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I am booked on the Star in late January and I am concerned about the condition of the ports on this cruise due to the hurricane damage, particularly Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I realize there really are no other ports Princess could substitute, but my final payment will be due on Nov. 11 and I am trying to decide whether or not to stay on this cruise or switch to something else in the Caribbean. Any news, suggestions or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
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We have been in the Caribbean days after a hurricane and the main thing we noticed was alot of "blue" roofs, from the tarps. Business seemed to be as usual. We didn't get to the beaches, but no devistation that we could see. We'll be on star the week after your payment is due. Haven't read of any problems on the boards though.
We're sailing Star because we've seen most of the Caribbean and looked for something new. Price was right also!


We just got back from the same cruise on Saturday. We were in Puerto Vallarta five days after the hurricane and damage was only moderate -- the front street is washed out, with some resort hotels closed and a little mud as much as five blocks into town. The market was still in business, and all the shore excursions operated. The town was a little dirty compared to last year at this time.

There was no hurricane damage in either Mazatlan or Cabo San Lucas.


Cindie, we are going on Jan. 25, so we'll be getting on just as you are getting off. Wish I could have the benefit of your experience, especially regarding any shore excursions or port information since this is a completely new itinerary for me.

John Pegueros

To all going in Jan, please post the conditions you find on Mexico's West coast. Going 2/1/03.

Thanks, John

Frank Black

I am leaving today on the Statendam and will be at all the same ports. I will try to give you an update. I am booked on the Star Princess also for late March.