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Discussion in 'Community Message Board' started by red stripe, Oct 2, 2008.


    JANPEP Guest

    Oh Red,
    What a hoot with all those chicken's following you around, I would love to visit a place like that, having been in the city all my life. It sound's like you all had alot of fun, how could you not being with Carole & Martin. Does Carole still have all her Cat's in their fancy quarter's? The spoiled thing's that they are.
  2. reggae

    reggae Guest

    Looks like you had a nice visit with your sister and family, Red. The weather seemed to cooperate too :) I believe we are just a few hours away from where they live (across the river).

    The "girls" brought back memories....we had a few chickens when we were young. I remember chasing them and trying to catch them. And those brown eggs are the best!

    God bless Carole for being so kind to animals :)
  3. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Connie, I will send you a pm with advice from sis.. that we both thought was best not posted :grin

    Jan, it was fun. And very restful.

    I received an email from "The Girls" last night that I thought I would share..
    It was hard to read their ..chicken scratchings... :lol


  4. BSeabob

    BSeabob Guest

    :) those Upper Canada Girls have a sense of humour !!!!! eh?
  5. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Bob.. I was wondering if that one girl with her back to the message was about to add a "full stop" :grin
  6. Einstein

    Einstein Guest

    Too cute and Yes girls we ARE enjoying those eggs. :grin

  7. Whimsy

    Whimsy Guest

    Thanks for the share. I didn't know all that about chickens. I am so glad they went to live in a nice home with your sister.
  8. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Jan.. sorry, just saw your question..

    The cats do not go in there at all during the summer, not even to nap! I am amazed.. as that big picture window gets a lot of sun, and it is warm and cozy in there.
    As soon as the weather starts to turn.. sis puts back all the padding and quilts, and the heating pads.. and they start to trickle in.
    I loved the location.. it is on the side of one of the front barns, so as you sit on the back porch, you can look to one side and see them.. or you would it they were not out enjoying summer :grin
  9. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    red, I still laugh when I see the title of this thread. I worked with this young woman who was tall and thin, and SPECTACULAR after she went to Mexico for a Tuck and Roll job on her upper charms. She was proud of her new glands, and when she first came back, she would say WANT TO SEE THE GIRLS? and lift up her shirt for anyone who wanted to see them! ::eek: I never asked, I didn't have to. I could see them courtesy of the clothes she wore!

    She was one of the casino's cocktail waitresses. She was the ONLY cocktail waitress to receive a $1000 chip as a tip! I guess he liked the girls! and he never met them face to face!
  10. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Glo.. that is so cute.. and you want to bet he never saw them.. in the flesh? :grin

    I already get into enough trouble around here with Pasties...... I asked E if he wanted some, he darn near stroked out! I was talking Cornish Pasties.. a half moon shaped pie with meat and potatoes in it..
    He thought I was talking real twirling talent :grin
  11. GloBug

    GloBug Guest

    I bet he almost stroked out because he was trying to get the words HELL YES out of his mouth too fast! LOL!
  12. red stripe

    red stripe Guest

    Glo.. well.. he almost got whiplash as he turned his head around real fast :grin

    BTW.. I have the girls to thank for those egg shells also.. as I am saving them and crushing them and adding them into my garden.. Perhaps I will get an Easter Egg tree next year :grin

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