Miami After Cruise Until Airport


S. Drechsler

After our cruise, we will have some time in Miami before our flight leaves to head home. Our flight is at 4:00 P.M. Does anybody know if you can pay a fee to the hotels at South Beach to store your luggage while you spend some time shopping and hanging out at the beach before heading to the airport? I know that you can book shore excursions in Miami, but was wondering if anybody has done their own thing instead. We would prefer to do this instead of spend the afternoon on a tour, but don't want to lug around our luggage. Thanks for your help.


Do you want to spend the extra time in Miami? If not, go to the airport after debarking the ship and try for an earlier flight. Ya never know you might be able to get home sooner than you think.

Rick & Kathy

If you can't get home sooner, you can at least check your luggage and use their lockers for your carry on luggage. At that time you are free to see Miami with little or no baggage