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Meeting for drinks Nov 1st Mercury

Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by melaniausa, Sep 15, 2002.

  1. melaniausa

    melaniausa Guest

    I am planning on getting a group together to meet for drinks on the Mercury for the Novemeber 1st sailing. Who else is joining me?
  2. nimiq

    nimiq Guest

    Keep the ship Clean and in good shape :)

    We r going on here on nov 8th

    If ever u have a chance email us from on board to let us know who it is :)

    Also if u have a chance have u booked any excussions and with who and where ?


    sea ya

  3. melaniausa

    melaniausa Guest


    I have not booked any excursions on this cruise. I have been to all these ports several times except Progresso. That should be an interesting stop. I have heard mixed reviews about this port so I am curious to see how it really is. I will try to e mail on what is going on. I will also post a small review.
  4. Jorgito

    Jorgito Guest

    I also am traveling on that date and would love to meet folks as I am traveling alone.....
    Hope to meet you all on board really soon!

    Happy waiting till then.....


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