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Discussion in 'Celebrity Cruises' started by Lucy, Oct 2, 2002.

  1. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    Hey, all you cruise addicts and cruise critics and other, sign up with Celebrity to join the welcome ship party. A list has been started on the Celebrity website.
  2. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    We have 20 persons signed up. We need 5 more persons to sign up so we can have a party on the Mercury. Please sign up soon.
  3. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    We now need only 3 more persons.
  4. Lindy Owen

    Lindy Owen Guest

    How do I sign up, go to celebrity online. I am a travel agent and have 23 people sailing on this cruise, actually 10 adults. I can't wait, love to cruise, love celebrity.
  5. Lindy Owen

    Lindy Owen Guest

    Hi I figured it out myself and signed up 5 more people , the number is at 27. I will add the other adults in our party when I get there emails
  6. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    Hi Lindy. Great news for me, you have saved our party. Yeah!!

    I think the children should also be signed up since they also want to meet other children at the party.

    I am really looking foreward to this party because I am a super social butterfly.

    This will be my third time on the Mercury. I love the thelassotherapy pool. It will cost a fee if you are not staying in a suite cabin.
    But it is worth every dollar to me because it is like getting a massage as long as you want it.

    Handy hint for the future. It is a lot cheaper to fly to Fort Lauderdale instead of Miami.
    But I am staying 2 nights in Miami. It will cost me $65. for the two of us to take a Carmen Lopez Trans. Shuttle from FT.L to our hotel in Miami. I only paid $207.RT.Delta. Instead of $550.rt to Miami. I think it is important for me to stay in a hotel before our cruise because I am flying out of Los Angeles where our airport is sooo unpredictable. They close it down for any reason.

    I am looking foreward to meeting you all!!!
  7. Lindy Owen

    Lindy Owen Guest

    Hi Lucy

    Can't wait to go! Who are you cruising with family, friend? We are flying into Miami, driving 3 hours to Newark the city to catch our flight ofr $196.50. We are flying on the 21st of November and spending the night at the Roney Palace South Beach, stayed there last year and it was fabulous, huge room 600 sq ft or something like that.

    Tell me more about the Thalasoetheraphy pool, is it big like a pool with whirlpool jets, was that what I was in on the Millenium, if so no charge on Millie.

    We aren't staying in a suite, were cat 2 balcony, our kids are cat 12 with the other kids and some of the adults. Tell me more about the Carmen Lopez Shuttle, are you late or early dinner. What else has made you sail on the Mercury 3 times. I have sailed the Century and Galaxy, I love the size of the ship compared with the mega monsters.

    I will register everyone for the party, any idea what the party will consist of , complimentary cocktails, have you done this before.
  8. Lucy

    Lucy Guest

    Hi Lindy. I like the Mercury because I am a Mature single woman going with a co-worker friend on the ship. We both like to dance and it is really fun dancing on the ship.
    I don't know why they charge a fee on the Mercury for the t-pool because there isn't a fee on the other ships. I will have to try the other ships.

    I got the cat 5 outside, cabin #8231.AFT. I might be able to change to mid ship. Since I just joined the Captains Club I can get an upgrade. It ONLY cost $35. to join. I get to go for free to the wine tasting party. Plus other stuff that I will find out later when I get my membership card.

    The Cruise Critic Party is new. It will be my first time. I just think it will be fun meeting other people to socialize with. Since it is a mid-size ship you get to really make lots of friends.

    I haven't made Hotel room reser. yet. I will check out the Roney Palace hotel.

    Carmen Lopez Trans. Co. said they would pick us up at the Fort Lauderdale Airport and take us to the hotel of our choice. It will be my first time using her service. I will let you know how the service was. Her phone #305-796-7337, was given to me by the Riande Cont.Bayside Hotel in Miami.

    It is really strange that Supper Shuttle will not take us from Fort L. to Miami hotels. They will only take us from airport to airport.

    When I make my hotel reservation I will let you know what hotel I will be at from Nov.20th to Nov.22. We are staying two nights.
  9. JSR

    JSR Guest

    Last time we cruised out of Miami we took a cab from Ft. Lauderdale which cost us $60. for 2 to Loews (sp?) South Beach.

    We loved the hotel and it had a kids club so we got to go out and enjoy South Beach.

    This time we are arriving thur. Night and may just stay in Ft. lauderdale and take a cab in the port the next day. WE did this once before and we stayed at the Sheraton.

    Any other hotel suggestions since we have so little time there. A pool is nice for our daughter to have a swim before we board the ship. We are not early boarders.

  10. Lindy Owen

    Lindy Owen Guest

    last year when I cruised out of ft lauderdale I stayed at Lago Mar. It was a little pricey like Loews but in a fabulous spot and a 5star hotel. There are 2 pools, it is located oceanfront within a short walk on the beach to in inlet where the cruise ships come out. We spent alot of time watching the cruise ships, yachts, ocean racers going through the channel. The Lago Mar serves a 1st rate breakfast buffet, anything you want, good fruits,breads ,homemade jams fresh squeezed oj outside next to the pool. For children they have quite alot check with hotel, I know they even have their own minature golf. Look at their website www.lagomar.com, send yourself a postcard
  11. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Everybody. I got my cruise tickets. My cabin NUMBER IS 8231, Panorama deck.
    My name is Lucia Ramirez. My roomie is Joanne Koenig. Try to call me if you can
    so we can meet on the ship. I do plan to attend the Cruise critic party.
  12. Lindy

    Lindy Guest


    I just finished registering all our group f or the c ruise critic party, we are up to 70.
    When do you think the party will be, hopefully on the 22nd. I have all my documents also.
    You are 5 doors away from my girlfriend, husband and 4 kids.

  13. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Lindy. I think Celebrity will send us the party info or give us the info when we arrive to
    our cabin. SEA YOU SOON!!
  14. sparky

    sparky Guest

    How do I sign up for the Mercury, 11/22 welcome party. I saw that the signup link was removed from the celebrity website.


  15. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Sparky. Go to Cruisecritic.com. They have the sign up website of Celebrity.
    I just checked it out. Just scroll down and you will find it on the Home page of the
    website. Let me know if you have any problems signing up.
  16. rapsys

    rapsys Guest

  17. Marion Paris

    Marion Paris Guest

    We have signed up too, looking forward to meeting everyone :dance
  18. Luci

    Luci Guest

    I think the party will be at 11a.m. on Saturday. I am guessing based on a cruise review
    of the Mercury ship.

    Best thing to do is check with the front desk on the ship on the first day of arrival on the
    ship. That is what I plan to do if I don't find the information waiting for me in my cabin.

    I think Mercury has lots of parties planned for us with lots of boose and goodies.
    Be sure to check your daily newsletter for all of the parties and events.

    My name is Lucia Ramirez, cabin #8231 on Panorama deck.

    You guys can call me anytime.

    I want to meet people who love to dance. Even children love to dance. They can dance
    at the Navigator Club up til 11p.m. and at other dance parties too.

    We are going to have soooo much fun!!!
  19. sparky

    sparky Guest

    Thanks Luci for the info.

    I'm all signed up.

  20. Luci

    Luci Guest

    Hi Sparky. What deck are you on? Who is with you on this cruise? Have you ever cruised
    on the Mercury before? My favorite band OPUS is on the ship. They play everything.
    Get your 50's , and western outfits ready for the Theme dances. They will also have a tropical theme dance.

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