some Upper Canada dirt. :)


and to think we actually had a rubber chicken at one time. :lol Take me back as I wanna see those windmill feet in motion. :grin



Ahhhh poor Churchill...may he rest in peace and poor Chesty is stuffed in the back of a closet somewhere :lol :lol