Mike was kicked out today!


H2O babe

The news is good and I'm happy for both of you. Prayers will continue for recovery. Mari had some excellent suggestions. I especially liked the one about keeping a "stash" in the house for times when Mike has something he needs and someone handy to pick it up for him.

Take one day at a time.





Now...move only forward...no more setbacks!! =hug=hug=hug are always sent as are the prayers!


TMI but what the heck...I could picture myself in the same predicament..LOL....and the windows would be open too! Glad for the good news that he's been let out..for good reasons! :)

Now get better soon!!


Hugs to both of you, and know that our prayers continue.

I can relate to the mixed feelings. On one hand, you're glad he was released from the hospital. Yet on the other, there's the apprehension and the feeling you're both on your own now. I remember when PizzaBoy came home after having his leg surgery two years ago, I had those same thoughts. While in the hospital, it took him longer than average to awaken from the anesthesia, and he continued to have some side effects for several days. I was pretty scared, and actually slept on the floor in his room for the first few nights after arriving home. Even after I moved back into our bedroom, I was still awakened by any noise, thinking it was him.

Mariposa gives excellent advice. We used a medication chart, also created in Excel -- not just to keep track of dosages, but I was also terrified that given my state of mind that I might forget whether he'd had his medications. Also, keeping track of the time was necessary as the pain relievers could not be given within a few hours of each other.

Keep us posted as you are able. Yet, also be sure to take care of yourself.