Message from my sister to C@'s who were praying for her!



Keep in mind as you read this that my sister has a 9 yr old daughter and two 6 yr old terrorist-in-training sons. When we do get to talk, the conversation goes like this:
Hi yourself. How are things?
Oh, ok. Kids keep me busy, wait a minute.... (in the background) How/why/when/where did you do that? Don't bleed there! Glo, I gotta go. (as she's hanging up) Stop doing that to your brother!

The most I got to talk to her for months was when she was in hospital. No cruise in her future until the kids are older. Her sons absolutely would end up going overboard on their own. I'm telling you, terrorists in training!!!

Hello cruise buddies of my sister. Thank you for your prayers and well wishes. Unfortunately, Glo and I never get a chance to chat and she will also be getting an update now as well. 2 weeks after my partial knee replacement and I am now bearing full weight. I am allergic to ALL pain meds. (not much fun) so I am tolerating the aching. White wine is helping some. Bedtime for the kiddies helps MUCH more. I started PT today and OUCH is all I can say. One up side, my therapist is a really cute Jamaican guy. LOL. But still OUCH. Wine is already poured. I won't be able to drive for a few more weeks. But I am on the mend. I am getting a bit bored though. Time for a CRUISE!!!!! I wish. Thanks again and have fun where ever you are all off to!!!!!!!

H2O babe

Glo - I'm thinking you should take a little trip to the sister's and play nursemaid AND nanny! I know you could handle those urchins!!

It's nice to read that she has a good attitude and can see some positives with her situation.



Great update. Prayers continue for a speedy recovery and maybe a sedative for the "terrorists".


Glo you could take the terrorists in training while your sis recovers on a relaxing cruise! Glad to hear she is coming along in her recovery.



Well, first of all, a cruise won't be in her future for quite a while. She would be scooting down the stairs to her boat drill on her butt! Plus, they are in school now, and I live way too far away from them to take them to school, or even help out on a daily basis. My house also isn't set up for them... my niece yes, she's a girl, she would love to play with my dog, my scrapping stuff, the video games, go do girly stuff with me... the boys just want to run wild! LOL!


GloBug: After my knee replacement a few years ago, I could not tolerate any pain meds, morphine, vicodin, etc.- they all made me crazy.
Then, one smart doctor prescribed Methadone and that was the answer. I was on it for about 3 weeks, had NO trouble stopping and it did the trick. You might want to try that route.

Another One Who Knows Knees,


I'm glad your sister is on the mend. One of my sister's is having her knee replaced on the 4th.