Merida/Progresso Mexico



I envy you, John.

I'm ready to book a cruise for next April on the Splendour. Originally, Progreso was one of the ports. They've changed that to Montego Bay. (Blahhhhh).

From what I understand, Progreso is a sleepy little beach community.

Check out the posts over at cruise critic.

Have fun. Wish I were going!


John, I will be there at the end of the year, so I will report back.. I need more info also..
How are the beaches and the snorkling??


I understand its a starting off place for the Chichen Itsa ruins. I'm checking out cruised now for Mexican ports - there is so much to see in Mexico.



Just wandered over from the Community Board,and saw your request.
My wife and I will be visiting Progreso early in November on the "Mercury."

Progreso is slowly becoming a cruise port of some note. Originally a weekend resort for Mexican families, it lacked the glitz of, say, Cozumel or Cancun. Work is being done to lengthen and enlarge port facilites in order to accomodate more cruise ships, so some of that unpoilt local charm will disappear faster than a campaign promise.
The local beach is fairly pristine, with some facilities extant, although there is a lot of seaweed. The local palm trees are under assault by a virus, and look rather scruffy.
Progreso is a jumping off port for most of the Mayan ruin sites in the Yucatan, the largest being Dzibichaltun, Uxmal, and, of course, Chichen Itza. Dzibichaltun is the closest to Progreso, about a fifteen minute ride from the port/ To get to Uxmal and Chichen Itza requires a seven hour or more bus ride through the Yucatan countryside. That's SEVEN HOURS on a BUS in MEXICO with your fellow cruise ship "touristas!"
Get the picture?
To get to Uxmal and Chichem Itza, you must pass through the town of Merida, whose economy is all about catering to the touristas like yourself. Think Pigeon Forge/Gatlinburg with no Dollywood and you get the idea.
As a result of this buildup of business catering for the "touristas," there is fast developing a sullen, resentful backlash in Merida against us gringo Nortes, especially those of us who seem bent on being the archetype "Ugly American."
Just remember that you are a guest in their country,and an ambassador of your own, and you'll do fine.



Must respectfully disagree with Anton re/ the time it takes to go to Chichen Itza / Uxmal
from the cruise ship dock at Progresso.
He stated it took seven hours--I was recently there and went to Chichen Itza on a ships
tour--was less than a 2 hr. drive on a modern a/c bus with a bathroom--road was very good--modern highway--did not go through Merida, but by-passed it.
It was my understanding that the tour to Uxmal was about the same.
Anyone interested in Mayan history and looking to see an interesting sight should consider this tour.
I am returning in Sept. and at that time will take the Uxmal tour.
Progresso is still in the developemental stages as a cruise port but I really enjoyed it. There is shopping in town and at Merida. Overall, I think it was a good stop.

debbie northrop

i am going on the pride on jan. 18th with two teen agers and stop in progresso and beileze would like all infomati0n availlable thanks

Lee and Kelli

Hi Ron.... I hope you are right as we are taking the Pride on 2/1/03 and we are really
looking forward to doing the tour you were talking about. I would hate to think of a 7-8
hour bus ride................ Sounds like you enjoyed yourselves.

Lee and Kelli


We sailed on the Pride in May and since we were so disappointed in Belize, we actually stayed on the ship when we docked in Progresso. They do seem to have a very nice facility there however. It appears that the road into town from the pier is about 4 miles long, transportation is provided into Progresso. One must purchase a transfer to proceed to Merida.